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'Resistance Is Working': McConnell Forced to Delay Trumpcare Vote


Everywhere else in the developed world, they have universal, single-payer health care and don’t sell the survival of us boomers, or anyone, as a commodity for profiteers.


They don’t worry about re-election. They know cheating and dirty tricks have that shored-up.


They also can rely on the Democrats being so ineffectual that they are practically giving away more seats to the Repubs.


Healthcare for all — $3 trillion a year tax increase

Our lower-half of society is laboring-class, impoverished laboring-class so poor that little to no healthcare do they have. And as this has been going on since 1776 under working and living conditions the worst of any industrial nation, as their 50% fat diet and drug additions are the worst of any nation period, to give the impoverished lower-half the same healthcare enjoyed by the upper-half, this would require that the upper-half of society pay a tax increase of at least $3 trillion a year.

Just to provide for-profit healthcare to the 50% most wealthy now costs $3.5 trillion a year. To give non-profit Medicare to everyone, this would cost a total of $6.5 trillion a year.

Currently 20% of workers are employed in the healthcare industry, with Medicare for all we would have at least 30% of workers employed in healthcare.

Do you now see how government has been lying to us, promising a healthcare system that would bankrupt all of us?


Healthcare — Without insurance, government or butcher medicine

For breakfast eat crushed bananas over oatmeal.

For dinner eat lentil stew with natural brown rice and vegetables.

Two meals a day, no snacks and drink only water

A diet that is 10% fat, 10% protein and 80% complex carbohydrates.


The US is the apex of corporate capitalism with a billionaire capitalist as President. Tell Wall Street banks, the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA that the people have spoken and demand single payer. They clearly disagree.

Again, the rich rule and their politicians are obedient. I wish the politicians served the people but the facts suggest otherwise. We will see in the next few weeks. Good luck America! Please prove me wrong!


Trumpo the Klown can also be referred to as “Dolt 45”.


The AHCA tax break bill is the first leg of a three-legged tax cut plan so McConman will figure out a way to push it through come hell or high water. The end goal is to get to the table on a reconciliation bill with the House where they can add the reduction of corporate taxes down to 15% as leg two. Lyin’ Ryan and McConman can bypass a budget battle in the House over corporate tax rates by adding this amendment to the AHCA. No Reptilian can say no to a corporate tax cut. Leg three is allowing the repatriation of corporate profits back into the USA at some piddly tax rate like 10%. Bitch McConman’s trial balloon got shot down but that in no way kills the AHCA as he’ll have the same shitburger in a different bun waiting in the wings.


Trump is intellectually incurious but one still must admit he is cunning. His skill is in conning people with smoke and mirrors and a kind of economic sleight of hand. He is at home making money with the showy glitz and display but he is horrendous as a public servant.

Not so much a clown as much as he is a creep! Just a rich one.


beware the inevitable subsequent bill proposed should this one fail… this bill was designed to shock people into acquiescence to go along with one that will most surely come, and be accepted by most Repugs and Dems as a “lesser of two evils” choice and it will only be moderately more nuanced in how it steals our taxes and our health and gives it to the 1%. Single payer or nothing!


Medicare For All.
Simple message. Effective, permanent solution.


Don’t be fooled, this is just the first act of the kabuki. The Lethal Health Care Bill is coming back even more deadly and toxic than ever. This thing is so toxic that all other civilized foreign countries have banned it from their press. There are only two rational Republicans that were against it, the others are Ayn Rand sycophants like Paul and Ryan. I keep seeing Poliquin’s add here in Maine and I’m ashamed of my state. Talk about slime. They really do think we are stupid, and I guess we are, we elected these goons and thugs.