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Resolution for 2016: More Debate!


Resolution for 2016: More Debate!

John Nichols

The last Democratic presidential debate of 2015 was held on the Saturday night before Christmas. Viewership was roughly one-quarter that of the first Republican debate and dramatically lower than all the Republican debates.

In other words, the Democrats lost the competition for viewers — and for framing the issues and ideas for the 2016 presidential competition.


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I'm beginning to believe that Debbie's efforts to elect her friend Hillary actually pump up Bernie's supporters. I personally have increased my campaign donations to Bernie in direct retaliation to what Ms. Schultz has been doing. I may not agree with everything he stands for but I agree with most and definitely feel that he has more integrity and honesty than all other candidates combined.


It is a shame more people did not watch the last Democratic debate because a lot of issues came up and the candidates often expressed differing views. But notably absent was any discussion of climate change even though the debate was held shortly after the Paris climate conferences ended. Not only do we need more Democratic debates but we need debates that include all of the most important issues facing this country.


A champion has finally come forward in support of the people in this sold-out nation and DWS targeted him as the ultimate threat to her own personal career plans.

Wasserman is committed to the side of corporate rule and the death of the People's Democratic Party, that has been her obvious mission from Day One.

Her actions demand that she be fired immediately. Let her find out for herself that the Republicans are not stupid enough to reward a lying traitor willing to cut the throats of her trusting supporters.

Go, Bernie!


Nichols sez: "In other words, the Democrats lost the competition for viewers — and for
framing the issues and ideas for the 2016 presidential competition."

— In other other words, "Mission accomplished."

That's not Clinton's "framing" on the stage. When she lurches hard to the right for the general election campaign, it will not do to have large numbers of voters scratching their heads and wondering, 'Where did that "lefty" Clinton from the primary go off to?'


That does seem to be the plan. Make it so that a hard case conservative position from Hillary doesn't stand out in a jarring manner when opposing an even more hard case conservative position from the repub candidate.

Almost like Hillary needs to make as few appearances as possible where she might need to sound liberal in response to Sanders and O'Malley because then her less extreme conservatism will look better against the repubs. Looking too conservative now might lose her the nomination of the dems.

Wasserman is making sure that the dem vote goes for the most conservative dem candidate... Hillary.


Why would you think that giving more money to Bernie will help when he cannot get any air time from the major networks; or, any networks for that matter. Our election process is broken, our political system is corrupt and democracy in America is a sham of propaganda. What to do is the question, not to whom to give $$.


Did you check out the link toward the end of the article?

Later - OK- so where did the actual petition go?


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