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Resurgence of Child Labor Amid Global Pandemic Offered as Proof That 'Capitalism Is Monstrous'

The evidence would be our impending extinction and likely destruction of all life supporting systems on the planet.
As for what will replace capitalism, ever been to the desert?

Thanks for the reply, stardust. True.

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We do not have to tolerate. Accept that it exists as long as we suffer due to our individual and collective ignorance but nothing should compel us to tolerate this. Nothing.

That’s the way it will be as long as the middle and poorer classes pretend to revolt while having weak protests. If we want to see real protests we will have to look to other countries.

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There may be only one effective way to curb child labor and that is to demand that they be paid at least as much as adult labor and that it be balanced against inflation and an equitable minimum wage. While we can demand this treatment in this country we do have the power of tariffs and the boycott to push the agenda in others.

This isn’t due to capitalism but common greed and a weak government that is selling out to the highest bidder. It is due to our collective ignorance, personal indifference, and not my problemism. If child labor is used in The States it can be firmly stopped with heavy fines and potential jail terms. But mainly it can be stopped by citizen involvement!

common greed is a hallmark of capitalism–capitalism is the system that exploits any and all resources -regardless of the consequences of that exploitation–as long as it makes money–this is the heart and soul of our economy–exploitation–as for child labor --I guess you haven’t been aware of the child labor in this country–in the agricultural fields here at home or the child labor that produces many of the consumer goods we so like to fill our lives with from other countries like Indonesia, China- India–which make us complicit with child labor around the world—or the child labor that mines rare earth minerals (not to mention diamonds-gold and other less rare but precious minerals) for our computers ,cell phones and other consumer goods in Africa-all of these are common manifestations of the greed that is part and parcel of capitalist exploitation

then there is the exploitation of fossil fuels that is degrading our planet threatening us with the collapse of our ecosystems and in time the death if every living thing on our planet --also done with the greed inherent in capitalism and the damage it does to communities of color all around the planet

the time to hide our mendacity in ignorance is over–we need to face our futures with clear understandings of the systems that rule our lives if we hope to survive–and clearly capitalism is the disease that is killing us and our planet for a few dollars more