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Return to 'Business as Usual' Means Climate Catastrophe: World's Mayors Demand Transformative Green Covid-19 Recovery

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/07/return-business-usual-means-climate-catastrophe-worlds-mayors-demand-transformative


So many great articles about creating a post pandemic new normal and so many ideas to foster a more equal, sustainable future, but no practical suggestions as to how to get there. It ain’t going to happen with Trump or Biden.


“The Oxford study compared green stimulus projects with traditional stimulus, such as measures taken after the 2008 global financial crisis, and found green projects create more jobs, deliver higher short-term returns… and lead to increased long-term cost savings,” the

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t a true Conservative value these outcomes?

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Here’s a couple of new things that bite my ass. Wisconsin republicans successful in “opening the state” at a crucial lockdown period, against Gov. Tony Evers (D) social distancing policy.
And a town in Montana is sending it’s students back to school for less than two weeks before summer break. This tops most of even trump’s horrible leadership wonks.


I see two enormous pillars of covid-crazy:

  1. Certain states and certain nations are expanding exponentially and they’re loosening up what’s holding them back. I compare this to a nuclear reactor where the fission continues to grow and some yahoo pulls out another control rod. This doesn’t end well.

  2. 20% of children are hungry in the U.S., said one study. Thousands of farmers are dumping their crops. I sense a connection.

Now, I sense a couple of climate-crazy incongruities too.

  1. The Arctic meltdown is on schedule to cause the world’s population numbers to crash, probably due to mass hunger. I just looked at the C40 document and searched for the words “Arctic” and “Polar”. No matches. If a truck is bearing down on your kids and nobody mentions the truck because it might be impolite, whoa!

  2. How do we get out of this problem? I searched for the word “Research” and found a research associate and a political economy research institute. That’s a two cent start, I guess. So I searched for the far more mission-critical word “Engineer” and “Engineering”. Zilch. The climate fairy does that stuff for us. Europe funded climate R&D to the tune of $25 billion and then never spent most of it. They spent $4 billion of that $25 billion. Wow, what financial discipline! I wish the U.S. military could save 84% of what was appropriated for them, by not starting the next war.

I hate climate business as usual because it isn’t working, not really. I hate this human ostrich phenomenon. We get fed corn ethanol subsidies, something about a bridge fuel and safe safe nuclear energy. At least the corn ethanol gets us drunk.


Interesting how in yet another climate plan involving energy transitions there is no discussion of projected capacity additions…

How do you calculate the number of jobs solar and wind will bring you if you don’t know how much capacity you want to add

Nice to see, but it will probably have zero impact on the powers that be, sadly.

He would, but a true conservative, as opposed to corporatist, fascist or barbarist, is a very rare breed in the modern world.

Signing on to a “statement of principles” is equal to the Paris accord where adherence to the suggestions were non binding among the participating nations-IT’S MEANINGLESS.
We’re in for deep doo doo, and that’s all there is to it.