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Revealed: As Baltimore Rose Up from Below, FBI Spied from Above


Revealed: As Baltimore Rose Up from Below, FBI Spied from Above

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Not only did the FBI fly surveillance aircraft over the city of Baltimore during the protests following the police killing of Freddie Gray, the ACLU revealed Friday that it used advanced technology like infrared and night-vision cameras to do so.

What's more, new internal documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that the agency is holding on to surveillance video it recorded from the sky.



Thanks for fighting for American Freedom. We are all just one step away from Redcoats kicking down our doors in the name of the King supposedly looking for proper stamps to write down anything on paper. In reality, these new digital warrant-less intrusions into houses and vehicles are just fishing expeditions like in the 1770's.

And most citizens don't recognize the danger of slowly working our way down a slippery slope of 1984 SuperGovernment (until it's too late.) Like citizens of 1937 Berlin, we'll all wake up one morning to the nightmare of the State dictating acceptable private opinion and behavior in all matters of citizen life.

"To criticize those in power is the highest form of patriotism" - Thomas Jefferson


It's been almost sixty years ago that my mom suggested that the FBI were fools, bums and idiots.


I can't recall the last time any law went into effect that protects we citizens against the government. Since 9/11 we have been inundated with more laws that have abolished our rights then ever before in American history.
It is time we rise up and demand bills be passed to protect "us" against "them".


"There undoubtedly are times when aerial surveillance is an appropriate law enforcement tool for public safety or investigative purposes,"

So the surveillance authorities will use planes to keep the public safe and meanwhile police can kill whoever they want.

Who, exactly who are the authorities keeping safe?


Label "liberal" is more like "right of center" Obama administration, as any progressive knows


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I suppose the enactment of FISA in 1978 was the most recent time a law was enacted to protect us from our own government, but it didn't really expand rights in any affirmative way, plus it was weakened after 9-11. The EPA happened in 1970, but a regulatory agency exists to limit harm, not prevent it. The last time affirmative rights happened was with the Civil Rights Act in 1964, and it was only because the people rose up and demanded it. The erosion of rights since 9-11 has been unprecedented though, and I worry about the generation coming into power who have no cultural memory of life before then.


iirc, infrared spying has been ruled unconstitutional by the USSC. i believe someone was growing marijuana and infrared cameras caught the heat in his home. perhaps in public spaces it will be seen differently.

i do know that protesting in a public place is constitutional, no matter what anyone says, and it is unworthy of our govt. and our tax money (like so much else) to use surveillance on dissenters, merely for dissenting.


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Going to have to get a broad brimmed tinfoil hat - and a Faraday cage for my cell phone.


Part of the reason We the People are in so much trouble today is the "It can't happen here!" rationale that so many people in the US Fourth Reich still subscribe to. By the time they realize it can, it has.
* If Nazi Germany had had the technology that our Gestapo uses, we'd probably be speaking German.
* In WW-II, resistance groups would gather, four or five in a cellar. They would print out leaflets on an old hand press, then sneak out and post them on walls and telephone poles around the town or countryside. Many were caught and killed, but the effort did succeed.
* If the Gestapo had had our current abilities, a black van would slowly cruise through the streets, scanning every home. The IR sensors would pick up four or five people in a basement. They would listen in, then call in a drone to blow the building and take them out.
* The Fourth Reich's Gestapo and SA have that ability right now. It is currently used primarily to create records, future "kill lists", but the day after martial law is declared and the Bush Era concentration camps are formally opened for business, they will swing into high gear and the people will find out that it has happened here, and many will die. (After all, those three billion 9mm hollowpoint rounds aren't meant to be in storage forever.)
* I remember WW-II and what we were fighting to erase from the world. When I see it transplanted and nurtured here in this country, I am just grateful to be old enough that I won't live to see the end of it.