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Resurrecting My Parents From the Dead for Election 2016


Resurrecting My Parents From the Dead for Election 2016

Tom Engelhardt

To say that this is the election from hell is to insult hell.

There’s been nothing like this since Washington forded the Rubicon or Trump crossed the Delaware or delivered the Gettysburg Address (you know, the one that began“Four score and eleven women ago...”) -- or pick your own seminal moment in American history.


Tom, I agree with most of what you say. But to try and use Trump to continue the illusion that US elections should, unchallenged, be accepted is wrong. blackboxvoting.org is a site all Americans should become familiar with.


The WWII generation was still quite intact when they elected Saint Ronny in 1980, an election that had many of the unsavory elements that election 2016 does.

Having fought to prevent the US from going fascist during WWII it was ironic to see that generation so enthusiastically vote for Saint Ronny, who along with the founders of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 ushered fascism into the US from within the government. The WWII generation fought against it, then they voted it in.

The Raygun revolution (which included the DLC) made everything that is unsavory about the 2016 election possible. Saint Ronny is more popular today among Democrats and Republicans than he was when he was POTUS. Obama and Clinton compare themselves to and quote Saint Ronny more than any other POTUS.


Man, I think the same thing all the time.

My Dad and his two brothers served overseas during WWII at the same time, hated every minute of it, and knew enough to tell me that Viet Nam was a giant crock.

I constantly imagine what they would think of the United States, that they served, now that it has morphed into exactly what they were told they were fighting against.


Many points here that are deserving of much more discussion, but I'll stick with a point about economic conditions. Both of my parents were born at the start of the Great Depression. As young as they were, this played a powerful role in the people they grew up to be -- solid FDR Democrats. This was true in spite of the fact that they, personally, had food and shelter every day of their lives.

"...they lived through a devastating depression, light years beyond anything we experienced in the Great Recession of 2007-2008." Take some time to learn about the conditions suffered by America's homeless poor today. Understand that not everyone is able to work (health, etc.) and that there aren't jobs for all. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. What do you think happens to all those who are left out, with no means of providing for themselves? The fact that we ignore their existence hasn't made them disappear.


I do empathize, but I should think it would be enough to awaken those who are alive, even to wake more fully oneself.

How can we imagine that we have understood the dynamic of our leadership and find ourselves so surprised by the extent of the farce.


Re the dynamic of the leadership - surely that's exactly what the problem is. The US constitution means that every few years you are required to elect a 'leader' - king/president for a while. As the Greek philosophers warned, the people who put themselves forward, seeking this power, are precisely the sort of people who should never be given power.
Trump seems to exemplify what they warned against!
But the problem pre-dates Trump. The Washington system has been eroded for decades by the power of corporate lobbying, and in more recent times the party system has been corrupted by the super-PACs and the Citizens United verdict.
The result is that a political system with all sorts of checks and balances is now easily bought by those with deep pockets - in short, it's not fit for purpose.
Basically, I think that we should never rely on so-called 'leaders' - only sheep need leaders. An intelligent well-informed, critically thinking electorate should be able to act in their own interests, and not delegate their and their children's political futures to such as the Don, with his unsavoury KKK and Mob connections, his racketeering and unscrupulous style of doing business, his cynical corruption, plus his racism and sexism etc.
That so many of the US electorate seem to accept at face value whatever this practised snake-oil salesman spouts at them suggest they are not yet mature enough to use their votes as citizens.
But then those who back the Clinton campaign are equally likely to be being misled, just as likely to be disappointed in the outcome.
No matter who gets in, the vast majority will continue to struggle to make a living, to pay their rent or mortgages, to cope with raising their kids, caring for their sick or disabled and old folk. The struggle with poverty continues, regardless of who runs the Washington machine.