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Resisting the Trumpublican Shock Doctrine Blitzkrieg


Resisting the Trumpublican Shock Doctrine Blitzkrieg

Miles Mogulescu

The Trumpublicans are intent on manipulating the shock of Donald Trump’s victory to roll back much of the New Deal and Great Society; ram through unvetted Cabinet appointments intent on undermining the legal mandate of the very Departments they are charged with leading; legitimize unprecedented conflicts of interest; and intimidate opponents, professional civil servants, and the press, in a rapid Blitzkrieg, before the opposition even knows what hit them.


Remember that in 1972 Richard Nixon won the largest electoral victory in American history and only a little more than a year late resigned under threat of impeachment.

Remember that in 1972 the MSM wasn't wholly owned by a Corporate State, and the Deep State hadn't yet pulled off the epic Shock Doctrine of the Seminal Event that is the linchpin for endless war, mass surveillence, and the rest of it.

I mean I appreciate the pep talk...


"The future of the nation and the planet is in our hands."

True enough but getting the average America away from the boob tube and actually doing something, is wishful thinking.


I got as far as part way through the first sentence before feeling the urge to hit the author upside the head with a sign reading, "Exile the liberal bourgeoisie!"

Over the past 20 years, it has been the Clinton wing of the Dem Party that targeted the Great Society and took the first steps to similarly "reform" Social Security (targeting the disabled). Democrats, not Republicans. Liberal media responded by promptly raising the banner of middle class elitism, simply ignoring the consequences for our war on the poor (note: low wage workers and the very poor are two separate categories).

Democrats in Congress kicked off 2015 alone with voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut from $115 per month, down to $10). Democrats.


That was bear the end of the era when those who aren't the right wing were more united, with a focus on the common good, able to stand up and push back. Today, we're deeply divided by class and race (even if some think we shouldn't admit it).


I have NEVER denied the fact that we are divided by race and class.

I have simply made the point, that the blame for such lies squarely at the feet of super wealthy individuals and large corporations.


Reich Fuhrer CHUMP most likely will self destruct. His mouth is his worst enemy. Frankly he is already harpooned deeply and although the spear may not have struck hearts blood quite yet he is circling the drain already. We should gibe a reward to the first congressman or senator to call for impeachment. About one second after he takes the oath would suit me just fine.

         In the past the rich needed the poor as so much labor was required to keep things running. Now with automation and crowding as well as unemployment the rich and powerful would like the normal people not to exist. Death camps may become common place.


It seems to me that this is the time for the Democrats in Congress to engage in a little damage control, and for the Democratic Party to enforce some unity. A good strategy to follow would be for the Democratic members of Congress to all agree to obstruct Congress and to do everything possible to block each and every Republican initiative (including all appointments) until Obama's Supreme Court nominee is confirmed by Congress. This is clearly a 'carry over' situation from the previous administration, one which cannot be simply forgotten.


"If the Democrats can gain even three Senate seats in 2018, they can block most of (Trump's) agenda..."

Only if, by that time, the DNC has been OVERWHELMINGLY replaced by Berniecrats, otherwise we'll still be waiting for a Real Opposition Party to show up.


I was there in the Nixon years, and what I saw was governmental power and money being turned over to the very rich. According to Nixon's VP, Spiro Agnew, those who own the country should run it.
Gerald Ford didn't favor that path, but there was little he could do to stop the slide into not an oligarchy, rule by the few, but a corporatist state, which came to be called corporate rule until rightwing PR discredited the term's legitimacy.
Jimmy Carter was a moderate neoliberal, carrying, perhaps unconsciously at that time, some of the muck of the Old South, but he understood the 6th Mass Extinction when David Orr and a lot of ecologically literate (which Carter wasn't, to begin with, but became, to his credit) college professors, mostly. The current emergency was the Energy Crisis, when OPEC cut off much of our profligate energy consumption. Carter tried to get the people to change their behavior and their lifestyles, and Reagan was on every TV talk show over and over with a rebuttal to Carter, and the people believed Carter was a weenie and Reagan was the hero riding in on a white horse to save them.
Reagan made Carter a one-term president and declared "a new morning in America" upon taking office, and the Republican Party did the exact same things the Republican Party is doing now. Reagan broke all the records for the number of felony convictions in one administration and pretty much finished the job Nixon started, plus oversaw the murder of hundreds of thousands of South and Central American indigenous people by School of the Americas grads who advanced torture to an art form.
Bush the Elder was a moderate, along the lines of Carter, and a decent man, up until the neocons told him how things would be in his administrations, and they were, indeed, that way. Bush's ancestors created Wall Street, so he just sort of bumbled through an administration. His claim to fame was his statement that "the American way of life is not negotiable."
Bill Clinton prevented Bush the Elder's second term, and did all the extremely crappy things the neoliberals wanted to do to the American people after they had perfected the imposition of neoliberal policies in South and Central America, notably in Chile, where General Pinochet succeeded the murdered Salvadore Allende, the democratically elected President, and promptly installed the "Chicago Boys'" economic system. Milton Friedman himself spent time with the general, tweaking the operation. This was in 1972 or 73, in the Nixon Days, and Henry Kissinger ran the State Department. He installed the US foreign policy that still controls US foreign relations.
Clinton killed the welfare system and signed onto NAFTA, two things no Republican could have done without a people's revolt. He also signed the bill that repealed Glass Steagle, the law that would have prevented the 2007 crash of the global economy. Wall Street wrote that bill, and Bill signed it.
Then along came Bush the Younger, who did the exact same thing Reagan did in his first 100 days. The major thing was inventing the War on Terror after the emergency of 9/11 allowed such a boneheaded thing because most of the US population had their brains fall out on 9/11/2001. The longest war in US history, the invasion of Afghanistan and the illegal invasion of Iraq were two results.
Obama is hardly the progressive he pretended to be in 2008. The promise of change in US foreign policy went nowhere and the Mideast War blew up that part of the world for no good reason. Obama did some good things (that the Republicans allowed because he did what they told him to do) but Trump's US Congress is busily destroying all of it now.
My point is, what Congress is doing is a continuation of neoliberal economics, a system that must be imposed. We are in the process of having it imposed just now, and it gets ugly after the coronation of the first neofascist government in the US, in a time when democracy will be judged a failure and thrown out because we need a government that can get things done. This is corporatism in full bloom in America: Corporate Rule, just about the way Mussolini envisioned it.
So all those American military folks who died "defeating" fascism died in vain, because corporatism is a central element of neoliberal economics, and Trump is the uber neoliberal, come to impersonate General Pinochet in a slightly kinder, gentler manner. Instead of torturing and disappearing Americans, the US way will be to just let everyone who can't keep themselves alive through this time die. The death warrants began in Congress this past week. Both houses of Congress repealed Obamacare and tried to make abortion illegal, but by a means already found unconstitutional by the Supremes.
So what do we do now?
First, we accept that life as we've known it is over, for a while, at least.
Second, we accept the idea that we don't own the luxury of despair.
Third, we organize into local economies operating independent of the neoliberal tyranny imposed on us by the parasitic super rich who want another Gilded Age and will probably get it. For a while. The super rich have destroyed enough of the life system of this planet that continuing to do what we've always done before guarantees that the 6th Mass Extinction will take our speciies because the first to go are large mammals. 50% of the large mammals living in 1980 are gone - just gone.
But that couldn't happen to God's Children, could it?
God hasn't stopped it yet, although a band of land from Africa to East Asia is now hostile to human life and is a big driver of the refugee problem. Even more die before they get to be refugees.
We must learn to believe what the evidence we observe tries to teach us, and we need to learn how to do it in forming cooperative lifestyles, beginning on a local basis and expanding to our local biological region, eventually.
Coops will be our vehicles for survival as we learn to restore our local ecosystems so they support our lives, the lives of every other living thing that depends on them, and leaves the ecosystem more resilient than before. The land is all we've got and we've got to learn to tend it with respect, even worship it because it is what supports our lives.
Every living thing has a mind, and we must learn to honor life in the ways we live.
It's a large change. Our choice is to change or bear witness to mass death until our souls can't continue.
The way to live through Trump and the New Gilded Age won't be easy, but the way is shown to us as we become ecologically literate.
We create the Ecological Age because we have to, or let the 6th Mass Extinction have us. As choices go, it sucks, just not as much as going extinct.
If you're not ecologically literate, a Howard Odum book,


If y are going to list the first seven days, wasn't the attempt to gut the ethics office (which failed because of public pushback) and the ethics rule change that allows them to hide financial documents from the ethics office (which succeeded because media dropped the ball and it is not widely reported) within the first seven days? Isn't that pretty important too?


To be honest, Miles, what we currently experience is the worst Trumpublican Shock Doctrine Blitzkrieg Nazi Gestapo KGB Pol Pot Cancer Era ever. And therefore we have the moral obligation to react with all possible McCarthy G. W. Bush Obama Guantanamo waterboarding detention CIA killing drones WMD torture chirurgical precise bombing means we have ...


This is an excellent essay in its own right. I wish you’d publish it on OpEdNews as an article. If you want to contact me you can send me a message on OpEdNews by looking me up and following the instructions.
Jerry Lobdill


It's mostly democratically held seats up for re-election, so taking over the Senate will be difficult.


Yes,fat, dumb, and happy, so to speak, is a national condition. Maybe the oncoming darkness will get the masses away from their stupor!


Bernie revolucion, or a new People's party; it Must be for Peace and saving our Sacred Planet!


Friedman's shock doctrine is based upon dismantling government social service policies and support by pulling finance. Middle class assets are seized by capital and private interests become a managerial class while the rest of society is left to a survival mode of desperation. Essentially it is a domestic colonization by market liquidation and capture where crisis driven "helicopter" drops of monetary liquidity facilitates privatization and vertical integration of the political economy. It is not only Trump that will want this process implemented, since it is essentially a vulture capital "free market" formula for capturing an economy that Naomi Klein documented was being executed 'one economic region at a time' if I paraphrase that correctly. It has come home to roost by ruthless wealth that has nowhere left to extract and expand; not to mention that it is international capital that is now integrated and cares nothing about national borders per se. Just as the system installed crony capital autocracies and despots around the world as "middle managers" to expedite interests and simplify any resistant administration, Trump is a single pivot to accommodate interests in a similar, if inverted, autonomous manager that expects to be well rewarded. It may well be, however, that there are rival domains feuding for power and control fraud will not be that easy against multiple wealthy interests. Shock Doctrine does not work so well with a healthy middle class and a plural arena of American wealth that may or may not align or oppose international or foreign financial interests. In any case the "deregulation" scheme will go immediately into effect before anything else; and the rest is distraction.
All I keep hearing is how to stop Trump from his poisonous agenda. Again, the rest of the ruthless thugs that will benefit will be doing all the dirty work so that will not really be so easy without coordinated and informed opposition (and some serious American wealth that is not corrupt to help in support). What we can do immediately is simply say we want to see Trumps' TAXES and that he MUST fully DIVEST convincingly and completely from all conflicts of interest (foreign and domestic) or we will not play ball at all. That should take up the better part of a year before as he tries to squirm out of compliance. That Must be an uncompromising Democratic DEMAND as terms of agreement to negotiate all the rest.


Bush the elder a decent man? CIA chief when the Kennedy assassination happened he has a lot to answer for. Check out "Family of Secrets".


"Don't Mourn, Organize!" > https://ourrevolution.com/action/