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Results of Flint Lead Tests Withheld From Public at Gov. Snyder's Command, Emails Claim


Results of Flint Lead Tests Withheld From Public at Gov. Snyder's Command, Emails Claim

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Adding to controversy over what top officials knew and when regarding Flint's water crisis and resulting health epidemic, emails obtained by the Flint Journal suggest that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder told state officials to suppress lead testing results, both from local health officials and the community, while they figured out how to present the information to the public.


Snyder must be removed from office and criminally prosecuted. His behavioral paradigm like Scott Walkers and many other current republican governors, republican US congress people and senators is "run government like a business" is now proved to be utterly and absolutely immoral, non-Christian, ignorant and simply criminal. Throw all the bastard out!


Snyder's resume is starting to look more like many of Obama's corporate appointees. Just like General Betrayus, Snyder is well connected and will come out of this smelling like a rose.


Assuming the appropriate prosecutor has a pulse, how can this be anything less than a criminal assault on each person who drank that water?


Two words: Perp Walk.


At the very effing least, he should be arrested, charged and given a trial date.

It's not just banks that are too big to fail.

So nice.


Snyder needs a good long soak in a tub of nicely hot Flint river water.
I'm sure that someone can give him a nice cool glass of Flint water to drink while he is in that tub...


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The smoking gun - Snyder must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and be run out of office on a rail, tarred and feathered!

This kind of outrage is the result of "business priorities", ie the bottom-line, take precedence over the public health and welfare. Income tax cuts pushed by RepubliCons were designed to benefit the most wealthy. those unbalanced "tax-cuts" have squeezed cities and rural communities causing great hardship and inequality while the uber-rich lived lives of ease. RepubliCons like Snyder (and some Dems) serve the 1%, corporate greed and evasions and big-money almost exclusively - its way past time for that to end - laws changed and perps prosecuted!!


Snyder and everyone on down the chain of command should be arrested, thrown in jail, convicted, and given life sentences. Their criminal actions have sentenced thousands of children and adults to lives of illness, mental and physical disabilities, and unmitigated misery. No mercy, no clemency for these demons.


This the same guy who eagerly agreed to switch GMS water supply from the Flint River to Lake Huron at taxpayer expense because GM complained Flint River water was corrding their equipment.


Finding hairs to split on guilt or innocence.

His administration has known for almost a year now.

Judge by what little they do now, BOTTLED WATER , Shame on You!!!

We took Nixon down, we can take this putz to court as well.

Given the ongoing crimes, it's kinda hard to suggest innocent until proven guilty.


Or perhaps the opposite is true. The good ship Conservative may find him to heavy a burden and nudge him overboard, where he will sink, like lead.


The buck stops nowhere.


The sentencing should reflect the length of the damage done to the residents, especially the children, in other words, indefinitely.


This man is disgusting. His actions are despicable. He deserves to be thrown in jail for life.


Why has Snyder not been indicted? Why is he still in office?


Obvious questions.
So many of them in so many other situations, it makes my head spin.
One of them: Why was the steel from WTC immediately removed? Evidence removed (and shipped away) from a crime scene is a felony in NY.


Put this asshole in jail for life. Still wouldn't be atonemrnt for what he has done,


We have this problem in Illinois right now too with billionaire Corporatist Bruce Rauner who thinks he can run the state like one of his criminal nursing homes. He is actively trying to bankrupt the Chicago School system so he can bring in his voucher program. Like Norm Chomsky says, they defund the government, things don't work, then they can privatize the commons.