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Resurrecting 'Gilded Age,' Trump Budget Sacrifices All at Expense of Military and Ultra-Rich


Resurrecting 'Gilded Age,' Trump Budget Sacrifices All at Expense of Military and Ultra-Rich

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump officially unveiled his budget on Tuesday and made clear that the candidate who rose to power with a promise to protect the downtrodden and working class had swapped that rhetoric for "hardline rightwing economics" that prioritizes military might and insulating the one-percent at the expense of all else.


Trump is not a President of the U.S. but considers himself a CEO of the U.S. And just more proof of what I have posted before that Trump’s raison D’ etre running for POTUS was purely a nihilistic, heartless, insouciant, business decision.


This could never have happened without the help of the DNC and its propaganda megaphone, MSNBC. Absolutely everything is now tied to the whims of a government that is clearly waging a war against “We, the People.”.


Yes, from my perspective, when the DNC nominated HRC for POTUS instead of Bernie, the DNC elected Trump.


Designed only to make him as much money as he could rob from we peons!


This is dead in the water will never become law, if it does the republican party will extinct its self!


Goddess I hope you are right!


If your view is correct, lets all hope it becomes law!


True, because Trump’s Deity that he worships is: $$$$$$$$$$$$$!


Well, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and himself; and I doubt if those 2 can be ranked b/c I think they are of equal importance in his mush-mind! :scream::unamused:


Time for we, the people, to “storm the bastille”, have another Boston Tea Party, refuse to pay for this travesty!


We’ve arrived at the end game as far as this broken economic model, and the opposition Democrats have no clear alternatives, and certainly couldn’t articulate one if asked. After all, their donors are right behind them impatiently tapping their feet with their arms crossed. Can’t make them mad. So, those in charge of the system have no damn answers, no ideas, will only make things worse. The Democrats’ policies result in a slow grinding down, the Republicans will bring about collapse. Oh, and Bill Maher and the like will wag their finger and tell you dirty hippies to grow up. If you don’t continue to vote for your own destruction, you’re a pot smoking, organic cucumber eating hippie that needs to grow up. Doesn’t cross his simple little mind that maybe people like him are asking too damn much of people dying from his “pragmatism”.

This would kill the Republicans if passed and it will kill the Democrats that they have no real alternative, and it isn’t like they’re going to adopt the People’s Budget. So, what’s the way forward for the left? Cory Booker? LOL! If those backing Perez and Clinton (and the Bradley Foundation) win the day…


It has to be done non-violently to be successful, because the military is designed, like the police, to protect the economic, elite and their world wide vested interests through violence.


Drain, I mean maintain the swamp!


A “Gilded Age” (“a pejorative term used to describe a time of materialistic excesses combined with extreme poverty”) reprised by a Stone Age “prezdent.” He will go down in disgrace and infamy leaving a legacy of destruction, corruption, and piracy behind him, which will take us a very long time to correct and salvage what is left of our democracy, our international relations, our environment, our society, and our economy.


Yeah, but seriously. This isn’t 1789 in France. It’s 2017 in the United States. People have it too good, drugged as they are with the products and propaganda of the commercial sphere. We’re snowflakes.

You’re expecting Americans to put their bodies and lives on the line? Seriously? In France, the people were literally starving; they had no bread. Here and now, even the poorest among us have smartphones and get food stamps.


And, Trump isn’t the only one with possible dimentia issues. Sen. " Johnny Jet Crasher " McCain’s comments were pure looney tunes, " this is not nearly enough ( $$$ ) to rebuild the military ".
Military madness has finally taken over all branches of the Federal Gov’t. Bombs Away.
They have no plans other than propping up the Empire’s worst nightmares. Most of them created by monumental self-delusions. We’re headed for, " kill them all and let God sort it out " with a hyper military spending budget like this proposal.
This is " insane in the brain " time, folks. The center will not hold until Republicans’ hands are pried from the levers of power and ziptied to oil derricks in the Gulf of Mexico.
Oh wait, Speaker of the House Eddie Munster is explaining how in 10 years the Trump Adm. ( finally a responsible man is in the White House ) will balance the budget. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :wink: :wink:
What a crock. Absolutely pure bullshit.


Long time? How about “really, really fucking long time”?

Like, not until after the next ice age, when the glaciers recede. Global warmin’s a-here and no one ain’t doin’ a thing 'bout it. And with each passing day and year we don’t, we’re that much further down the rabbit hole.


It’s his reward for not prosecuting any of them.


While Trump is a billionaire militarist and many other things (none of them good), attributing militarism or cpaitalist control of the U.S. government to Trump is ridiculous and a distraction from real conversations about real stuff – like how to build a decent society in our current political-economic-environmental hell.