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'Responsible for National Collapse': RNC Greeted With Projections Condemning Republicans for Abandoning Millions of Jobless Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/responsible-national-collapse-rnc-greeted-projections-condemning-republicans


What we’ve done - you can’t do.

Timeframe - doesn’t matter - the mishandling of the pandemic - the lack of prep for same,

or you can go back further, to taking out JFK -

maybe further - to the invention of civilization.

Payback is a bitch.

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Imagine that you’re a professional event-planner, and the assignment has come to you: plan the Republican convention. I mean: If you wanted to stay in that profession and do a good enough job to avoid stinking up your portfolio (though it sucks to be you). If, on the other hand, you planned sabotage, that would be a piece of cake: the whole Orangeman-Only Production (OOP) is a fiasco waiting to happen, and I sorta can’t wait to watch it crumple like a spectacular race-car crash.

There’s hardly anyone left anymore aside from Pete Navarro and Mike Pence. Longstanding White House loyalists are announcing, all the sudden, that they’d like to spend more time remembering what being a human being feels like. To compound the terrible ratings (which you know really nettles the creep in charge), we have a special double-hurricane tango simultaneously scheduled in the Gulf. Could be a classic television fiasco, for the record books. The greatest flop in all of human history, ever.


To them, jobless workers are better off dead. They are very concerned - so much they are outsourcing and offshoring the entire economy to India if they can. Both parties are collaborating to hide this.

Then the system they are replacing democracy with is 100% privatized, meaning peple wont even be able to drive to the store without using micropayments for the toll roads. People with money wont be able to buy water, passage on toll roads, electricity, gas, housing, of course, so they will lose the right to vote because they will be homeless and displaced to the four winds. And of course if they demonstrate, its all over.

They will have to be imprisoned and enslaved until they pay off their debt.

Read the 13th Amendment. Slavery was never abolished! The corporate takeover of government is proceeding. We no longer have the right to vote for anything positive, those we elect can only take from us, not give. You think I’m kidding? Lets see who is right. For thso reason both national conventions, both parties, and all Presidential candidates now are complete phonies unless all they promise are bad things. They cant do anything good. Its like a noose around our necks, the more we struggle the tighter it gets. If we want to live, we must stay perfectly still except for leaving these agreements. Thats what my hypothetical good Presidential candidate should have told us not all this bullshit that we could wave a wand and have the WTO rules we wrote ourselves go away. Every privatization is in all practical terms irreversible because buying back our rights is so costly.

So very costly. Biden should not touch anything because all he can do is break them. Thats the GATS rules. We must get out because it offshores and outsources potentially millions of jobs, a very large percentage of our jobs could end up being done by very low paid guest workers from Africa or South Asias that specialize in entire industries. Jobs that involve any tax money at all are endangered by these procurement deals. Dont be fooled by promises of jobs. They will go to the lowest bidder which wont be US firms unless they massively expand prison labor. I know that the widespread liberalization is supposed to globalize healthcare but thanks to prison changes (privatization) if people are put in jail it still will will leave many people unable to get healthcare. Prison is not the solution because under services liberalization they may offshore prisoners to other countries whose prisons are truly infamous. People have no idea how very bad they are.

See: ~https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/lee_testimony_06_21_02.pdf

Privatization and offshoring is not a solution for anything, if it creates a nation of imprisoned slaves!


Not many people understand what the full effect of this foreclosure/eviction situation is. Look at it this way.
Our neighborhood has approx 100 homes in it. At the end of this, statistically 10 of those homes will be foreclosed upon, have their occupants evicted, of both.
It reminds me of the old saying about what’s the difference between a recession and a depression. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours.
The problem is that I’m not sure many Americans are capable anymore of empathizing with the people who will suffer.


Look at some of the links here if you want to see how a nation that wants its slave-prisoners to die sooner, treats them.


Perhaps we can spice up the convention by attempting to defy Poe’s law of the Internet (It is impossible to create a parody so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the views being parodied). Paul Street had a whack at it with the following spoof, of which he observes “Numerous folks believed that Trump wrote what I made up.”

Trump is tweeting that Joe Biden ‘faked the death of Beau Biden for sympathy’ and that Beau is ‘alive and working with the Chinese to spread a new coronavirus through the radical Left Marxist organization Black Lives Antifa.’ Trump says ‘the Bull Durham Report will show the not-dead Chinese agent Beau Obiden to have been behind the Beirut explosion and the anarchist craziness in the Russian state of Belarus.’ Trump suggested also that Jill Biden was involved in 9/11, ‘had an affair with John Lewis,’ and has been ‘paying bounties to Mexican murderers for every border agent they kill.’



Eventually, there will be so many homeless people they will start imprisoning them in large concentration camps. Since everything will be cashless and privatized, those with a nagative balance (a large percentage of the population today even) wont be able to travel on roads or use a prepay water fountain.

Its like some towns build their roads without sidewalks and with restrictive parking regulations to prevent poor people from going there. Cities will likely exclude the poor by law.

Its going to be like that except a hundred times worse. They have got this all planned out, they want to eliminate cash globally. The “Better than Cash Alliance” a consortium of US groups, did a pilot with the Indian government a few years ago where they made most money invalid unless it was exchanged in a short period of time.

Millions of hardworking people without bank accounts lost all their money.

People have good reasons to not trust banks and corporations. But the governments are abdicating their responsibilities, we are forcing the world to be trasformed into a totally nondemocratic corporate property (as far as everything involving economic governance) with treaties.

Politics only handles the political, corporations get to control everything else.

This “services liberalization” scheme is global deal to transfer rescources to the oligarchs in the poorest nations (the ones who broker these jobs) is really going to hit Americans hard (thats the global consensus) because we have so few legal protections, and our educational level has been kept low by our neoliberal ideology for some time so people have also not had enough children This shift of jobs to the 3rd world nations is supposed to in some ways act as reparations to some countries for colonialism . Also public services are all supposed to be totally noncommercial and have no competition so nothing we think is a public service can no longer be sustainable it can only be changed to phase it out.

They all must be continually reduced in scope or eliminated. In some areas like financial services the rules are even more stringent.

Because they all involve money and have competitors, they all have to be privatized. Even Medicare if it is available in any way that competes with commercial offerings, say by having Medicare be available to non-retirees, at a lower age than Social Security, automatically kills it.

Its my understanding thats the case from several thorough legal analyses done by international law experts. Because the treaty rules make it clear that Medicare can only exist as part of a “statutory system of social security”

22 years ago they made postal banking, “M4A” and many other similar changes illegal in this treaty, yes, illegal, but do you think our government they told anybody here? No they didnt.

The same rules bar any government services expansion, and require all the partially government services (Have Medicare and Social Security already successfully been put into this category?) We dont know but probably not until somebody (India probably, who wants the jobs without these barriers in the way) would likely be the country that would.

If so they must be phased out and replaced by commercial, profitable businesses, likely globalized services.

Of course, its impossible for them to be what they were like before, in particular they will no longer offer the poor any better deal than the rich, basically making it necesary for Americans to ask for and get much higher wages at the low end of the scale or be doomed to a slow excrutiating deprivation of resources as they no longer can work. Most jobs will also be outsourced, offshored or automated so people will be out of luck, nobody will offer them credit and so they may not have anywhewre to go or do, nobody involved with governments allowed to give them anything that anyody sells commercially, so as not to devalue their investments.

All these once decent, needed services are basically doomed now.


And here we have yet another example why the United States is certainly not, despite the claims of both the Republicans and the Democrats, the greatest country in the world. Barack Obama once declared in a speech that he gave when he was president that he believed in American Exceptionalism. That does appear to be true as America is unique as being one of the very few, if not the only, industrialized country on the planet which refuses to provide a comprehensive social safety net [no universal health care, paltry elder care and unemployment benefits, no free college tuition, lousy pension plan for its workers, etc.] for its citizens, while having more guns than any other country in the world, and doing its best to wreak havoc upon the environment. And the U.S. is also exceptional in making sure that independent and third party candidates will never be able to challenge the two major corporate political parties which rule this less than egalitarian country.


Thats a classic example of American Deceptionalism. We refused to let the entire world create new services of that kind, post 1995-1998 by creating the WTO.

So it would not do for the US to break its own rules. Many, arguably almost all the things you mentioned (especially those involving financial services an health and environmental services) are regulated by the WTO, not us, in countries like us that have made commitments in those areas. And have been for a very long time. Those areas are part of a “debt” to other countries we are supposed to pay in jobs.

So Presidents can only break down services and privatize them, so they can be outsourced to the lowest bidding, likely overseas firms and their workers.

The quotas that limit this will probably be eliminated early next year, or maybe even sooner. they keep wages here in the US at levels in some cases higher than 10-20 times more than our competitors.

Certain services that exist as part of a statutory system of social security, (for the retired only) are allowed to continue, as long as they have no competition and are completely noncommercial. This has been written about extensively and its even in European public health studies text books.

US is like a world of dishonesty unto itself.

US candidates keep lying about this, and this needs to be exposed.


Membership Fee for the Bedminster Golf Club in NJ costs $200K.

These are the people currently controlling the purse strings in Washington.

They will Profit from Evictions and Foreclosures. Home Owners who have been paying their mortgage on time for many years are now in trouble because they cannot find a job and the government that forced the closure of thousands of small businesses is unwilling to extend unemployment insurance until the Pandemic crisis passes.

What a bargain for these Vulture Banks.

The Democrats are no better. They did not talk about the millions of people out of work and waiting on long lines at Food Banks.

They care only about winning over a few Republicans to carry them to Victory. Hillary tried that approach and she Lost, because she had no plan to help the Millions of people struggling to survive.

Time to start dusting off the Pitchforks since both parties do not represent We The People, they Represent their Corporate Donors. Getting Empathy from these Politicians is like trying to befriend a Crocodile.


One boy did that successfully, in Thailand. (befriended a crocoile) And it became a beloved family pet. Just saying, its not impossible.

maybe its time we united to restore our democratic nation to a state of unity by tossing the two crooked parties out of the temple.


I would also add that a major reason why many of those countries can afford to provide those social services to their citizens is because they, unlike the militant United States, do not have to contend with a massive military budget. They understand that giving its citizens a broad social safety net is far more important than giving money to a military-industrial complex. Martin Luther King Jr. stated how a country is morally bankrupt when it spends so much money on its weapons of war instead of helping its people via social programs in his powerful 1967 Beyond Vietnam speech, something which the Democrats failed to do during their 2020 national convention.


Did anybody expect better from a celebrity whose most famous pre-POTUS quote will forever be “YOU"RE FIRED” ?


I remember the housing bust of the 80’s. Interest rates were around 20%, so people got loans where they didn’t even cover the interest due in a month’s payment. Every month, they owed more. There were entire neighborhoods with only 1 occupied house, due to the foreclosures.


“NATIONAL COLLAPSE” would very much suit the GOP and Koch Bros.
since they’ve long been working for a “third world nation” status for US citizens -
while the MIC/Intelligence Complex spying on us and costing us more than 70 cents
of every dollar we send to Washington would give them the ability to continue Empire building.

Right wing has been able to rise here because of secrecy and violence, stolen elections –
that’s the only way the right wing has ever been able to rise – and still true today.

We must stand with the jobless and demand a renewal of FULL UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS
and GUARANTEED WELFARE BENEFITS – in order to end homelessness in America.

GOP FASCISM must be brought to a halt here –

DP must end its collusion with the GOP –
We need to oust all of the corporate-fascists in the party working for benefit of Elites-corporations.


Through it all the GOP gangsters have sworn to stay united as they continue to sink into the sewer pit together.


Do you consider that kind of life worth living? I hope enough people see the future as you have and realize that’s the trajectory our corporate leaders have been taking us ends in the abyss . American workers have been de-valuated for decades in exchange for Southeast Asian, Chinese and now India workers. All money concentrated in the few corporate hands leaves the government and the people weak and subservient to the tiny elite. Time to fight back and fight to the end is now folks.


Right, so we/they need to unite and fight to the end or take it and watch things get worse next round. Never better either slowly worse or dramatically worse.

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We are doing that to protect our corporations, so they can locate, mean invest in other countries, secure in the knowledge that if their people rise up, we will protect our investments.

We’re not protecting freedom, it seems to me, we’re protecting the oligarchies that suppress it. Similarly, the jobs we’re so eagar to trade away, will go to emply the children of said oligarchs who are being hired preferentially by body shop firms. They may have a presence here and employ some Americans but they hate having to do it. They are challenging all the laws we restrict their freedoms with, like minimum wage laws, and quotas specifying a number of visas which they claim is a GATS illegal market access restriction and violates its Article XVI. They claim that our having restrictions on the number of foreign workers here under guest worker visas, and also that our requiring (as of 2017) that they be paid a “legal US wage” is forbidden. This dispute could be decided soon. As soon as next year. Americans may have been living on borrowed time as far as jobs and wages go. Similar market access restrictions and quotas are likely going to be at issue in the energy area resulting in the loss of millions of housing units, cost increases may send poor Americans flooding southward as the cost of heating drives a boom in the manufacturing of market rate housing in cities on the land now occupied by postwar multiunit buildings. The WTO requires, according to PIIE that we exprt resources, like natural gas to whomever pays the most, even if our cities must be rebullt (eliminating the housing units their current residents have a tenuous and fragile right to a controlled yearly increase in rent) If those apartments are replaced by others, no protection or right continues to exist.

With the price of energy doubling or tripling as it is expected to, the only option people will have is to find a new apartment. However s anybody who has tried within the last 20 years, knows its very very expensive to rent an apartment in any of our major cities now,the only reason many people have managed to stay there is these rent stabilization laws.

Of course, Biden is 100% pro trade deals, so likely against the market access restrictions in the WTO, of all kinds, he wants to expand the GATS with TISA which is even more aggressive. he even wants to expand Medicare which privatizes it.

Similarly, Social Security - in addition to being too good of a deal, also blocks outsourcing jobs, putting a burden of care on the government to make up the loss of the millions of jobs somehow.They would rather just get rid of it. The business community really wants the access to cheap workers to be unlimited by quotas. As many as 41% of our jobs could be globalized, but that study actually left out public services and quasi public services so its likely a higher number of jobs that will be lost.

Housing is also impacted heavily by both quotas and energy prices, resulting in older buildings being declared blight and redeveloped even if they are in a perfect state of repair and owners do not want to sell. Thanks to Kelo vs City of New London.

Sure, tearing down the affordable old buildings, which often have central heating for all their units, and building new modern ones available for sale as condos for prices that compare with the other units for sale in their areas, may go a long way to make urban housing for those remaining more energy efficient, but GATS prohibits building any new public housing just like it prohibits new public services of other kinds, like health insurance, (how could they ever have gotten that so wrong?) only old pre-WTO services that are grandfathered in are allowed in countries like us that committed these services, and then only if they are not changed at all.

Our party may lose millions of its members (but where will they go?) but they will at least get to know that their loss is the gain of the US energy and real estate industries. And that their jobs will go to help keep foreign countries on our side, so to speak, free of any collectivist impulses.

Can you follow what I am saying?

This is the real situation. This shift could totally change New York, which is now mostly renters, to a totally different place. Shorn of its ethnic and economic diversity. into a sort of carnival playground for the rich, with “trustafarians” and wealthy globe trotters who manintain multiple apartments all around the world replacing working folks in large numbers. (this is the way its becoming in at least one very expensive West Coast city already)

Maybe some of the facades of the old buildings will be incorprated into the new high cost co-ops to keep some local flavor… But the zillions of affordable ethnic restaurants will be gone. And of course there wont be very many black and latino faces, uless they sleep in shifts in cramed apartments, that rent “hot beds” by the shift.

they even have an excuse, they will of course blame it all on coronavirus.

If it didnt exist, they would have figured something else to blame it on. The timing is quite unfortunate.