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Resistance Rallies as So-Called 'Moderate' GOP Senators Decide on Healthcare


Resistance Rallies as So-Called 'Moderate' GOP Senators Decide on Healthcare

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump Resistance is putting pressure on several so-called moderate Republican lawmakers who could join Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky in refusing to back the latest version of the party's healthcare bill.


He’s a “Moderate” GOP Senator! :grin:

How “Moderate” is he?

C’mon Folks, it’s fun!

He’s so Moderate, that…

"He’d care about his Fellow Citizens, but he thinks the money “Just isn’t there”!

He’s so Moderate, that…


The only “healthcare” issue issue that is being decided is a “choice” between Obamacare and TrumpRyanCare (Obamacare on steroids).


You gotta hand it to the republicans. When it comes to hurting the non-wealthy they have no equals, and, in peddling their shit they never give up. I fully expect the republicans to vote on this bill until they themselves are voted out of office. They are the pit bulls of shit.


What do you mean?


He’s so “Moderate” that he would tell someone else to spring the trap door.


It would be better if they were Shit Bulls in the pit! (Then we could fill it in) :wink:


Not even close.
You mean Obamacare on laxatives.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43251”]Resistance Rallies as So-Called ‘Moderate’ GOP Senators Decide on Healthcare
GOP senators who are considered possible ‘no’ votes include Dean Heller of Nevada, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, John Hoeven of North Dakota, Rob Portman of Ohio, and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia.  While these senators have spoken out against aspects of the bill, like Medicaid cuts, in theory, none of them has said whether they’ll be the third senator to vote ‘no,’ keeping the legislation from passing.”[/quote] What ever happened to all those brave ‘Never Trump’ RePooplicans?
Still hiding under their desks with their heads up their butts??


He’s so moderate that he would not provide the funding necessary to build extermination camps for the poor and elderly. In fact, he’s so moderate that by eliminating necessary medical and nursing home care, people will die with dignity in the privacy of their own homes.


Notice that 5-0 is holding on to that piece because of those threatening sign holders eyes. WTHF?


He’s so “Moderate” that when putting Abortion Seekers before a Firing Squad, he would only “Shoot to Wound”.


Moderate Repo walks into a bar…


Moderate Republican legislators need to make a choice:
They can either go with their conscience … or pretend that they don’t have one and support the TrumpNoCare bill in each of its increasingly destructive forms.


He is “moderate” in this case, because he has some vestiges of concern left for those poor people, who would lose their coverage.
Instead of poo-pooing him we should try to support his doubts and to win him over to voting against this onerous bill.
This issue is far too serious and precarious to indulge in cheap sarcastic self gratification.


Thank you for the only sensible comment, I have detected in this whole thread.


Set in South Dakota, the movie “Monster Trucks” 2016 became a horror classic. “It’s not the monsters that are evil. It’s the people” (certain managers of a South Dakota oil well drilling corporation). Let’s just say the entertainment value of this -not gory- classic could impart some wisdom.


No offense, but when the center-right is negotiating with the hard right on your healthcare; the forthcoming test results, diagnosis and treatment plan will offer little comfort.
To steal an analogy from The Conscience of The Senate " Rabbi Joe " Lieberman, " taking your sick family dog to a veterinarian/taxidermist insures that, one way or another, you’ll get a bill and your dog back ". Prepare to get a dog back, here.
And, " Rabbi Joe " promulgated this outcome when he killed the public option to protect the Big Insurance Cos./Pharma Cos. in Connecticut and New York State.
However, doesn’t His Rabbiness support universal healthcare in his beloved Israel. He may even have dual citizenship, by now. What a guy, that Rabbi Joe. With more guys like that, who needs enemies.


…or delusion.


I am not sure, why you prefaced this reply to me with “No offence”, because I agree with you completely.

I was in my post merely pointing out, that in order to defeat this toxic bill, we not only have to support the two soft Republicans, who have indicated that they will (may?) oppose it, but that we need to put pressure on the other soft GOPs to join the declared dissidents of that party.
What their (his) other views are must be set aside for now, due to the urgency and seriousness of the issue,
You can rest assured, that the softies are pressured with treats and bribes by the party leaders supported by the pharmaceutical and health insurance industry to come on board.
That is why they need our support even though you do not trust them.