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 Resisting Trump Is Not Enough


 Resisting Trump Is Not Enough

Robert Borosage

Donald Trump’s provocations have stirred a resistance that is ferocious, diverse, and growing, shaking Republicans and stiffening Democratic spines. Raucous town-hall meetings targeting members of Congress in their home districts are making the fabled Tea Party protests of old look like, well, tea parties. This resistance is vital but not sufficient. While it dramatizes what we are against, our challenge is to integrate it into a demand for all the progressive changes we are for.


The DNC's moneyed elites are simply modern Copperheads eager to let the "peculiar" predatory system of today go on forever. No principles, no convictions and no morals. The Copperheads of yesterday were Democrats and so they are now. They need to understand the depth of their betrayal or we will have the equivalent of Civil War-era Missouri all over again.


"Resisting Trump Is Not Enough" is right on, and "that means taking on Democrats-in-Name-Only." How very true this is up to a point. The sad point is that so many Democrats and Republicans have been bought by Big Money. What was so impressive to so many young people, and old ones too, was Bernie Sanders. Sanders would not accept money from the wealthy elites showing that he was for all Americans. And his statements were about how all of us can have a decent life of health, education, well paying jobs, full health care, decent homes to live in etc. And to achieve this equality the super wealthy would pay much more taxes. It would be like we were back in the 1950s and early 60s.

A Democrat or Republican who would run on Green Party Jill Stein's platform and would limit the amount of money as Sanders, he or she could have a great chance in being elected for the House or Senate and the White House. As Sanders did not run as a Democrat or Republican and yet was elected for Congress - so could others. What is important is not that a person is a Democrat or Republican, but it is what he or she will do in Congress.

If a Sanders and Warren and Merkley can win so can Keith Ellison - and we would begin to have a country of happy people who love their neighbors and enjoyed their jobs.


Lets start by replacing Obama/Romney care with single payer medicare for all.


Thank you, Robert Borosage, for a bit of sanity in the midst of all the dangerous looniness posing as "resistance":

"But this reflex ignores an uncomfortable but inescapable reality: Trump is in the White House in large part because of the establishment’s failures over the past decades. What economist Paul Krugman once called the “long depression” features a slow recovery that has not benefited working people. We remain mired in endless wars. The country’s inequality is more extreme, its insecurity more widespread, its institutional racism still entrenched. Money continues to corrupts our politics."

The establishment duopoly is trying to save its bloated posterior in the face of Trumpian nihilism, and it's getting desperate. It should be opposed just as fiercely as Trump should be opposed. Dennis Kucinich says the time is ripe for a third party. I'll go further: it's the only solution. Sure, Warren and Ellison and Gabbard should be supported. Better yet, they and a few others like them should be lured away from the moribund Dem party (though I doubt Warren would accept that) to form the basis of a new people's party that would stand a better chance of channeling the rage we currently see and turning it into a positive force.


This accurate article reminds me that, in their nationally televised debate, in Flint, Hillary sidestepped Bernie's Healthcare Proposal by appealing to the immediate audience's devotion to Obama, by framing it as though Bernie would only be destroying the ACA, that Barack "lovingly" built for our benefit.


It wasn't just in the Flint debate that Clinton framed Sanders as anti Obama and it wasn't just the ACA that she used to leverage her framing..

Recall many eastern state and southern state primaries that she framed Sanders, especially in states where Obama won in 2008 and Sanders lost in 2016 ?


Interesting premise.

We need to show what we are FOR. Indeed!

Well, THAT is the reason behind forming the GREEN PARTY.

Check out what they are FOR (ex., http://greennewdeal.us). Dems have not had a "For" Agenda for many decades! Do NOT expect it now. Look how they treated Bernie. Get real!


Don't forget the Justice Dems!