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Restricting SNAP Benefits Could Hurt Millions of Americans—and Local Communities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/03/restricting-snap-benefits-could-hurt-millions-americans-and-local-communities

The atrocities of this heartless admin is glaring.

I wish all you pundits, radio hosts, politicians would stack up the corporate socialism programs via yearly subsidies, loopholes, tax break et all so the people can see who really is getting welfare. Mutli million/billion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ corporations i.e. big agr, military contractors, pentagon not held responsible, fossil fuels, charter schools, private prisons et al again.
Who really is the biggest Welfare queen/king?

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Ballot initiatives for all states must include ones that severely restrict monies paid to wealthy individuals, businesses, and organizations that have little to no need of additional funds.

This is not about saving money. It’s about throwing red meat to the deplorables who love this sadistic stuff, which they see in racist terms.

Considering what we spend in corporate socialism each year, reducing SNAP benefits should be criminal.
The average monthly benefit pay-out is $127 per person. Please read that again, $127!!!
44% of the money goes to hungry children.
In 2018 the program cost $68 Billion, every dollar spent in SNAP generates $1.79 in economic activity.

Oil and Gas production subsidies 20.5 billion Oil and Gas consumption subsidies 14.5 Billion
Oil and Gas total subsidies $35 Billion for profitable corporations who rarely pay state and federal taxes.

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We need a great movement. To begin, a great leader most emerge. A Ceasar Chavez, RFK, MLK, etc. A champion of the 99%, or as much of it as possible.
Let’s just hope that even though there may be pitchforks and torches, that it can be a non-violent uprising.
Otherwise I see no respite for this generation and perhaps our children’s as well.
Money has to be fed to our clandestine space programs. C.I.A. drug money etc.

[Drastic Changes to Food Production and Consumption Are Needed to Save Planet From Catastrophic Warming, ]

[Restricting SNAP Benefits Could Hurt Millions of Americans—and Local Communities]

I’m confused!

Both of those statements are true and not contradictory. I’m pretty sure that changing the way food is produced (large agribusiness monopolies) and the way food is packaged and sent to market, won’t eliminate the amount of food available. It will just come from varying sources.

That being said: I’m a HUGE proponent of family planning and population control measures. We can’t just keep reproducing like rabbits. However, I’ve almost given up the hope that human beings can live on the planet without harming it and everyone. The vast majority of us are just not smart and or aware enough.