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Revealed: Most Guantanamo Detainees Captured By Warlords, Not US Military


Revealed: Most Guantanamo Detainees Captured By Warlords, Not US Military

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Of the 116 men currently detained at Guantánamo Bay military prison, only three were captured by U.S. forces, while the rest were apprehended by foreign spies and warlords—new revelations which cast yet another layer of doubt on the veracity of their alleged crimes and the general purpose of the facility.


‘The banality of evil’ - a famous line.

To it should be added ‘the mediocrity of evil’.

Is the reason that we’ve kept these men for so long not that they committed crimes but that the people in charge of them did not have either the decency to face that they had imprisoned innocent people nor the intelligence to admit the reasons they had imprisoned them were bogus? The mediocrity of the jailers as human beings.


“Revealed”/ As if this is new? - it was well known that many people in the wrong place at the wrong time were “sold” to US forces for bounty! BS crimes or “illegal” acts (under made-up crimes - such as “illegal combatant”) used as justification, and the US paid bounty and lapped up the lies of those who profited from selling innocent people!


Make that ‘the mediocrity of justice and goodness and righteousness.’ Because all those sanctimonious bastards can do is condemn in the names of Jesus and Moses.


Another reason that these people continue to be held is that the ‘authorities’ know that they’ve been tortured over and over again and that as soon as they are released they will tell the stories of abuse by their ‘exceptional’ torturers to the press.


What are you talking about? Are you intellectually challenged? Where does this article bring religion into anything? Moreover it shows your biases and not just about religion if you ask me. Who sold these men to the USA? It wasn’t in the name of Jesus or Moses now was it? I don’t even get where the Moses crack comes in? You should go to some other type of site because you have underlying hatreds that are not progressive. Sure progressives criticize you know who and a lot of rightwingnut governments and individuals but YOU have a bias towards some while we have bias towards none.

It isn’t religion that keeps these men there… it is imo… the mediocrity of their jailers. An amoral mediocrity.


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There is no evidence of any underlying hatred that is not progressive in the remarks of WJS. Nor do his remarks indicate that he is intellectually challenged. It is easy to comment on what an article says. It requires a greater intellect to comment on what an article does not say. WJS points out that the powers that be, i.e., those who could get prisoners out of Guantánamo, are self-professed Bible believers. The cruelty they have unleashed on these prisoners indicates that they are not kind people. That was the point being made by WJS, I think. Therefore, I do not agree that he should be accused of being intellectually challenged. Nor should he be upbraided for mentioning religion in an article that did not mention religion. I have noticed over the years that Fox news seldom tells lies. However, they almost always omit the truth. So WJS does not deserve an attack for pointing out what this article omits. These unkind people are sanctimonious jerks. Insightful and relevant observation, WJS!


Ah Ha!

The old “Round up the Usual Suspects” scam.

The Crooked “Casablanca” movie cop had nothing on the MICC!


Good points Ron,

You’ve come a long way towards progressive views, during your time at CD.

Folks, the neutral position is Agnostic, not Abrahamic Religions. A certain newbie poster, who will remain nameless, keeps claiming that any criticism of religion or rebuke of his long-winded Jesus-Soapbox he keeps spamming us with, is an effort to convert him away from his “progressive” Christian faith (an inversion of the truth since most of the world is not Christian, and progressives do not favor Christian views over other beliefs.)

As a DOD subcontract pilot (before my Enlightenment), I was essentially conscripted into a covert 1990 Desert Storm war, which was replayed by GWB in 2003. Lied to by the government and the Christian Right about what was going on in Iraq, I accepted my contractional obligation. The arguments the Empire’s MSM used prior to the re-attack were the same sentiment expressed by this poster when he said:

You’d best reread what you wrote. I am not joking about biased thinking. All religious people are alike? So some maniacal fanatic stoning women for wanting an education or claiming rape is somehow okay for some religious reason is the same as Pope Francis talking about progressive issues and saving the planet because they are >>> both religious types?

The Pope’s statements are grand, and I applaud them; but until the Church divests itself in it’s massive Capitalist Stock holdings and rectifies it’s status as the world’s biggest landholder (by returning that stolen land back to the poor indigenous), they are just empty words.

The Empire’s use of Christian Morality as a justification for torture and war, which they use subtly by inscribing bible verses on the barrels of sniper rifles and have priests in the army condoning “God’s Work”, is what the right-wing Religeous-Right advocates. These kind of religious rationalizations for torture and genocide have been used since the the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades.

This argument by the Empire that: “We know what the Big SkyGawd wants and we speak for him” is what has caused all this suffering throughout history; so true progressives should reject it.

We should all embrace the founding principles of the Enlightenment, where Earth Science and reason are in the drivers seat, policy-wise, and we all keep our checkered religious superstitions out of politics and out of the military as the founding fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, advocated.

“Religion to the Masses is True. To the Wise, False. And to the Rulers, Useful” - Senaca, 1AD.


Ever hear of civil disobedience? You weren’t conscripted into anything. You could have chosen not to. You could have quit or simply refused to go.

What Jesus Soapbox? Where. Liar. I don’t do that and I challenge you to put up qoutes where you claim I did. Never happened. That is just so pathetic seriously! So much for your ethics.

Lol and what is with this newbie.stuff again? Are you that pathetic that you think you have some priority place due to being here longer? I actually was a commenter on CD before they went to discus ask SR. No matter. Are you suggesting that someone new shouldn’t speak as an equal…lol … you really are pathetic.

The neutral position is not agnostic, it is not religious, it is not atheist… as I said it is multi-faith (including no faith etc) … a person’s beliefs are personal but you want to censor people. who are’t preaching but just being people. Show us where I spammed you pathetic liar.

It is interesting how your ‘‘essentially conscripted’ (yeah okay sure) comment compares with the three activists’ (one an eighty year old nun) acts of civil disobedience for which they spent over two years in jail.

War Resisters League here (among many other groups and progressive orgs.).