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Resisting the "Moderate" Reaction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/06/resisting-moderate-reaction


Resisting the “Moderate” Reaction

Let’s be clear. It is the right-leaning leadership that has power in the DemocraticTM Corporation/Party. They have made clear that they will push far to the right.

No one should say ‘defund the police’ ever again,” Spanberger said on the call, according to two sources. “Nobody should be talking about socialism."

Spanberger also warned that if Democrats kept up their tactics in 2022: “We will get f------ torn apart.” _https://www.politico.com/news/2020/11/05/house-democrats-warn-caucus-left-434428

Republican who are now neo-fascists, will block everything President Biden tries, except the most plutocrat friendly legislation and War. The objective conditions will get worse for poor and BIPOC communities. Then, in 4 year it is 100% absolutely guaranteed and certain that there will be a concerted effort to bully progressives to vote the lesser evil who I anticipate will be Harris/Buttigeig.


It’s refreshing to see an honest article here, particularly after the veritable deluge of right wing centrist faux concern over Trump and the parody of pretending that Biden is genuinely a lesser evil, instead of what he actually is, just slightly more polite evil. Centrists, who represent only around 13% of voters, are the true fringe, the true extremists, as are believing Republicans. Both of the rotten, state approved parties need to be burned to the ground, while the believers are held up to the ridicule and shunning that they deserve.


So True but how do we get to these centrists democrats and help them see the lot of day? They live in their tunnel vision of money and power. Emails? haven’t worked so far, marching in the streets! haven’t worked so far. Pelosi and Schummer and their minions are so deep in the do do that they can’t be reached.

I have many centrist friends who I do not consider well informed as they are only CNN viewers and nightly nnews. They never see the things we all see here on Common Dreams. They don’t realize when asked that a large percentage of dems and repubs want M4A, good cheaper education and yes some free stuff for when they are down and out.

What the solutions? I am also wondering if the world stopped turning and trump stopped with his excutive orders taking away civil rights, environmental rights, land protection, animal protections, and justice for all. elections news repeated over and over again the same news and it is all about what if and if, if, if. Oh I have heard another hurricain could be threatening but nothing about climate changing worldwide.


As the country is experiencing a 50/50 split, pretty much, the progressives should maybe push one issue at a time, starting with Medicare for all. Medicare for all, as you mentioned, has cross party support and approval. Defunding the police on the other hand, shuts out 1/2 of the population. Or maybe we should change the approach. Reform the police, might attract some right leaning voters. Preaching to the converted is not a good policy for expansion.

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There is no need to defund police while there is a great need to improve police accountability.

Every community needs to determine its needs including policing and implement budgets that reflect those needs. The budget determines how much funding each department gets, including police departments.

Anybody espousing “defunding police” either doesn’t understand budgeting or is deliberately undermining civic engagement.


Let’s take stock.

The right-wing of the party has just (apparently) won its election without making any single significant concession of any kind, and particularly by denying instead of accommodating electoral reform within the primary. Worse, it has done so with the help of many authentically left-wing figures. Short of monkeywrenching or strikes or people on the streets, they have no special reason to imagine that the party’s drift to the right has not successfully continued. Nor do we, though it has largely left popular opinion behind.

Let’s at least be clear. There is nothing moderate in any of this. We are in line for at least another decade of wars, reduced social programs, and slash-and-burn economics unless something large breaks first, and that is apt to be as unpleasant as ever. A Democratic Party run by Biden associates will not brook significant primary challenges. We will still have a few people making noises in such direction as before, but no serious challenge.

The requisite action for an electoral challenge, then, is a new or different organization, with an opening concentration on local elections. The usual alternative discussed here is the Green Party, but maybe something else could draw more interest.

Plan B, anyone?


I’ve read several articles along similar lines today on common dreams…however none of them have been able to explain why half the population voted for Trump. I mean look at the guy: a pussy grabbing, lying, incompetent, P.O.S gets half the bloody vote. The question the Left must face rather than firing on each other is what is it that they are not giving half the voters or providing to half the voters that Trump is? Is it that the Left is trying to move too quickly on things like gay rights and non-binary genders, and illegal immigration, and so on on that a large percentage of Americans just aren’t happy with it. In other words expecting America to be Denmark is perhaps just not practical. The fact that a few Democratic socialist candidates did get elected in some liberal districts does not disprove that point.

When people have been repeatedly burned by both the state parties, many actively want to see the whole thing burn down as well.

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Chomsky and Ellsberg will weigh in no doubt saying “this not the time…” as they encourage the progressives and the left to vote in another right wing candidate .

Well let’s see. The Democratic party is explicitly telling the voting public that they will absolutely NOT deliver any relief to the suffering masses, hundreds of thousands of homeless, long lines of people in the food lines, unemployed people facing eviction, ill people with inadequate & unaffordable health insurance & young people crushed by student loan debt with a vanishing job market. We do know that they will vote for increasing military budgets and expanding the surveillance state. Should we even start on their refusal to address the climate catastrophe that’s hurtling our way like a freight train?

I’m sure it was pushing the radical gay agenda that kept people from voting for Team D.


Are you sure you understand what defund the police means?

I do believe it was an unfortunate choice of words as it has been purposefully misunderstood and politicized.

What people are calling for is police reform. Many of the responsibilities and tasks we ask of the police to do could better be carried out by other organizations.

For example, homelessness or domestic violence. First responders shouldn’t necessarily be the police. The police with their heavy weapons tend to escalate rather than deescalate many situations.

Here in NM, a couple of years ago, a homeless man was shot and killed by police after hours of confrontation. With another organization dealing with this his death could have been avoided.


You’re muddling two different kinds of issues. Yes its good for the dems to focus on climate change, massive tax cuts for the wealthy, policies that have increased inequality, unemployment, etc. Large percentages of the population are indeed affected by these, and had the dems stuck to these concerns the orange faced gibbon wouldn’t have stood a chance, never mind getting nearly half the vote. Instead they seem to have got mixed up in (trans)gender wars, intentionally conflating legal and illegal immigrants, not denouncing the violent protests in places like Portland and the obvious looting by hoodlums that everyone was watching on their local evening news. The question I was raising was whether in fact all this “we stand for everyone and everything” business was hurting their chances and image, allowing said orange faced gibbon to employ scare tactics

Honest assessments of centrism and its risks such as this article are always appreciated - well said, Dr. Bloom.