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Restoring the Soul of America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/23/restoring-soul-america

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As you note, Robert, it’s hard to figure the Democratic and Republican hysteria over the word, “socialism.”

Any high school civics student can come up with a list of 50 collective, cooperative, “socialist” successes in this country.

Also have fond recollections of George McGovern, as I cast my first vote for president for him, in 1972, in Chicago. On the Friday before the election, the Democrats held a unity parade downtown, and McGovern walked alongside Mayor Daley and other Illinois politicians. While I was excited, the machine obviously wasn’t enthusiastic for McGovern, and he lost Illinois, along with many other states.

Your last paragraph includes, “Change is coming, one way or another.” That’s what Bernie believes too, and that works for me.


America would have to hold TRUTH hearings which would like take at least
a full year – and begin at the end of WWII –

They’d have to tell the truth about who actually won WWII for us – Russia –

About Elites here and internationally recruiting and funding Hitler/Nazis – and Bush,
Dulles, Harriman involved in running front companies to fund them. The involvement
of the Vatican in all of this – the bringing in of 200,000 ex-Nazis here to found the CIA,
to be funneled into the FBI and other government agencies for the rise of the 4th Reich.

About programs which boosted our former enemies – Germany and Japan –
And did harm to our allies, Italy and France – and which allowed ONLY for the right wing
to rise in these nations and hold control. Same thing that happened in America … and
not by coincidence.

The end of WWII NOT BEING A HITLER SUICIDE … but our Pentagon allowing his
escape with most of his cadre – a mini army to protect him to the end – and to prepare
for the Fourth Reich. Much wealth was used to protect him, to fund new identities for
ex-Nazis. To continue work on atomic weapons. However, it seems clear that at least
TWO Atomic bombs created by Germany/Hitler were turned over to US – one likely
dropped on Japan. NASA was headed up by Wernher von Braun – which is why some
of us refer to the Moon Landing as Nazi propaganda.

No one held more hatred for Russia than the Nazis – their first work was to
spread hatred/fear for Russia within our government – i.e., McCarthy Era/Cold War.

(Germany was also very involved with attempts to build flying saucers –
They too seem to have experiences similar to Roswell here –
all of which was of high interest to the US/CIA.)

The reality of the McCarthy Era is that it provided the propaganda for fascists to embed
themselves in our government – to purge the former FDR administration of all liberals and
most moderates. To purge liberals from Hollywood because the stories they were telling
were inconvenient for Elites. Notice today that they’re using Hollywood to feed porn into
most movies – more violence, more torture – more sickening stories. That’s what works
for them – perversion, violence – as you can see openly now with the Republicans. And
their plans are to move even further into more aggressive candidates who will not be too
“squishy” to fulfill the wish lists of their Elites sponsors. These will be the kind of guys who
will be willing to do what we’ve already seen Koch Bros./Tea baggers do – go ARMED into
Town Meetings and take them over. Oh, you don’t think that ARMED citizens are a threat
to other citizens – even when this threat is used to prevent the actual town residents from
being heard at these Town meetings? Trump is setting the stage – for volatile behavior –
aggression – to become a norm here. Paving the way for SS and more Gestapo like policing.

They got a little set back at the Vietnam War – not as much as they should have …

There’s a long and treasonous story to be told of America of 1943 and on-ward and that
treason is what has brought us to where we are going now … “America, third world nation.”


In July, 1970, I received the “Greetings” letter, which ordered me to report at New Haven on the 25th for induction into the army. I knew enough- we all knew enough by then about the U.S. atrocities in Vietnam. The choice was before me: would I serve the military, and kill and maim my brothers and sisters, or would I follow my conscience? I chose my conscience over submission to the war machine, and have never for a moment regretted it. On the 25th, I boarded a plane with a guitar and a backpack and went to Tel Aviv, for a close school friend who was Jewish had previously gone to Israel for the same reason as my own- to evade the draft and say no to war not just with easy words but with principled action. Usually a hippie type, I had put on a suit and gotten my hair cut short and wore dark aviator-style glasses, for my fear was that I would be removed from the plane at Kennedy before it got off the ground. But I made it- I had never before left the U.S. and was frightened of the step I was taking, but had no other moral choice, in order to live with myself.
My friend was by then living in Jerusalem studying, but I thought he was still at Ein Gev, on the Sea of Galilee, and took a bus from Tel Aviv, arriving at the kibbutz that night rather late. The gate let me in, but having no place to sleep, I went down near the shore and rolled out my sleeping bag on the lawn. About an hour later, I was awakened by a sentry wth an automatic weapon; he told me, nicely enough, that I would not be allowed to sleep there. I was given a place in one of the volunteer cabins eveentually, but don’t remember how the rest of that first night went, except for the breeze and the leaves on- perhaps olive trees, near the communal dining hall. The next day I took a bus to Jerusalem, and located my friend. He took me to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, and we went to Mea Shearim for some shopping. Two or three days later, with his studies done, we went back to Ein Gev, and I was put to work and given a cabin in the row where volunteers were housed. Interestingly enough, my roommate was a young man named Novak: Robert Novak’s son.
For a few weeks I worked on “the fishing”, and went out every pre-dawn to purse-seine for sardines, Saint Peter’s fish, and catfish- the catfish, being without scales, I was told, would be sold to the Arabs.
The captain had an electronic fish finder, and when he would see a school of sardines I would drop the grapple anchor from the open boat, towed behind the approximately 40-foot steel seiner. One end of the net was fast to the open boat, and the main boat would go in a circle of about a hundred feet in diameter or so, as the net came off its stern. The main boat came back around and the seine was closed and the whole net hauled up with a power winch, usually with about a few hundred pounds of fish in it. The fish were dumped into the smaller boat, which held some ice and tarps, and although the fish died immediately, the ice kep them from spoiling for the few hours before we would have to go back in, for every day about one in the afternoon a strong wind came down from the moountains at the northern end of the lake, making the water too rough; usually by that time my boat was half full of fish, their ten thousand dead eyes watching me vacantly before the tarps covered them.
But each time the loop was completed, I had perhaps a minute to dive into the water and cool off; then it would be another round. Those young Israelis worked hard and were, we would say here, tough hombres; they couldn’t see the point of swimmming when so much work had to be done, but tolerated my crazy American wish to actually swim in the Sea of Galilee.
Ein Gev was close to Golan Heights and just below Sussita, the mountain where a ruined city of Hippos is now, and for some years been excavated by archaeologists. Three years after the Six-Day War, and the area some kilometers to the east was a no-man’s land, for before that war, the Syrians on the heights would try to shell the kibbutzim or perhaps Tiberias, and the war had forced them back far enough to make artillery ineffective; even so, Ein Gev needed watch towers to prevent infiltrators coming down into the valley. I don’t know how things are now. This was all so new to me, as a kid who really just wanted to be back home on my “motorsickle” looking for a girlfriend. So all in all it was quite an education for me, a natural pacifist, to receive.
By late August, the dates were ready, and so the kibbutz put me with a crew harvesting the date groves. After that was over, mising America too much, I made my way from Haifa to Athens on a ship and then travelled by train through Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria and into Germany. Austria reminded me a lot of the mountains of Vermont and northern New Hampshire as the train took me for about three days it took to reach Munich. From there I got to Stuttgart, then to Luxembourg, where Icelandic Airlines had a $180 flight to New York. I arrived in New York with seven dollars left and then got a bus back to my home town of Groton, Ct.
Soon enough, the draft board sent me another letter. I wrote on it: “United States postal regulations forbid the sending of obscene or threatening letters”, and mailed it back to the Selective Service, and then moved to Canada for several years.
All this just to avoid killing a few Vietnamese peasants! Some might think I had made a bad bargain. But it was a moral issue for me, deeply held, for I had heard the “Thou shalt not kill” enough times to decide okay, I won’t. It was as simple as that to me. Now I see things differently, and am more understanding of those who feel there must always be war and those who feel we are obligated to serve the State, or the money god, rather than our conscience. Slowly I became aware that the way many people handled the question was more in a way of expediency and calculaion rather than a strict either-or morality that I believed in, and till believe in. The concept of acceptable losses, or of “killing isn’t so bad if you try to not do it any more than you have to” comprise and exemplify what I believe, now, illustrate the slow rot of the idealistic 'Sixties into the era of the drone wars and the clear use of military right for profit, for I had not yet read anything by Smedley Butler yet, and simply had never thought of it.
The attitude of expediency - that is, we can be morally evil if we at least make a show of attempting to minimize it- is a terribly corrupting one. Look at us now! If the United States of America is to return to its “moral roots” (those roots are not so moral but that’s something I leave to the historians, then perhaps what it will take is one individual after another after another to stand on moral principle and not allow himself to be budged from that stance. But a combination of instilled fear and the temptations of wealth and status make it ever more difficult for individuals to be as black and white in their moral decisions as I was allowed to be in 1970. My resistance to the forces of evil was a relatively easy one. But I still believe that right is right and wrong is wrong in some matters, and that you cannot make a ratio out of them so that anything over fifty percent is one and anything less than fifty percent the other.


Thank you – and you have certainly lived thru real threat from the US government —
which required great courage from very young men. Just how important the issue of
resistance is to the US we can see by the real terror inflicted on many soldiers who
immediately understood that their conscience would not permit their serving. The
pressures aren’t in any way minor because they can’t allow it to happen.

Many Americans just tuned out on Vietnam because if it was too difficult for even our
elected officials to explain – many of them actually visiting Vietnam to try to investigate –
then what might the chances of the average American to understand it. When you hear
that junk let’s hope that we all know now that it was right wing propaganda to confuse
Americans and prevent them from understanding the reality of VN as a “nice piece of
real estate” and profits for Empire and Elite wealth. Location, location. It was all BS
and finally the public began to understand it as a “cesspool” no one could understand,
but it took longer to understand that we were all being lied to and controlled for American
Empire. Finally, the dead bodies on TV – and the bodies of young Vietnamese children
NAPALMED by Monsanto Agent Orange being to bring the confusion and dissatisfaction
into a a rising roar.

We very much need those who resisted then to help lead us now –
Those who can tell us something about finding the courage to resist non-violently.

The only valid military is that with a conscience – the conscience of the warriors involved
which permits them to walk off the battlefield and resist if they find it the right thing to do.

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The “soul” of America has always been malignant and diseased. But now, it is openly fascist and hostile to the survival of all life on the planet. This was a paradigm shift that began with the treasonous Reagan (or as early as JFK) and has continued through the garbage corporate presidents we’ve had since including the demented stack of sh!t president elect Biden and his equally foul, filthy and immensely unpopular on both sides of the political aisle, vp.

The reality is simple - either the people are going to wake up and break their chains of corporate servitude, or life will become completely extinct within the next 100 years. Ask yourselves people, is shutting this greed driven race to anihilation down more f*cking down less important than the complete extiction of life on the planet? Pain now, or a lifeless, barren hellscape later?

Please, if you are good at organizing, help to create a movement, rise up and do something to prevent this. Anything else is temporizing and a race to the edge and beyond of doom.


The reason they are so hysterical over the words communism and socialism is both forms of government are a threat to the wealth of the economic, elite!


The mainstream Democrats were not antiwar —

True, and they have never been antiwar. When was the last time you heard a Democrat say: " WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS $740, MILITARY BUDGET WHEN SO MANY AMERICANS ARE SUFFERING SO MUCH"!


Thanks Greenwich. I appreciate the reply. Wow that was a long time ago, but it seems closer than yesterday sometimes.

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My Brother did the same thing when he got his draft notice and even after all this time, says it was the best move he ever made when he went to Canada.

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Greenwich, you described the Fourth Reich very well. Enjoyed your excellent post, unfortunately most Americans are soooo brain washed they would never agree with us!


You know that you are expressing the sentiments of at least the five Democratic Congresswomen who are Congreswoman Barbara Lee and The Squad.

My comment to this post on LinkedIn ~https://www.linkedin.com/posts/hiram-figueroa-97837bb6_honorthefallen-activity-6748215222617698304-vO-a :

Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom & New Dawn? What a series of utterly sick jokes! Freedom for military and corporate USA to rape the planet - including the populations of those countries that are the targets of rampant USAmerican greed, corruption and, not least, totally unwarranted exceptionalism!

And the vast majority of comments posted to this on LinkedIn - I won’t say all of them because I haven’t read all of them - leave me feeling sick to my stomach.

Your recollections are educational in strength and courage and moral development at a fairly early age. Thank you for sharing, @john_sosman .

About the same age, I graduated Catholic high school in northwest Iowa in 1970. Classmates enlisted, and I also considered, even though I knew that US involvement in Vietnam was wrong. My parents, particularly Dad, a WW 2 veteran, encouraged me to go on to college. My draft lottery number was 330, so I was free to do as I wanted, and I started college that fall.

Too many horror stories have emerged from US involvement in Vietnam, 1964- 75. This is the time of remembering Nixon’s Christmas Bombing, nine days at the end of December, 1972. Horrific bombing of a third world nation that rivaled that of World War Two.

Your strength, courage, and moral development are admired.

It’s long past such time for my beloved Democratic party to rediscover its soul, but you ignore the elephant in the room. You gave it a single sentence in your piece as if it was secondary to the point you’re making, when it is the single solitary reason you have to make the point in the first place.

“It means challenging the “interests” that dominate current national policy.”

That’s ALL it means. You write as if there was something else that needed to be done. With Citizens United there is no hope. And, sadly, there’s little chance of campaign finance reform when 100 percent of the Rs and 95 percent of the Ds are hooked on that cash.


These God fearing people are a real conundrum, until you learn to live in community you can’t experience communion and know the divine.

We are a community of beings seeking being in community.
Rejecting systems that only allows for the advancement of one being at the expense of another you say violates the natural order .Yet in highly evolved cultures the natural order IS equitable sharing.

Since the Guiding Principle of Highly Evolved Cultures is We Are All One , the “One” is not "fit until the “All” is “fit”.
So "survival of the fittest " is ,therefore, impossible…since the "fittest " is not “fit” until it is.

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George McGovern was the most inspiring presidential candidate in my lifetime…the Bernie Sanders of his era. I was a poll watcher on election day 1972 in Philadelphia and witnessed blatant election fraud: you can read my account at The Daily Kos - apparently I can’t include a link here, so search on “Vote fraud the old-fashioned way: Philadelphia 1972.”


Hi Shanti –

Thanks for reading my post –
I usually add that the 200,000 figure is by Kay Griggs which she got from here husband
who served high up in Military Intelligence in US – often when he was drunk and despondent.
Wiki actually has a figure of 64,000 which includes families.

Currently, the History Channel often reruns a series called “Hunting Hitler” – actually I found
it late and have missed much of it myself – but it goes forward with the likelihood that Hitler
was not a suicide, follows their efforts afterward and the immense wealth that went with
them which allowed them to pursue a Fourth Reich.

Imo, many Americans don’t want to “rock the boat” – and they realize that if they open up to
information and maybe learn that something is wrong that they may feel a responsibility to do
something about it. But there are, I think, many Americans who are aware and really just don’t
see a way to correct things while the right wing continues to hold the power – and of course
while Elites continue to hold such vast power over us.

If we follow NATURE – and do what is required of us re Global Warming – we can pretty much put Elites out of business. It is one very ready road to Revolution.

Elsewhere I’ve been trading posts with others who have been questioning computer voting –
but they only got there in 2000, or 2016 – or the Ohio election which caused such noise –
and then 2020. But the computer steals started 30 plus years before 2000 – and they have a problem thinking about that – i.e., that America has been voting on hackable voting computer
for 50 years now. They know the names of some of the current computer company owners
and have passed on some info re deals which I was unaware of –

On February 8, 2018, Georgia Secretary of State awarded ES&S with $450,000 sole source contract—giving a private corporation direct access to and/or responsibility over voter registration, ballot access, and ballot counting until Dec 31st, 2019. (PAGE 8)

same here …

Have pointed this out previously in other threads that the states Trump won have to be investigated. In those states they were using E&ES voting machines. That manufacturer was successfully sued in 2018 because the machines were recording votes incorrectly in favor of Republicans in Pennsylvania. This resulted in them getting rid of those machines in favor of the machines by Dominion. The States Trump won didn’t get rid of their E&ES machines. What If the E&ES machines in those other states had the same problem in the election of Nov 2020 ? This could explain why the polls were off in the predictions of the Democrats winning more Seats in Congress and the Senate.

Lawsuits Over Voting Machines In Pennsylvania (~https://www.npr.org/2020/01/19/797721971/lawsuits-over-voting-machines-in-pennsylvania)

After an Election Day meltdown last year, two lawsuits in Pennsylvania could result in the state decertifying a …]

This all refers, of course, to the current situation where more likely it was Trump/GOP which
“rigged” the 2020 election for himself and GOP –

There are people then who are frightened to bring up the question of hack-able computers
because they fear that it helps Trump now in making his charges now –

Is Diebold still in business, or has it morphed into another entity? SOS.

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Good question –

Looks like DIEBOLD is out due to what looks like states rejecting their computers and
what looks like California investigations.
Clarity isn’t easy from the search pages any more – and for a long time now.
Would take more time to find the overall answer to this –
Let us know if you find anything –

Premier Election Solutions - Wikipedia
Reports have indicated that then Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox did not know the patch was installed until after the election. States rejecting Diebold . In 2004, after an initial investigation into the company’s practices, Secretary of State of California Kevin Shelley issued a ban on one model of Diebold voting machines in that state.

  • Formerly: Diebold Election Systems, Inc
  • Founded: January 22, 2002;

*Fate: Acquired by [Dominion Voting Systems]

  • Industry: [Electronic Voting]
    Diebold Election Systems, Inc.’ Is No More! (At Least in …]
    Diebold 's voting systems have been found in study after study to have severe problems. But the final blow may well prove to have been the recent findings by California Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s independent “Top-to-Bottom Review” of all voting systems certified in the state.

and –

Diebold Election Systems, Inc.’ Is No More! (At Least in …
Diebold 's voting systems have been found in study after study to have severe problems. But the final blow may well prove to have been the recent findings by California Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s independent “Top-to-Bottom Review” of all voting systems certified in the state.