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Revealed: Hillary's Wall Street Speeches (The Bootleg Tapes)


Revealed: Hillary's Wall Street Speeches (The Bootleg Tapes)

Les Leopold

[After eight debates and countless speeches, Secretary Clinton has repeatedly shared her views on Wall Street, trade and job creation. Once we parse through the focus group-tested lines, we can find clues about how she relates to the financial sector and the power it wields over our economy.


The revolving door: Hillary’s idea of $ustainable energy.


Of course. She turned Libya into a failed state as Secretary of State. Now she wants her reward: the Presidency.

The bankers blew the real estate bubble. When that exploded, they got fat bonuses and bailout. The same principle at work.



Hey, Non-believer, this was Mr. Leopold’s fictional rendition of what Mrs. Clinton would have likely said.

It’s a mock-up.

The entire piece is satire meant to show Mrs. Clinton’s deference to the 1%-bankers who were the ONLY ones who gained from all of the machinations done to prop THEM up at the expense of homeowners, taxpayers, and the basic integrity of the entire global financial system.

The faux argument being offered is that the global economy is solid, that the bailouts (by whatever names they are called) healed the problem. In actuality, the problem was allowed to grow in scope as nothing (Glass-Steagall) was done to alleviate it.

If you can’t balance your checkbook, and a family member hands you a million dollars and you go through that and end up back in debt (the original debt now on steroids), is that a remedial approach?

Essentially, citizens are the “family members” forced at virtual gunpoint to bail out the big banks. Dodd-Frank was just a slap on the wrist like the many fines given to a variety of banks for their nefarious practices.

The bottom line is–and it’s been well-documented in the Piketty Study–95% of the “wealth created” since the 2008 implosion went to the very rich, i.e. those same bankers and their felonious partners in crimes.

From the article:

“What did she really say? Here’s a reconstruction.”

P.S. Tell your handlers to enroll you in a course in basic Reading Comprehension.


Sad to say but this piece is part of the dumbing down of America because it is written in a semi-realistic mode which is not satire nor sarcasm. It was a mistake in my opinion. It should be rewritten to better illustrate that it is not a reconstruction at all but a fictional construction based on stuff she might have said only. A reconstruction would use statements that witnesses reported having heard her say during the actual speeches. I felt insulted (as if I was being treated as if I were a dumb person) reading this.


Instead of insulting nonbeliever …

Try to remember that these are not even direct quotes (which would have taken work to ferret out and include)! You are actually doing the same thing as those you insult even though you say you know it was fictional. You argue about what was said but these words are not even her words, so you and nonbeliever and anybody else who argues over them are all in the same boat.

This is dumbing down stuff and it snagged you too. Maybe you should try a course in reading comprehension because this is not a reconstruction… It is total fiction and kind of demeaning to intelligent people.


She is so far into the Wall Street/Corporate America pockets that it is lie for her to ever say she’s a progressive who really cares about the economic needs of middle and lower class citizens. Face it, she’s evolved into an elite multi-millionaire through the Clinton Foundation and her own “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”…with mega-banks, corporations, and pharmaceutical companies. Her perspective is so askew that the only thing that sets her apart from any other super-rich, corporate elitist is that she’s a woman running for president and we’ve never elected one into office. She has learned how to work the system to her monetary/political advantage and has totally removed herself from being able to help the everyday citizens of this country have a better standard of living. She doesn’t care if millions of people still have no health insurance or a decent paying job. If Bernie Sanders were not in the picture she would have never promoted raising the minimum raise, free public college tuition, etc. Senator Sanders has forced her to to come forth and acknowledge that the “insignificant” multitudes of people need help. Being the first woman president is not the only reason to vote for her.


Satire that probably is not far from the mark.


Dear Wikileaks,
Please hack the Goldman speeches.
I really want to read the real deal as to what was said by Mrs Clinton for receiving all that lovely money from all those lovely, lovely dear bank$ters.
The mock ups of what might have been said or Onionesque bits just aren’t cutting it in getting to the exposing of just what a War$treet toady HRC is.


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Yes, It’s a nice satire but very believing. For the sake of money Hillary can offer a pole-dance also. She is the other strand of clinton-virus. They only bring poverty and misery to the main street people of this country and death in other nations which Wall Street likes the most; nothing but a corporate whore.


Absolutely this piece of fiction is misleading. It undermines its own impact a la Fox News, and consequently tricks people into wasting their time reading it, waiting for the punchline to arrive: “This is a joke”–which, of course, never does. Red herring title. BS. And as far as “satire,” there’s nothing in the language here that comes off as satirical, farcical, ironic, or even fictional. It is basic realism, very literal. I don’t plan on reading any more of his pieces, because this one made me feel like a sucker.


I agree with your characterizations but it is patently ridiculous to say that you will never read anything he writes in the future. People try things and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t that’s all. This creative attempt failed in my opinion. I don’t impart to it sinister motives though. The idea can be reworked and used if he reconstructed using actual quotes from her for example. Then at least we could trust that the quote was actually something she has already said and might say in a speech.


This is what the dingo said:

“Hillary claims here that the financial bailout of of 08 and 09 should have been called 'an excellent investment…”

He obviously didn’t GET IT that the article was a mock-up referred to by the author as a “reconstruction.”

I hardly did the same thing as Wereflea… but I understand how important it is for you soldier boys to show homage to your own team.


Ridiculous counter-attack.

Those who didn’t realize the nature of the article expose their lack of literary discernment.

For one thing, the speeches (by Mrs. Clinton) have NOT been aired or disclosed.

This shows that you and “nonbeliever” are so used to propaganda that you cannot think critically for yourselves.

No. I do no suffer the same ailment… in spite of your typically arrogant soldier boy reflex to blame someone else for your own failing.


See Siouxrose that stuff of yours is why you are a bit disturbed. You keep insisting that I was a soldier without any knowledge about me in the slightest.

I truly would hate to see you on a jury because you are ‘not right’ and maybe not all there either. Have you no shame about accusing people falsely and spreading rumors and accusations that aren’t true? You are bizarre actually.

Um do you think you might give someone a chance to respond to one post first before launching into a manic diatribe?


I see no point in this as you really are getting a bit wacky here. No problem Siouxrose just calm yourself okay. This will go nowhere ultimately and is silly. Believe what you want… Do all the Susanrose’s believe the same things? And you should apologize to the Sioux for giving the impression that you are Native American when you aren’t … As you once told us all years ago when you were saner.


Glenn Greenwald and the Intercept also have some great, factual articles on all of her war mongering and money grubbing.

She only recently stopped taking money from the private prison corpses (probably is not giving back the hundreds of thousands she already got, though). But oh sure, in Florida, she’s all against all these private prisons holding immigrants, etc. Sadly, a lot of people want so badly to believe her that they fool themselves as to what a rotten president she would be.


Again, you try to make the matter about me instead of admitting that you guys were duped.

The same nonsense goes on when I point out spelling flaws. Instead of correcting errors which make YOU look bad… you turn it around into me being a spelling “Nazi.”

And when you guys are wrong, showing that ingrained military spirit of loyalty, you cover each others’ asses.

Nothing like a baboon hierarchy, right?


You are so weird. I know you remember me as Bugs ( you remembered Kem Patrick from those days and mentioned him to me already). I am retired and disabled now too so I tend to sit at the computer because TV is so boring it is excruciating to watch. You were obsessed with being first so who are you kidding? But you never used to insult people so much and be so paranoid. Such drama invested in reading and posting to an open forum.

To listen to you practically everybody (especially males) are part of a conspiracy … But to do what exactly? Post online? Okay so they do… Debate them. I do. It’s more fun than agreeing with people lol. >>> "yes we agree that’s nice and how are the kids? That’s fine and did that lumbago clear up?) …Sheesh… oops - I meant Heesh! … Wait a minute…no I didn’t… I meant sheesh! You are just a pest Siouxrose… Siouxrose I or Siouxrose II or … Are these separate personalities or a collective mythological consciousness of astrological essences derived through perusal of numerological um… Numbers?

You use multiple screen names in violation of community guidelines but everybody else is part of some conspiracy and using false names right?

Okay Susan Rose… Sure.