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Revealed: How This Coal Giant Became Treasury Dept. for Climate Denialists



This constitutes truly criminal behavior by Peabody. What they did was to use their profits to actively proselytize against legislation and regulations that would cut into their profits. They didn't care that their activities would
seriously harm millions of people; their profits were more important to them.

Jim Shea


Indeed. But at least one step further is required to view the big picture accurately. That is, how government(s) allow, encourage and support such criminal activity, secretly, unaccountably to voters, decade after decade. This makes some politicians and bureaucrats criminals as well, paid by tax dollars yet refusing to provide democratic transparency.
One step further . . . the voters who support this criminal system that kills so many . . .

Finally, we get to the abject failure of human minds to acknowledge their absurd and dark conceptualizations and take responsibility for them. Sociopathy is the well ensconced, authoritarian, coercive tradition denied at every opportunity. Madness will rule until people choose to stop it.


It will be difficult to say that Peabody was the principal funder for the Denialists until we see the financial statements from the Koch brothers and from EXXON. Both of those groups are also up to their elbows in trying to destroy the Earth.