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Resistance Not Enough: Progressive Groups Push Democrats to Back #PeoplesPlatform


Resistance Not Enough: Progressive Groups Push Democrats to Back #PeoplesPlatform

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's concession on Monday night that Trumpcare is likely dead, progressive groups that played an integral role in rallying opposition to the legislation are now looking to go on the offensive.


Lucy (Feinstein) has got the football set up, and here comes Charlie Brown to give that ol’ pigskin a mighty kick…

(Could that Peanuts term “blockhead” be referring to someone whose life amounts to a block in the pyramid?)


fat chance they would do that. they have long been a party of FAT CATS. No longer caring one damn bit for the rest of us. I am working and giving only to third party progressive candidates and tell that to the damn dems every time they ask me for money.


Sounds like Bernie’s campaign platform.
So let’s Draft Bernie because the Democratic Party will remain a corporate party.


Do we even need a party if we can have free direct grassroots democracy?



HR15 Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022 is a lot of crap. That is worse than Sanders election campaign proposal . It has no cost of living indexing in it. So the low paid workers will have to go through the same crap every five years or so trying to get the minimum wage raised. The $15 proposal should be $18 and effective before the ned of this year. Dragging it out to 2022 is a lot of crap. Inflation could be descending on us soon with all this paper debt created by Wall Streets financial crisis. The indexing I propose has to be an index based opn real costs for low income workers. That means a heavy emphasis on food costs, rents, and clothing and transportation, and childcare. This whole agenda is watered down PR bull crap. Not nearly enough to address the burning concerns of te working class in this country.


The Democrats handed us this So-called President by pushing the weaker Corporate candidate on us and denying the progressive candidate an equal opportunity.

I say,

Fuck the Democrats!


This “Peoples Platform” is not enough! If “progressives” are seriously about fighting for progressive causes (and democracy itself is an objective), then there are major lacks here. Pushing for a (one time) minimum raise hike along with a few other goodies (free college, medicare for all) and some (unspecified) criminal justice and immigration reforms are certainly steps in the right direction. But if we want a unified progressive platform it needs to be much deeper.

Conspicuously absent, for example:

  • removal of private capital from electoral campaigns , including an explicit reversal of Citizens United;
  • ending of the revolving doors between corporate boardrooms and legislative & regulatory offices;
  • along with voting rights, a reform of the gerrymandering process to end the abuses therein;
  • support for ranked choice voting - to end the hegemony of the “duopoly” and allow better choices;
  • disavowal of all Trade policies which include “Investor State Dispute Resolution” clauses as contained in NAFTA, TPP, TTIP, et al.; and inclusion of explicit protections for environmental and labor standards to reverse the ratcheting down of such standards across the globe,
  • A ban on torture, and on U.S. support for human-rights abusers;
  • a disavowal of the concept of “American Empire”, and a redefining of American national security interests to legitimate issues of national security as differentiated from attempts at geopolitical-engineering for the benefit of U.S. corporations.
  • W/R/T Climate change, an “all-in” commitment to immediate and rapid transition to 100% renewable energy supply, to maximized implementation of energy conservation across all sectors; an immediate end to all forms of fossil fuels subsidies including imposition of greenhouse gas taxes, etc; and an end of approvals of new fossil fuels transmission infrastructure.
  • Affirmation of the rights of privacy, of freedom of reproductive and gender identity; of religion (including a positive affirmation of the fundamental need to keep state from specific endorsement or condemnation of any religion;
  • Support for “internet neutrality”.

If I kept at it I could probably add at least a few more; but add these to the platform and it might actually be worth rallying for…enough to energize a real coalition.


I agree… it’s a rather transparent, cynical attempt to grab some support and make it look like a populist campaign, while ignoring the fundamental inequities and leaving the wage-workers the problem of fighting this battle routinely.


How about adding in a “big-time” increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit, as advocated by Warren Buffett. We must answer 40 years of stagnant wages with real living incomes for working Americans.


The Congressional Progressive Caucus has a “People’s Budget” which should be included in #PeoplesPlatform. It includes increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is a common sense response to 40 years of stagnant wages.


Sounds good/fair; although in honesty, I haven’t really thought about the EITC.


Yeah, right. Here we have “a bold, progressive agenda” with no mention of unplugging the war machine, cutting insane defense spending, an end to extrajudicial killings, an end to drone warfare and prosecution of leaders for war crimes. In fact, no foreign policy mention at all in this “Peoples Platform”.

To be expected, of course, because the appeal is being made to the Democrats who are members in good standing of the War Party. Progressives need to abandon the notion that domestic issues are independent and disconnected from foreign policy issues. That’s a dangerous and self-defeating fantasy. In terms of economics, legality and morality, domestic policy and foreign policy are inseparable.

At any rate, a party that is just fine with spending billions and trillions on endless, illegal and immoral wars is the wrong party to ask to be progressive. There is no such thing as a progressive platform that accommodates war and empire building. Progressives are knocking on the wrong door with the Democratic party. Democrats are far more interested in starting another Cold War with Russia, right now. Much more potential for campaign cash and serving the Empire.


Climate change? US imperialism? Infrastructure? War on drugs and everything else? Immigration?


guaranteed national income would be one step in the right direction of solving many of our problems. being discussed around the world now.


Yes, the “Pretty Please Peoples Platform” will not do.


Sen Sanders tonight on the PBS Newshour was asked what compromises should democrats seek with republicans to fix healthcare—Sanders gave three ideas-negotiate lower drug prices,offer a public option because the insurance industry has left many states,and lower medicare to 55.------It was nice to see a real interview,with relevant questions. And thank you Sen Sanders for offering up some real solutions. Is there any reason a democrat could not sign on to these reasonable compromises.

And on the minimum wage----there was some small economic growth this past year and it was because the minimum wage has been increased. I don’t care for the so called capitalist system(if it is even that)but the real reason for slow growth is low wages. The solution is so simple but the greedy capitalists refuse to do the real fix to this screwed up system. With all the cost of living the minimum wage should be about $18 to $20 today. In Calif people have jobs but are homeless----the homeless population has grown 25% in LA over last year.


‪tweeted – When you say something about US imperialism, the “war on everything” and third parties then I will consider your petition #PeoplesPlatform ‬


they just don’t ever learn. Ever.

People have been trying to get Democrats to do “progressive” things in policy for over 40 years with near-zero results.

That’s an awful long time to not see a trend and not recognize it.

This is the duopolys effects on politics. It keeps people desperate to try to budge one of the parties because they’re convinced that’s their only option.

And this is the result.


Lets hope that “strong, bold and sharp edged” isn’t the new “hope and change”.

Recall that hope plus two bucks bought a cup of coffee when Obama was first elected. By the time he moved out of the White House it took hope plus three or four bucks to buy coffee in many areas. Change has always been what you put in your server’s tip jar.