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Return Receipt Requested?


Return Receipt Requested?

Christopher Brauchli

Oh for the good old days of heavy post-coaches and speed at the rate of six miles an hour.

— Philip Hone, Diary, November 28, 1834

The preferred way of answering the question would have been to give Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.SC)a copy of his most recent tax returns. Another, and the one chosen, was to have his lawyers send Senator Graham a letter.


I love Christopher’s wistful style!


I don’t care if DT has plans to build 100 Trump hotels in Russia. I don’t care if DT tries to end the Cold War for purely selfish reasons. The Dark State does care about the latter… and no one messes with The Empire.
… and how quickly you conveniently forget the The Lesser Evil sold 20% of USA uranium to Russia?