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Revealed: CIA Funding Companies that Specialize in Social Media Spying



"According to a document obtained by journalist Lee Fang, In-Q-Tel is funding companies that monitor, collect, and analyze social media traffic and activities on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The investments were previously undisclosed."

What's curiously missing is the 4th prong: Message Saturation.

In the same way the FBI notoriously infiltrated Women's Rights Groups, Environmentalist Groups, and the Civil Rights movement, it's quite busy doing likewise. And today, since groups are more often virtually gathered, in on-line communities, you can bet your bippy that they're fixtures of these communities, too.

Their job is to set up consensus opinions and marginalize any writers/thinkers/posters who challenge conventional "truths."

Here is some back-up documentation:


The CIA has a "venture capital arm"?!?!?


Former NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander: "Collect it all."


Yep. They aren't known as "Capitalism's Invisible Army" for nothing.


Colorado Springs: home to the USAF* Academy & Dominionism.

*Silos for Jesus.


Holy Shit! Thank you Siouxrose11.


"He's making a list and checking it twice
Gonna find out who's naughty and nice..."


One of the first things Bernie needs to do, upon entering the White House, is shut down (to the extent that he can) the CIA and all other spook ventures. Another is to find some creative minds to put together a plan to dismantle empire and convert that money, manpower and manufacturing to a peaceful setting. Think of how many people all around the world will stop going radical on us if we aren't spying on, bullying, threatening, bombing, occupying or invading their countries.


SFJ.....indeed. Homebase for that final rocket-ride to Armageddon!


Sorry. Isn't going to happen.


I am not as concerned about the CIA as I am about some other entities, domestic and foreign, just itching to ID articulate, progressive voices. They've engineered many a well-documented career demise.


Remember: if you are opposed to torture, you have been "radicalized."

If you support single payer national health care, you have been "radicalized."

If you oppose perpetual war, you have been "radicalized."


Way back, before the coup by secret government, I remember hearing that the CIA was not allowed to operate within the US borders. Did the People change the rules about that, or are they just operating as a rogue agency with no oversight by the Republican-led Congress?


" One of the first things Bernie needs to do, upon entering the White House, is shut down (to the extent that he can) the CIA and all other spook ventures "

That would save about $60 billion a year. Can you imagine how many EBT cards one can refill with that? That's taxpayer campaign budget for several candidates in the midterm election.


Boston Marathon Bombers---you will never be forgotten--the city of Boston will never forget because the Powers that Be have made this event, (very horrific) into a Memorial Holiday.. Nothing like a new page out of the book of Homeland Security to keep this in the forefront of everyone's mind. How opportunitistic and criminal to take advantage of the damage done to people and to leverage it into another way to keep America on edge, keep terror in their minds...... Let us let this event and the damaged victims rest in peace,.....for now they will have to re-live it every year........
.......Radicalization of the Middle East----the main driver of Radicalization of the Middle East is the US war actions, the bombings, the drones and the killing and maiming of innocents...that is what is radicalizing the people of that area.....IT is a well-designed plan to do so.....


Remember when last year, ALL the progressive web sites' reader's comments suddenly came under the 'free' management services of DISQUUS? Well, they have a business model which doesn't generate revenue, but does allows the linking of your expressed opinions with your Facebook, Twitter, and email account data. HMMMMMM.