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Resistance To Standardized Testing Not Going Away


Resistance To Standardized Testing Not Going Away

Jeff Bryant

Does populist outrage matter anymore? Anyone following the growing resistance to unpopular standardized testing in the nation’s public schools may soon see.

Thousands of teachers, parents, students, and public school advocates poured into the streets of New York City to call attention to the plight of public schools and to protest new proposals considered by the state legislature.


A coordinated nationwide boycott of such testing would end this foolishness in a couple of years. Dry up the money for the Pearson-type grifters and they will move along to another game. This maybe one place where Facebook could be a positive vehicle for change.


I regularly complain about articles that promise to document the growth of movements only to give us some isolated examples.

Such is not the case here. Bryant has given us a well written piece that both quantifies and qualifies the increasing attacks on the phony premises of standardized testing and the real reason that administrators and legislatures seem to be in love with that practice. We can take issue with some of his commentary but this article is a good update.

Good headline too.