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Responding to Protest Against Alt-Right, Trump Threatens to Defund UC Berkeley


Responding to Protest Against Alt-Right, Trump Threatens to Defund UC Berkeley

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump has threatened to pull federal funding from the University of California at Berkeley after students protests forced the school to cancel an appearance by Brietbart News senior editor and prominent figure within the white nationalist movement, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Just hours after the campus erupted in protest Wednesday evening, the commander-in-chief wrote:


First of all Trump is an idiot. The University did not deny Yiannopoulos the right to free speech. The cancelled the event out of security concerns. Big difference.

However, I take issue with CD characterization of Yiannopolous:

"Milo Yiannopoulos, Brietbart News senior editor and prominent figure within the white nationalist movement."

He is not a white nationalist. In fact real white nationalists hate him because he is part Jewish and a homosexual. I also head Democracy Now! call him a white supremacist. They are really diluting the term.


Regarding all the usual condemnations for the minor property damage among the calls for peaceful candle-holding and kumbaya singing, can the liberal pacifists explain how the powerful will ever stop their savagery against the people when there are no consequences for not stopping? More specifically, how do peaceful protests make the cost to them if they don't stop grater than the cost to them if they stop? These are not rhetorical questions. I really want an explanation that is in accord with the basics of human behavior described above.


Very 'Trumpery' reaction from our 'Threatener-in-Chief', indeed!


Trump's presidency must be destroyed before it destroys any remaining freedom and democracy we enjoy. He is a horror as are the majority of his cabinet picks. The republican corporatists and the corporate blue dog democrats must ALL be voted out in the mid terms as they are the most frightened, cowardly and corrupt people to ever serve this great country. If we want to preserve our freedom, if we want to keep our planetary ecosystem from collapsing, followed by the collapse of civilization we must rid ourselves of any power and influence exerted by both the liberal and conservative elites. The oligarchs must loose all of their power. Publicly fund all elections. Destroy ALEC whose members write and pass our laws, you know the ones that favor the rich at your expense, my expense and at the expense of all life on planet earth.


The LA Times has it wrong about Trump's intention behind this tweet. He is the "Resident", has the ability to control the federal budget and school funding, and has demonstrated over and over again through his tweets that his threats should be taken seriously no matter how flippant they appear. All of his actions to date demonstrate that he is seeking to tightly control and drastically change the education system and curtail freedom of speech and the press. If and when he has the chance, he will surely use the power of the purse to attempt to control what goes on and what is taught at public universities.


Interesting info you provided, and if true, what is he doing as senior editor of Brietbart "News"? And, as you say, the actions of the protestors prompted the cancellation, thus the school administration was not making a pre-emptive political statement/stand, so Trump, as usual, fires from the hip. He is not one to be outdone by his own ignorance though and could turn this into an opportunity much along the lines speculated by Ithurielspear.

edit: The talk was scheduled to be given at MLK student union, from a member of Brietbart, irrespective of Yiannopoulos' incongruous identity. How could this not be considered an incitement to conflict?


Excellent come-back! Thank you.


Y is a provocateur who profits from projectile vomiting his rancorous hate-speech. He cackles all the way to the bank. The gay community refuses to recognize him as "family" and protest vociferously anywhere he is scheduled to appear.

He and his mentor, Bannon are made for each other.


Berkeley cops said the "anarchists" were not students, but an outside group of agitators. There is speculation that they were right-wingers, seeking to discredit protesters. No one knows.

What we DO know is that last week, a Milo fan actually SHOT a person at a protest at one of his speeches. If a liberal shot a Milo fan, there's be hell to pay.

We also know that Milo is an Iron Cross wearing Nazi apologist. He was one of the authors of an article that Nazi-splained the "alt right" to people. Just high-spirited boys having fun, they are.

As for him being Jewish, I've heard speculation that he isn't, but does it matter? Remember Donnie Trump's only friend, Roy Cohn, was a massive anti-Semite. He was also Jewish. We shouldn't expect hatred to make sense.


Something that isn't getting much coverage is that Berkeley students showed up to clean up the mess:



I don't even know who this Milo character is, other than what I have read on the news. That said, it is ironic that the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement now is ok with the stifling of free speech. No excuse for the violent idiots throwing bombs and setting things on fire, did any of then even get arrested ?
. I hope the peaceful protestors throw the masked morons out next protest.


What if the university did not cancel the invitation and all the students showed up but turned their backs on the Alt-Right speakers? And in deadly silence?


This is a straw man argument.

Should a person, or group, be free to promote white supremacy, male superiority (sexism), homophobia [1] and racism in a speech that will incite violence against those who whose skin is not white, women, and gays?

Should a modern-day fascist be given the freedom to perform apartheid and genocide against millions of people because of their religion -- like Hitler did the Jews?


Your freedom ends when it takes away (through laws, coercion, and violence) the freedom and equality of others. The protesters at U.C. Berkeley last night were fighting against the forces who believe in the superiority and supremacy of the white, straight male who is best suited to rule over his household and all of mankind on a global basis. Here's the difference:

  1. The protesters were fighting for the freedom and equality for everyone with no regard to gender, skin color or sexual orientation.

  2. Your freedom of speech argument is to provide "freedom of speech" protections for a man to speak and incite a crowd of young adults about allowing freedom and equality to a limited, select group ... white, (straight) males only. All others are to be subject to domination, persecution, and all kinds of violent acts -- all of which will be protected by the laws of the State.

The freedom and equality of all trumps your freedom of speech for one ... every time.

We will not allow white supremacy, sexism, racism, and homophobia to be the norm. As a result, Milo's speech had to be shutdown. Mission accomplished.

The minor violence to property at U.C. Berkeley doesn't hold a candle to the violence against people incited by speeches by Milo and other White Supremacists.

We do not fight fascism because victory is assured. We fight fascism because we will never surrender to tyranny.

[1] Milo claims to be gay. As photos document at U.C. Berkeley last night, there isn't a gay on the planet that believes that line of excrement for a second.


The purpose of the Free Speech Movement 1964-65 was to urge the University (the entire Univ of Calif system) to incorporate Black Studies and other more inclusive programs/classes in the curricula. I was a participant while attending Univ of The Pacific at Stockton and saw how the violence at that time erupted: the brutal attacks by Univ. police, city police, state troopers, and National Guard with clubs and guns...beating peaceful protesters, throwing them down stairwells and otherwise wreaking havoc.
It was not about allowing hatemongers to spout their vicious invective while targeting/bullying others. Hate Speech IS NOT Free Speech.


BRAVO!!! Excellent, erudite response. Thank you.


In other higher education news, Trump puts Falwell in charge of education task force. He's not too keen on investigating sexual assault on campus.

It's not just Trump. It's all of them.


Straw man my butt. If I was trying to map out a way to hurt your own cause I couldn't do it any better that what was all over the news last night. What's his name is a jewish, gay provocature . Now he is all over the media. Good job . Peaceful protests are good and necessary. Violent protests are not. Excusing them by saying " Oh, I'm all for free speech...just not for THAT guy means the First Amendment is dead.


Maybe it's time to consider this 'freedom' idea. I propose 'freedom' cannot be separated from responsibility which you seem to suggest too. Nothing responsible in hate speech.


I applaud your comment! Mil gracias!