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'Resistance Means Resisting': Dems Accused of Being Too Soft on Trump


'Resistance Means Resisting': Dems Accused of Being Too Soft on Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) backing unqualified Housing and Urban Development nominee Ben Carson, to 14 Senate Democrats voting to confirm torture supporter Mike Pompeo as CIA chief, to the looming possibility that any Democrat might support Sen.


Language matters. Let’s just call them what they are: collaborators.


Incredibly,they haven’t learned!


The democratic party is the corrupt, fake opposition party. 14 dems. voting to endorse torture? What a travesty!

The headline is wrong, the Democrats are not soft on Trump, they are condoning torture!


Oh yeah! They have learned all right!


During the primary many on this site felt strongly that the Democrats are too far gone to save. Unfortunately Bernie did not. Now we see clearly how weak and compromised they are. They didn’t fight Bush’s craziness and they are bowing to Trumps total insanity. They are a waste and they need to be replaced. If millions marching all over the world didn’t get through to them, nothing will. Pragmatism and hubris cost Clinton the election and it will cost the Dems in two years.
This isn’t a fight just against Trump and the repugs. this is a fight for justice, and for representation. We the people have the power to build a third party and we need to do it now!


The Dims are merely showing their ‘true colors’ - they have been colluding with Repugs for decades. I’m thinking that this is a good thing. Hard to hide behind progressive ‘rhetoric’ when they support torture. At this point I do not believe there is any hope that the Dims will learn anything from their election debacle. There is certainly no evidence of that.


Well said. Exactly my thoughts.


Sign Declaration Against Corruption here:


The Dems aren’t failing - they’re massively succeeding. The goal of the Democratic party is to raise money from donors and Trump is a bigger cash cow than W ever was. Getting elected now and then is incidental and not their goal.


Just signed.


“And while some Democrats cite 2018 re-election concerns as justification for caving to the Trump agenda, that knife cuts both ways.”

Democrats need a 10+ point lead over their Republican opponents to overcome computerized election fraud. And populists like Sanders will not be able to win the primary if elections continue to be rigged. To learn more about election fraud follow Jonathan Simon at http://codered2014.com/. I highly recommend his interviews and his book “Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century (2016 edition).”

Alternative media needs to make a collective effort to expose the fraud.



Why the surprise-motivated outcry? Don’t they get it? The wet noodle Dem opposition is what it is because they are all part of it. The fiercest fighting currently is among Dems for control of the DNC, with the establishment Clinton-Pelosi-Obama-Di-Fi-Schumer etc. desperate to hold power in the face of mounting opposition. Did you see her Vileness HRC snuggling with little Bush at the swearing? Any self-respecting progressive minded person wouldn’t be caught within a mile of that treasonous little bastard. Nope, it’s all in or nothing if we want change. Absent ongoing public outrage and relentless pressure on establishment Democrats, you can kiss your progressive dreams goodbye. They all must go, every last compromised one of them. Bombard your congressman and senators with demands for their support for progressive change and with the threat that you will work as hard as possible to turn them out next election without such support. Make them show their hand now, then shape your strategy for retaining or replacing them accordingly.


Too soft? Downright invisible except for Sanders and a few others, and he’s an Independent. Katrina Vanden Heuvel wrote there would be “Fierce opposition from Democrats” - that is fantasy BS - Schumer is already on his knees bootlicking & currying favor and Pelosi her usual ineffectual weak self! Like a tag-team of some always voting with R’Cons & trump regime against progressive/reform issues - sellouts deserving zero respect!

The Dem establishment - the Clintons’, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, Cuomo, Feinstein and all the other Dem quislings are not an “opposition” party by any stretch, but as others have written, corrupt, complicit, and craven - responsible for the disaster that has befallen America! There is essentially zero chance for resistance or reform from the Dem “leadership”, they are worthless.

There must be a mass exodus from the Dem charade and actual leaders of courage and integrity to come forward to form a new party to resist and become a true opposition party and something to vote for, not against!


totally agree. the damn dems got us to this day. they deserve not one bit of our attention. in between the cracks of the cracked dt there is room to build while resisting. let’s do it!


As if we didn’t know this was absolutely going to happen. Never forget that we live in a country with only one political party. The only difference between the United States today and the former Soviet Union was that they at least had the decency to be up front about it.


I am still waiting to see how the DNC chair election plays out. Not that Keith Ellison is a paragon of progressive values, but if even he loses to a full throttle corporatist Dem, then I will be first in line to begin a DemExit. And I think this time a LOT of Dems will follow.


These votes make no sense.

It’s enough to make you think Vlad Putin has Blackmail Videos on Everyone in Washington.


Even with this fraud as “president” (and an evangelical Christian waiting in the wings), STILL the Democrats largely sit back and watch.


Vox: Exactly. We’ve long known (because they’ve shown us, then as now) that they have far more in common than they do not.