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Rest in Peace, Dan Berrigan—Just as You Lived


Rest in Peace, Dan Berrigan—Just as You Lived

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

A prophet of peace has passed. Daniel Berrigan, a Catholic Jesuit priest, a protester, a poet, a dedicated uncle and brother, died last weekend at the age of 94. His near-century on Earth was marked by compassion and love for humanity, and an unflinching commitment to justice and peace. He spent years in prison for his courageous, peaceful actions against war, living and practicing the gospel that he preached. He launched movements, inspired millions, wrote beautifully and, with a wry smile, shared his love of life with family, friends and those with whom he prayed and fought for peace.


He epitomized what a priest, chaplin, reverend or follower of Christ should act like.


Thank you, Amy, for your beautiful tribute to this inspired man.

I wish I had known him!


Very nice eulogy on Father Daniel Berrigan, Amy and Denis!

Daniel Berrigan, Presente!


I can't even find the words. So much respect! Not only for this man, but for the journalists reporting this news. I have nothing but respect for all three!


Daniel Kerrigan represented what everybody should be! He was a truly good, decent human being.

RIP, Daniel.


One cannot be a peace activist and defend abortion.
--Daniel Berrigan