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#ResistTrumpTuesdays: Protect Our Protections on Valentine’s Day

#ResistTrumpTuesdays: Protect Our Protections on Valentine’s Day

Dave Johnson

President Donald Trump and his Republican-controlled Congress are getting ready to kill off our public “Dodd-Frank” protections passed after the financial crash, including killing or maiming the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Our lawmakers need to hear from us so they can know how we feel about that. So the #ResistTrumpTuesdays movement is urging them to “Make a Date” to hold town hall meetings with their constituents.

How about divesting from big banks and Wall Street and NO use of credit cards.

I like the idea of transparency from lawmakers for a change at town hall meetings. The melt down of the financial crisis hit the US and the world between the eyes, and the banksters never went even on trial! At least in 1980 or thereabouts fraudsters from the savings and loan industry went to jail. Did the lawmakers in 1999 even as US if it was okay to dismantle Glass Steagall? Did Clinton give a speech about it? The answer is no! They did it anyway, and millions of people lost their jobs and over 5000 committed suicide. Ask these robots why the want another crash? Are they waiting for the rapture or something or is it to destroy everything Obama put into place? They are INSANE! Nobody put them into office to institute another crash.

Demand that Glass Steagall be reinstituted and ask why it was dismantled in the first place! That was our safeguard since 1933.