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Restricting People’s Use of Their Courts


Restricting People’s Use of Their Courts

Ralph Nader

In not so merry old medieval England, wrongful injuries between people either were suffered in silence or provoked revenge. Cooler heads began to prevail and courts of law were opened so such disputes over compensation and other remedies could be adjudicated under trial by jury.


You are SO factual and SO logical, Ralph.

Don't you know that Trump has added facts and logic to his list of enemies ?


"Imagine living in a country where no one can sue powerful wrongdoers or the government." Brings to mind the isds clauses in the so-called trade deals (presently in effect under NAFTA).
And, speaking of "restrictions on the rights of ordinary people to have their day in court", one would do well to keep in mind the indefinite detention clause of the NDAA...