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Resistance Recess Puts Congress on Notice for Supporting Trump’s Agenda


Resistance Recess Puts Congress on Notice for Supporting Trump’s Agenda

Libero Della Piana

Rep. Dave Trott’s constituents in the Northeastern suburbs of Detroit gathered at his office to ask him about his stance on health care, refugees and other urgent issues. Instead of scheduling a meeting, Trott’s staff called the police.

The delegation was organized by Michigan People’s campaign, an affiliate of People’s Action, a national organization fighting for economic and social justice.


Ironically it was the Affordable Care Act which was the Tea Party's main issue and now people on the left are copying the strategy of the Tea Party and the Affordable Care Act has again surfaced as the main issue although this time the people for it rather than against. Health care is really a major problem if you lack coverage so the Republicans are in for a rough time if they can't find an answer.


Liberals have been "putting Congress on notice" for decades, as the country drifted further and further to the right. Over the past 20 years, those who aren't on the right wing have only been more deeply divided by class and race. Many recognized that the years of the Obama administration would probably be our last chance to pull people together, for the common good. It was worth a try, but didn't work.

I want to believe that something has changed, but I just don't see it. We've simply entered the next phase of what began with the "Reagan Revolution." The Clinton Democrats implemented more of the right wing agenda than Republicans could have ever dreamed possible. It appears that Congress and the Supreme Court have ceded their authority, giving Trump & Co. carte blanche. Because those who aren't on the right wing are now so deeply divided, I don't see what anyone can do.