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Responding to Dems' 2018 Campaign Plan, Groups Release Pro-Choice Platform

Responding to Dems' 2018 Campaign Plan, Groups Release Pro-Choice Platform

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

More than a dozen national groups came together to propose a pro-choice progressive platform for the Democratic Party, in response to the party's willingness to provide campaign funding to congressional candidates who do not support abortion rights.

"Democrats will fail to retake power in 2018 if we allow ourselves to be forced into a false choice between a populist progressive agenda and reproductive justice."
—Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America

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The democratic party statement translates to; “The democratic party has no moral compass other than winning.”

Note that is has not done much winning or growing for quite some time.


They sure are Dums. Not only do they decide to do something egregious to a huge percentage (just a guess) of their base - they announnce it so we’ll have lots of time to be pissed off about it before the mid-terms. Bad strategy like this and making sure HRC got nominated, will doom the party for sure.

Yes, I know. They want to make sure that they don’t lose any possible white votes. No matter the cost to women and children, not to mention overpopulation. The DDD Dums are clearly willing to sell their souls in an insane effort to gain relevance. I imagine that all they’ll get for this ‘choice’ is disdain and even more people refusing to vote for them.


That was shown a long time ago- and like their Republcan counterparts, they’ll continue to double down and show their true colors- with far less to show for it.

Good luck with 2017 and 2018 or even 2020 with this crew still locked in.


damn dems never learn. third party movement needed now more than ever! I vet those I send money to. wrong answer no bucks.


The Democratic elites are even more out of touch than I realized. You can’t be “pro-life” and progressive/liberal. It should be obvious to them. I guess Dems just don’t want to win elections.


The only intersectionality here is The Uniparty’s shady/misleading dealings with the Corporate supported private healthcare system. And, of course, placing more of the costs of running " the business of America ", on their already stressed out employees. The wealthy and powerful 1% will then profit from these externalized actions, without making their costs increase ( in the short term ). These corporate boards and CEOs are little concerned about much else but those profits. And. using the levers of Congress to write policies ( taxes, worker rights, et al ) that advance that agenda. Making younger, less skilled and poorer women pay for all this, fits that type of business modeling. This debt trap/stealth class warfare is set up early, often times. Closing the doors to what is called upward mobility and a middle class existence, preemptively. This psuedo-libertarian view of the world is always very popular among the already haves, who desire to have more. At someone else’s cost, of course.:wink::wink::wink:

As policies like Medicare-For-All/Single Payer, paid maternity leave, basic family planning, living wages, universal child care, free university tuition and a secure retirement become ever more popular, this policy pushback by entrenched wealthy elites is inevitable. And. increasingly dangerous as it fractures along old lines and traditional coalitions.

The cost of this is to dramatically rearrange spending priorities and tax policy; including tax increases and budget cuts to some very bloated sacred cows. " Whose oxe gets gored? ", as they use to say.

The Democratic Party’s Better Deal authors are having a difficult time understanding it’s coming down to the point, where " pivot or perish " on many economic and social inequities is really their only option, imo. We shall see … Just sayin’.


Kind of obvious to me that the Republicans are enemies of the left, and they connect the Democrats to their opposition to the left since the Democrats have a few people on the left and are perceived to be the closest thing to a leftist (LOL!) party we have. Many in the Democratic Party oppose the left just as much, and the reason that the “moderates” don’t leave the Democratic Party for the other party, a party in desperate need of moderation, is that they oppose the left more than anything and feel that they are more effective in their opposition to the left by staying in the Democratic Party. This article below nails it, and the people in charge of the DCCC are exactly what I am talking about. If we were like most any other developed country, these people would be considered to be right wing, which they are. The Democratic Party is not a big tent party, it is a dying party because people like Luján and his big money donors, and they don’t really care since their biggest goal is to make the donors happy. They make their donors happy by undermining the left.

If you measure victory by election and legislative wins marked with the letter D, this is an understandable take. Still, as fun as it is to point out that the clowns in Congress are a bunch of clowns, this is not actually a plausible account of ordinary human goal-driven behavior. People do not ordinarily try to fail; even losers usually want to win. Democrats see the same polls that we do; they know perfectly well that single payer has plurality support among Americans, and majority support among Democrats. Surely they aren’t just reflexively running with the least popular option they can find, regardless of what it is, in order to lose - something else must be at work, right?

Here’s an alternative theory: Democrats want to win. But for many Democrats, winning means stopping leftist policy outcomes - and sometimes, the best way to do that is to lose elections and lose fights over legislation. If you are a centrist Democrat and your priority is stopping single payer, then of course you are going to offer alternatives to single payer, even if that means risking a Republican victory. You may even be willing to do things like risk the election of Donald Trump for the sake of denying a win to Bernie Sanders - even as critics warn you just how dangerous this is.

That’s why the same people who gave us Hillary Clinton are now actively lobbying for anything-but-single-payer. And as in 2016, this has to be understood as a decision to risk losing to Republicans for the sake of derailing the left. That’s the defining calculation that leftists miss when they regard centrists as benevolent but incompetent allies; it’s an easy calculation to miss, because only the most cynical centrists realize that they’re making it. But if you don’t see an effective preference for Republicans over leftists in the operation of centrist politics, there’s a lot about their behavior you won’t be able to explain.


Parties are the problem is another way to look at it.

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Yes. A convention where those afflicted with insatiable want attempt to repeal Earth’s laws of nature plus those of Cosmos.

The result will be twitterable.


Hello Jessica Corbett and Everyone, The start of the destruction of the Democratic Party, from my perspective, was the CONvention in which Gov. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania spoke about abortion! He claimed to be a PRO LIFE democratic party member. That was the camels nose under the tent moment for me. This led to the Wall Street Democrats an the Fiscal CONservatives becoming the majority of the party elites. Now filling out almost all of the rest will be the "PROLIFERS!!! The Democratic Party is now part of the Duopoly but it is the junior member. A long time ago before they separated they were the Democratic-Republican Party. The Duopoly must die or the country and quite possibly the world will suffer to the point of non-existence!!!

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What type of moral compass does it take for Republicans to actually acknowledge women as equals? When Trumpcare was being debated in the backrooms of congress, there was a discussion and only men showed up to vote against women’s health issues being eliminated from Trumpcare. Just a wee bit sexist??? My prediction is that America will elect its first female president soon and of course it is going to be the Democratic Party that will do that instead of Republicans.

I support Tulsi Gabbard for president in 2020.

Reaching the bottom of the page of Dem bashing and I am just not buying into it. Democrats were crazy enough to elect Barrack Obama twice, and he turned out to be a good president. I think it was a mistake to run Hillary Clinton against Trump as that could be quickly seen as Hillary the insider against Trump the outsider. On the other hand Republicans were crazy enough to elect Donald Trump. Project the problems he has had in the first 6 months out to the 2018 election and 2020 elections and I see the strong possibility of a backlash. A huge backlash ending with Trump being a one term president then voted out of office. In August 2017, Republicans need to do more that write off the Democrats while Trump day after day is proving to be the most horrific president in the White House ever.