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Responding to Call to Back Off Public Lands, Senators Unveil 'Historic' Climate Legislation



About time! If this bill were to pass it just might be the much needed kick start for sustainable-renewable energy in this Country- I, for one am sick and tired of being sick and tired of these huge energy corporations living off the tit of our Nations commons- The American people have never seen their permanent fund dividend for all of the spoiled acreage of the commons by Big coal, mining, Oil, gas- [ad-nauseum] Talk about A parasitical relationship-Big Industry+Big Government=0.000 for the commons....


It's a great step that they are now taking the even symbolic steps necessary. But we must identify the actual steps necessary. It's 70 degrees in November on the east coast. We need to maximize resources now, identify plans, and steps, and find regional centers from which sanity can emanate. We also need to break the hold of the I wom't even call it conservative, but un educated movements.

Look me up if you are serious.

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My state of Washington is conspicuious in that neither of its two "Democratic" senators have signed off on this while stooping to accept the TPP.


Well, the Senate progressives have been called out for not " rocking the boat " enough in the very recent past. It seems they're doing that here with an issue that is very visceral, personal and visual to the general public. ( Well, some of the progressives are, anyway. Where's Sen. Franken? Hmmm... ) Along with proposals for an increased gas tax of 15 cents a gallon, which is part of a transportation and infrastructure package; these are good fights to have going into 2016. All the Senators come from coastal states, too, but all states contain these public lands, et al. So, are these just Senators who are giving Sen. Sanders a boost by putting this proposal up for discussion on Friday night? Florida's Sen. Nelson should be in the mix on this, right? And, Sen. Baldwin and former Sen. Feingold from Wisconsin, too? I certainly get a lot of e-mails from their support orgs.


So, the Senate just set aside the Clean Water rules written by the EPA and Obama Adm.? Well, 2 steps forward, 2 steps back. So it goes.... Clean air, clean water, undisturbed publicly owned spaces, who needs them, right?


Imagine Bernie Sanders as our president and doing things like this? This kind of viewpoint is why I want Bernie for president. This is leadership in an age of climate change. This is NOT throwing snowballs on the floor of the Senate.

This is Bernie Sanders.

...And Elizabeth Warren too... :innocent: (please please please ... a Sanders and Warren team... please and double plus good please) !!!


Historic? Certainly, especially if you happen be a Native American. This sounds good naturally, which is the point I'm sure, but what chance does it really have considering the history government has about such things, not to mention their corporate bosses actually running the show? Call me cynical, or maybe realistic, and while I'll certainly express my support with my representatives,at least one of which is open about his relationship with Big Coal, experience on matters like this show public opinion doesn't matter at all, since this is one of those core issues the ownership gives lip service to now and then, but never caves on, even at times when the National Guard was used against strikers. Incidents unreported about to this day.
I was recently reading up about things like this, hence my attitude, and while I hope public lands will be left alone, I just don't believe this will happen, not so long as the current system remains in place and I see no one not a member of it running for office currently.


If I give you a link to an article about how the system works and which might change your mind about who you support, would you read it? Believe me. I'm NOT trying to knock you, your beliefs, nor do I mean you any harm whatsoever, it's just that I've read so many similar comments, I believe it's past time for people to become a bit more educated about how this system works for real and it's not how either party's rhetoric says it does. Anyway, I'll copy and paste it here for you and others to read or not and I do feel this brief explanation, used by Chris Hedges from the work of Prof. Sheldon Wolin should be as much a must read as "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn almost became when it first arrived, perhaps moreso. Thanks and please do not take offense as if I have singled you out. Your comment simply caught my eye by chance when I was reading something else and was on my way offline.


A question: Many sites can be found online covering a wide spectrum of political beliefs, theory, etc, and it appears to this observer that Common Dreams falls into one similar to Move on. One which is obviously a product of the DNC, so my question is: Do others feel this site supports the democratic party or simply reports the news? It does often have some very good stories and information and I subscribe to it because of that, but I'd rather it didn't support a political party, at least not one with a record as the democratic party has of supporting and helping those in that estimated .06% percent of the top 1% who own and operate the system giving us all so much trouble. Just wondering is all. An informal poll so to speak. Thanks a bunch for your help.


Obama has the power to do things about climate change because he has executive power. These senators can't do anything but write bills that have no chance of passing in the House of Representatives. All the senators are Democrats. There is no Republican sponsor or cosponsor. So what is the big deal. More legislation destined to go nowhere. What actually matters in the real world is putting Obama's Clean Power Plan into effect. It is being challenged in court by half of the states. It is far from a done deal. If there is something in this new bill that can be done by executive action then Obama should do it, and if he doesn't the next president should do it.


Hedges article about Wolin was outstanding. I find myself looking for excuses to refer people to it too.


I've been reading Common Dreams daily for years. The bias of Common Dreams in favor of Democrats over independents frustrates me intensely. There are a number of regular columnists I won't click on anymore because I'm sick of hearing the opinions of Obama apologists and Democrat cheerleaders. I feel Common Dreams deserves credit for not disappearing the Green Party entirely, as many other sites do, but it's sort of damning with faint praise. Trump gets more coverage than Jill Stein on all so-called independent media sites I know of, except maybe Black Agenda Report. I frequently get more from the comments than the articles.


I read it. Do you have a point that you can speak to in your own words? How did my comment catch your eye if you don't respond to it directly? I used to find Hedges interesting back in the days when he challenged the Bush/Cheney doctrine directly but he has become too enamored of crafting the Chris Hedges legend and playing to the crowd. Aside from accusations of plagiarism, Hedges is so full of himself that he actually dismisses anyone whom he thinks isn't revolutionary enough. In other words only a fantasy movement that will somehow both rise up in revolution or create a undefined third party is good enough for this Cathari of perfection. He isn't real anymore. He is all intellectualizing and labels, defining dialectics and quoting ad nauseum a theoretical philosophical revolution. His alternative media fame has consumed his focus and left him feeling like he is judge and jury and the official Critic of the Revolution!

I see the time and the troubles ahead and you can tell he is isn't real about it. It is fine to be an intellectual but he is destructive towards others who don't meet his standard of purity. In fact, he is one who rejects out of hand, any and all who work within the system. Meanwhile our planet doesn't have time to 'build a third party movement.

Anyone who helps instead of hurts >>> IS the revolution. We help in differing degrees each to their own means and methods. I am so sick of pompous talk of purity and principled votes and crap that leaves people in the lurch and throws us into the clutches of the oligarchy. The time is short but he is on stage and preaching a rarefied purity than is purely his own and increasingly useless.

I like the old Chris before he became the self centered uber significant philosopher critic of the revolution. He crafts his legend not the revolution.


That very article was here on Common Dreams just A day or two ago, and yes, it was grim but superb- And, you can actually use the word "Ass" in commenting, and not be censored, like one would be, on that self righteously sanctimonious site "truthdig"-

Sheldon Wolin and Inverted Totalitarianism
Chris Hedges


Bernie walking the walk.

Go Bernie!


I tend to agree about Chris's attitude and certainly didn't mean to offend you. What I meant and thought I said was about supporting Bernie Sanders for president. I agree with many about this, including Prof. Wolin's take on members of the system, Bernie being one. That being the case, my thinking is that, support of any members of either party is support of the status quo, or a ballot cast against your own interests, although I can understand why people support Bernie and have every right to do so. I only feel that it's time to change the whole system as we know it, not keep hoping against all history to the contrary that someone from the system is going to oppose it in any meaningful way.


No kidding. You can't write ass on Robert's baby? Learn something new everyday. Thanks stubones.


Many thanks minecritter. I was of that opinion, and you have expanded on it in the type detail I can wrap my head around. Take care.


I understand just what you mean. Have posted it several times to various places, including a page a try and maintain on facebook. It's brought about some fine discussions, not arguments. which is nice.