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Revealed: Pentagon Blocking Release of Cleared Guantánamo Detainees


Revealed: Pentagon Blocking Release of Cleared Guantánamo Detainees

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Pentagon is blocking the release of Guantánamo Bay detainees who have been cleared to return home through diplomatic deals between the U.S. and UK governments, the Guardian revealed on Thursday in an exclusive report.


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My answer to this particular problem is a nice little cup of tea with the President for Ash Carter. After which he will either sign off on the release of these illegally incarcerated individuals or he will sign his own resignation papers.


Men as well as children have been illegally detained and held at Guantanamo,often without evidence of wrong doing. Many were never charged, with anything or given legal representation. Many were tortured. Some have been locked up over a decade, and they are beginning to find out that many were falsely arrested, and were guilty of no crime. Why are they having trouble letting these people go? Because once they are free they will be able to tell the world what the United States did to them. Many procedures at Guantanamo were against international law and against US law. Everyone from the President on down could be charged with war crimes in an international court. There were a few documented cases of death while being tortured. There may be debates about weather waterboarding is torture. There is no debate over weather murder is murder. George Bush was a big supporter of capitol punishment.


The reason Gitmo detainees cannot be released is the same reason everything is classified and must be kept secret in our government now (why whistleblowing is now considered “espionage”). If detainees who’ve undergone treatment that qualifies as crimes against humanity actually are free to talk in the free world about what happened to them in U.S. custody, there would be a virus of outrage against the United States government. So the strategy is just to stall the detainees’ releases until they die and can no longer tell their stories.


Wikipedia says that 759 prisoners were detained at Guantanamo. Of these 116 remain, only 31 of whom, are deemed ‘a threat’. So hundreds of people resisting an invading army were captured, hooded, sedated,flown to a prison where they were beaten, tortured, unable to see their families and held for many years It says to me that Guantanamo is the ultimate symbol of a diseased country. And we claim to be pure of heart. Pure heartlessness, I think.