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Restrictive Rules Leave New York Voters Shut Out of Pivotal Primary


Restrictive Rules Leave New York Voters Shut Out of Pivotal Primary

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton prepare to face off in New York, voters are speaking out against the state's egregious rules that they say favor Clinton and disenfranchises would-be voters.

Two crucial dates for New Yorkers have already come and gone: the October 9 cutoff to change party affiliation and the March 25 deadline to register as a voter. Because the state runs "closed" primaries—which only allows registered Democrats to cast a ballot—voters who weren't aware of the dates will be left out of the process.


People choose to register as Independent or with third parties such as the Conservative or Working Families parties in New York know they can't vote in the Democrat or Republican primaries. So they shouldn't have any complaints, it was their own choice. If they wanted to vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries in the first place they should have registered as Democrats and or Republicans. In November they can always vote for the third party candidates of their choice. I think these type of rules have been in place more many years. This is getting worse than Trump's complaints about rules on the Republican side. The thing people should be complaining the most about are the caucus states where so many people can attend because of work or other commitments. New York doesn't require vote IDs and there are primaries not caucuses. It is one of the better states for voters. If people are ignorant of the clear rules they really have no complaints.


If Bernie gets cheated out of the nomination, he must run as an Independent. He should make it crystal clear to NY and other closed primary states, the delegates, super delegates and the DNC that he will not support Clinton in a corrupted nomination process.

If he runs as an Independent, he will win. Time to break up the parties.


I like that thought! It just might turn out to be an advantage.


Way to blame the victim, while giving the perpetrators strangling democracy a clear pass...


So will there be 'alternative voting sites' where disenfranchised citizens can cast their vote in a dueling-open-primary? (come to think of it, that should be the case everywhere. Vote Twice! Once at your official party place and once at your accountable-accessible-democracy-lovin' place.)


Primaries are not elections in the strict sense - they were intended to be the internal selection process by which a party selects its candidates. They were not intended to be like some kind of early-runoff. No other country - including far more well-run democracies like Australia or Canada has anything like "primaries". Candidates and party leaders are selected either by an internal committee or by an internal election open only to card-carrying, dues-paying party members. That is how Corbyn was selected for the Labor Party leadership. Has it been some kind of "open" process in which Conservatives and LDP could have participated then Corbyn would have lost.

However what they do have that the US doesn't have is multiple viable parties.

Open primaries have their own problem in that they can be sabotaged by members of the opposing parties voting in them. So while closed primaries are bad for Sanders in this particular primary season. The shoe may be on the different foot in other election seasons.

Mostly I'd love to simply throw the whole US electoral and political system out and adopt a parliamentary system - like we would have right now if that so-called "revolution" by those aristocrats had failed 240 years ago. The US system is built around the cult of the individual instead of ideology and solidarity.


correct me if I am wrong...Primaries hold you to your party affiliation, but in the general, you can vote for whoever you want in the magic booth ? One last thought, this article is meant to do what ? Get us riled up about a bygone event that is out of anyone's control ? Will we remember it in the future ? Will it be fixed by 2020 ? If the timing were mon
ths ago, so the disenfranchised had time to act,.... that would be different ! C'mon where is that good old American exceptionalism ? Shouldn't the greatest nation have the greatest and most democratic voting system ? Screwy dysfunctional system gives us GWB not Al Gore. If only....!


This is one of the reasons I think it's bullshit that every state has it's own different rules, ways of voting, etc. Voting is a right of every American, it should be done the same way in every state...that's right, a federal law that equalizes the way every American votes. A federal law that treats people the same everywhere -- no voter id, no stupid butterfly ballots, don't have to vote according to party, etc. And the Fed should pay for the voting machines.


We have election fraud in this country, not voter fraud. Voting machines are owned and controlled by large corporations that generally very conservative. It is important to have a paper trail in elections, and the only candidate who has endorsed that idea is Bernie Sanders.


Mention is made that the two parties are essentially private clubs who make up their own rules even if some tax dollars are spent in the process! Well there lies the rub. It is hardly a matter of private clubs when tax money is spent. There are rules for accepting tax money that should require nondiscriminatory or unfair policies be corrected before a 'club' accepts federal monies. These are only considered private clubs when they don't want to comply with federal rules for taking tax money.

Our government is structured for the two parties with a split between the parties on assigning chairs and leading committees so to call them just clubs is a sham. But if they are clubs then they shouldn't have such say in how our government operates. In effect they are special interest groups with an undue amount of discretionary power to influence and determine how our government is run.


As if this were not enough: http://www.democracynow.org/2016/4/12/lee_fang_dark_money_lobbyists_serving


The DNC helped BIG donors to funnel money through state parties to help Hillary BUY hundreds of Super Delegates last AUGUST. The First Debate in this primary did not take place until AFTER the NY registration deadline . DNC has been rigging things for Hilary from the start and NY was part of their plan.

Get Revenge by Canvassing & Making Calls For Bernie Sanders. Talk to Every Registered Dem you come in contact with about Bernie.

Also Across the Country People's Voter Registrations are being criminally altered, lifelong dems find their status changed to R or unaffiliated, or their registrations unusuallyl purged. IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU, RECORD & REPORT IT To The FBI, ACLU, Atty Gen. & Bernie Sanders Campaign.


might be a good tactic--not sure how they stop it--machines? machines that can be hacked?


She is running for the Democratic nomination. It is not corrupt to have Democrats make that decision.


Every citizen does have the right to vote - in the election - primaries are not "elections", they are the process by which parties choose the candidates they want to represent their party in the election ... And in those elections you don't have to vote according to party ...


And both Sanders and Clinton had thrown their hats in the ring months before the primaries, giving folks plenty of time to register ...


Can't help wondering if all the folks who are so pissed off by this process are equally pissed off at both D/R parties keeping 3rd parties out of Pres debates ...




I guess a question is whether or not the registration rules and dates were the same in the past (i.e., the sixth month and one month deadlines) with previous elections as they are now. Is this the standard practice for the Dems? If not, say the dates were shorter, this smells fishy. Also, seems like people could easily be notified if they were too late to register. So why weren't they? Hmmm - DWS at work?


Curious to know if the polls of NY are of registered Dems only. Since only registered Dems can vote in the primary, it seems like they are the ones people should pay attention to to get a read on how the primary vote might come out.