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Resistance Mobilizes as GOP Licks Chops Over Regressive Agenda

Resistance Mobilizes as GOP Licks Chops Over Regressive Agenda

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From slowing President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet confirmations to hampering GOP attempts to repeal Obamacare or defund Planned Parenthood, Democrats and allied progressive forces stand ready to resist the looming Republican agenda.

Ahead of Congress reconvening on Tuesday, news publications outlined what's in store—and at stake.

“Democrats have dramatically greater justification for opposing the
Trump-Ryan agenda in 2017 than Ryan and his fellow Republicans had for
opposing the Obama agenda in 2009,”

Unfortunately, justification is irrelevant without a lever with which to execute it. Without control of any branch of government, exactly what lever is there for Democrats to effectively oppose the Trump-Ryan agenda?


When does a Conservative become a Progressive?

When he is not a Republican.

Just because there persons in Government mobilizing against Donald Trump , it does not mean they are suddenly “progressives”. The vast majority of Democrats in the Democratic party of the USA woul dbe deemed Conservatives in other Countries based upon their ideology.


“…the worst of what America could offer.” I think that this part is the most pertinent. Drom the time the ESEA was encacted in 1964, education has gone down hill. The dollar purchases less. Domestic policy is lynch mob mentality based, hence the police violence issues. And our ‘recession’ has lasted for two presidents, about 10 years at this moment. We’ve been at war for 15 years’ish, and is seemingly perpetual. So, yea, things are getting better. We are now setup for Trump to piss Russia off to help restart the cold war, just what our children wanted us as a nation to pass to them…‘Here ya go kids, enjoy :D’


This trump/R’con regime had better think twice before they embark on this destructive course for true - what goes around, comes around - eventually and perhaps sooner if we were not represented by a slavish faux “opposition” party of self-serving sellouts and craven cowards!

Instead of accomplishing the goals they think will make them great again, they will sow the seeds of their own political and individual destruction - a fate that will propel them into a political void lasting many decades at least. The public will eventually see the contradictions and the betrayals of this cabal, just as the perfidy and betrayals of the Dem Party corporate/banker DLC sellout faction, represented by the Clinton’s & Obama, has been shown to be without truth, honor, or integrity!


We provide the lever, and make it clear that it bears no partisan label.


Ryan will absolutely be able to work with the post DLC Corporate Governance Democrats who will of course say things like “we are not obstructionists, we have to work to end DC gridlock (by helping Ryan do what their corporate sponsors also want).”

Some key phrases to watch for each and every time this alliance raises its ugly head to shove safety net destroying neoliberal economic policy down US citizens’ throats are “moving forward, or the way forward”, “bipartisan this and bipartisan that”, “sound fiscal economic policy”, “best of bad choices”, “deficit reduction”, “ballooning deficits”, and the rest of the endless hoodwinking that has transpired for decades now.

Most of the US public will be nudged along by the talking heads of their favorite news shows. Most insidious of all, being NPR, which will feature the messaging of Ryan and the rest of the neoliberal bandits in gee-whiz sappy enthusiastic tones.

Ryan and Melissa Block will get along swimmingly!


Enter the vacuous “bipartisanship” meme.


“Regressive” is exactly where push comes to shove. It’s when someone realizes s/he’s about to lose medical insurance, or when it’s their child afraid to use a public restroom. We don’t regress in this country. It’s nearly impossible to take away rights once they’ve been recognized.

No “bi-” about it. Partisan is over. Just what is it you will be “watching for,” and what do you plan to do about what you see? Talk is cheep.

Except things like rights to privacy, rights to assemble peacefully, rights of free speech, and stuff like that.


Your corporate governance and authoritarian apologetics cheap talk can always be counted on.

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The very fact that we’re talking about them as “rights” indicates that we still demand they be recognized. Fine points are all that are being debated, and repression rarely lasts. Who’s stopping you from ranting anonymously?

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I guess you missed the 100 yrs. of post-Reconstruction USA. 1875 - 1975. It took that long to get back most of the lost Rights granted to the ex-slaves and their children. Now we face another such Regressive period under this guy and his thuggish admin. Whose going to stop them? The Chuck and Nancy show? LOL, not likely. The SCOTUS? Not likely. The MSM? Not likely. The So-called Progressive Movement LOL Hardly. So who? The rest of us ( if there is such a thing as us) not likely.


Oh, so the fact that we can still converse is indicative to you that there haven’t been serious assaults on our rights as US citizens under the Constitution.?

Your assertion that “repression rarely lasts” is absurd. Exactly what time frame do you see the repression of mass surveillance passing?

Patriot Act ring a bell?

Where have you been?

As for the clucking swipe regarding my anonymity, seriously ______.


You’re free to infer that bks meant to imply bipartisanship. I didn’t read it that way. She may well have meant it in the way I would have implied had I written it, which is that it is a-partisan – that is, neither bi- nor non-partisan, but simply a co-incidence of opinions on both sides, with neither side setting out to agree with the other.

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Well the fact that whenever legislation passes Congress a particular partisanship has occurred. The partisanship of those interested parties best represented by the winning legislation.

Since Congress is thus, all about partisanship, calling for activism sans any “partisan label” absolutely asserts a bipartisan meme. A-partisan or non-partisan legislation doesn’t exist. What’s Congress without legislation?

The bipartisanship meme has delivered a LOT of power and loot to corporate clients over the years.

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Except this isn’t about passing legislation, it’s about stopping it by putting pressure on Congress – doesn’t matter whether a given legislator is sensitive to pressure from a particular partisan side or the other. If both sides are getting the pressure, then perhaps the lever of power which was the original topic of this comment thread can be pulled to stop the legislation. I’m pretty sure voters from pretty much all sides would oppose repeal of, for example, Medicare or Social Security - it’s an a-partisan majority.


Well, I for one don’t plan to surrender or shut up. Yes, it took most of a century to get racial civil rights activated, and no, they’re still not complete. But the arc bent and is bending toward justice, and as long as “the rest of us” are raising our voices, it isn’t going to break. “Serious assaults” (@Psychedelic_Chicken), certainly. But what’s the point of getting up in the morning if you don’t think they can be overcome? What’s the point of “conversing” here if we’ve already given up? I don’t plan to.


Independent legislators do exist, and suprapartisan policy does get made. Your “meme” that you assign to me is a straw doll.