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Resisting the Lure of Intervention

Resisting the Lure of Intervention

John Feffer

They were the “best and the brightest” but on a spaceship, not planet Earth, and they exemplified the liberal optimism of their era. The original Star Trek, whose three-year TV run began in 1966, featured a talented, multiethnic crew.

“If we can figure out how to lower the threat alert and leave the Orange Zone, we will have passed the civilizational test. Once we put away our childish things – our nuclear weapons, our coal-fired power plants, our religious prohibitions against contraception – we can graduate to the next level of planetary consciousness. Otherwise, we flunk out. And there won’t be any make-up summer school credits available.”

To the list of childish things, I’ll add hate.

The identity as ‘human family’, is actually a traumatized sibling of the inextricably long denied terrestrial creature, and arguably universal being. The dissociative trauma constantly manifests in breakdowns of healthy function. The breaks inevitably occur along the lines of underlying healthy function creating identifiable patterns on the conceptual ‘sur-face’.
The institutionalized system has been strung out on PR metrics that are self-referential and no less subject to cracking by virtue of same underlying dynamics - which is by the very definition of PR - to be denied. Thinking about the identifiability of the natural patterns in nature as ‘fractals’ with the Julia set (f(z)= z2 =C), a system that is ‘production’ oriented will inevitably generate an exponential compounding of consequences that it then holds up as ‘evidence’ of its premises. It is at base a suicidal ideation that is still in motion by dint of institutionalized addictive fix patterns - terror/paranoia.

Enough of that. Just for fun then, consider John Lennon’s choice of lyrics in the song Julia. Said to be a love song ‘to his mother’ - Did we miss something from this gentle poet?

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“And what extraterrestrial intelligence in its right mind would want to contact a species that seemingly worships Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Kardashian”?
I take exception sir to your including Vladimir Putin in this little list of exceptional fuck ups. Barack Obama is much more deserving of being included on that list. Vladimir Putin isn’t trying to overthrow every government on Earth that doesn’t agree to subordinate itself to the Russian government!


I do not pay much heed to this guys articles. He tends to take a whole lot of swipes at Putin every chance he gets.

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No harm in toddling off to Mars, Venus having been proved a bit too hot and sour. I’d like to go, just to see what it looks like. I even once went to planet USA to see what made USAians what they are. A strange cultural experience; a place where healthy young men eat 1/2 pound steak and eggs for breakfast and then buy vitamin pills for vitamin B etc…

As for China; it is no benevolent society, just far smarter by far than the utter morons who run the USA and think they are good at chess when they can’t even play drafts, let alone being able to open the box without breaking it. The Chinese play “Go”, a completely different philosophical approach to conquest, as demonstrated in the 1600s by the British East India Company.

These anthropocentric discussions are fascinating in their irrelevance. The stark reality is that industrialized civilization has irreversibly used up vast amounts of the limited natural material capital, provided an aging infrastructure, produced vast amounts of damaging material wastes and devastated the environment. These factors ensure that the senescence off operation of global industrialized civilization is under way and its demise this century is virtually certain. A die off of the population will also occur.No amount of wisdom can change that trajectory but enlightened people can make sound decisions about how to power down.

“Perhaps the truly intelligent ones followed in the footsteps of the Chinese emperor: they stopped building ships.”

The Mandarins wasted the vast knowledge that Zheng He collected in his voyages, according to controversial author Gavin Menzies in his book: “1421 the Year the Chinese Discovered America”. He claims Zheng He was not a conqueror, but a great eunuch Chinese Admiral. That he treated well all he contacted in his voyages, and traded, communed with the natives, left part of his crew to mingle and brought home a great treasure trove of traded artifacts, native friends, animals and knowledge that the Mandarins squandered. Menzies claims that Chinese DNA has been found in natives of the places his fleet visited.:


Since conservatives are almost always the interventionists, we may have to wait until they kill themselves off before the intervention stops.

The entire article is suffused in generalizations added to the use of the one-size-fits-all WE clause to conflate militarism (and what soldiers do) with what people (all of us, and many in opposition to what militarists) do. He is incapable of viewing potential reality/future possibilities from any prism outside of that of the military chain of command with its white male dominators at the top… THEY are misdirecting the collective course of the masses. However, the wake-up calls sounding from stupid, unnecessary wars and their unspeakable fall-out, the collapse of nature in so many climatic events upending life as previously known, added to a financial house of cards built on phenomenal levels of graft, greed, and distortion…are now imploding and thus facilitating a break from orthodoxy. People are rebelling, looking for alternatives (to the world that Mars rules built), and exploring outside of “the consensual reality zone.”

WE? or the alpha males and/or military industrial complex that has the funds for this type of thing? Non-coincidentally, they largely happen to be the same force denuding, despoiling, and ruining THIS planet. But like other military insiders and/or apologists for the ghastly state that Mars Rules built, these writers traffic in a WE-frame that allots causality to those with ZERO influence over policies that filter down patriarchy’s armed and delusional command chains. It’s never been possible to argue with a bayonet or bomb.

This is one of the best articles I have read on this site so far. I agree with you that America can’t police the world, needs to care for our people, that we need a different kind of “intelligence” in the future, that touted tech and new products aren’t necessarily good since we don’t look at the long term risks and deal with them first before the product is put to market (examples plastics, nuclear power, fracking, pesticides, mono-cultures, factory farms, and the list goes on), that mistakes made on top of poor choices reduces the survival of this planet, that communication and diplomacy comes first, that nobody wins wars, that power plays by dominate countries hurts us all (I am thinking China and Russia right now flexing their military muscles and sticking their tongues out at the US), that people and the planet must take priority over profits, that someone has to show leadership and take the high road like not boarding the Starship Enterprise, and that people like Trump, Putin, and Kardashian are momentary distractions that people see through eventually, and we need to fix home because we only take it with us and that includes the things in our genetic makeup as well as the world of experience. This guy is not off base at all scan the Internet on Putin who is trying to turn back the clock to when the Russia had satellite countries to play with.