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Revealed: David Cameron Intervened in EU Crackdown on Tax Havens



Bernie Sanders for President.
Jeremy Corbin for Prime Minister.


I think the British taxpayer ought to demand Cameron's resignation since he seems to have no integrity as did the prime minister of Iceland.


Cameron: Do as I say, not as I do.


Look; Cameron has a filial duty to protect his father, as we all do for our own fathers.......................................


If this can bring down Cameron, possibly also the Tories, pray Labour take power with Corbyn at the helm.


It's hardly 'news' - the existence of tax havens and offshore companies, trusts etc has been noted in the journal Private Eye for years! Likewise some of the more prominent individual involved.
What the Panama papers reveal is the details of those involved with just one tax haven and using just one legal firm, specializing in creating thousands of these sort of fake 'businesses'.
How long before the FBI etc succeed in clamping down on all forms of hacking?

Clearly with Cameron and co, the laws they pass are meant to be enforced against the rest of us - while they and theirs are above the laws!
NB Russians have noted how Putin and co are referred to a lot - but no Americans. As I understand it, the US has two states which operate legally as tax havens. So the ultra-rich in the US can legally stash their dosh away, on-shore. Nice trick!