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Resistance Urged to 'Light Up the Phones' as Zombie TrumpCare Bill Gains Traction


Resistance Urged to 'Light Up the Phones' as Zombie TrumpCare Bill Gains Traction

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The GOP healthcare bill that will not die has now secured support from the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus, spurring a frantic call to action for voters to "light up the phones" and pressure moderate Republicans to abandon the effort, which would strip 24 million people of their healthcare and raise the rates for those most in need.


I suppose they think that if they keep coming back with this BS, people will get tired and give up. The opposite could also happen; with the continued provocations, the people might just stay on constant alert.

Congress is filled with so many failed minds and hard hearts. Who are these people who grew up hating their fellow humans and wanting to tear it all down? Seems they want nothing more than to take us all down in disaster. I don't understand their thinking at all


I haven't read this bill yet, The first bill was really scary but if the "Freedom caucus is on board, this one must be a night mare. To qualify for this one you need to live in a gated community and be in perfect health and have a special floor reserved in the hospital with your own private physician. We subsidize the education, the brick and mortar R&D and can't participate. There has to be a word for that. I can think of a few, but they don't pass censure.


...OR be a member of Congress and their staff. They have inserted a clause making them immune to the more drastic changes, They get to keep their Obamacare.


Their thinking is simple: "Screw everyone else, I got mine".


Dear Mr. Rob Whitman, Here is a chance for you to do something positive for the American people. Don't blow it. Please pass this on to Dave B-rat.

                                                                                     Thank You