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Revealed: Private Federal Prisons More Abusive and Violent


Revealed: Private Federal Prisons More Abusive and Violent

Nika Knight, staff writer

Private federal prisons are more abusive, violent, and dangerous than their government-run counterparts, according to a frightening report published this week by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General.


Corporation Gulag Prisons where America's children, and adults are traded on the New York Stock Exchange daily. I know topic federal, so what! When the American system allows for children to be brutalized in these Corporation Gulag Detention Centers, what's left?


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The state's rightful power to physically hold someone in a cell (or anywhere) must never be delegated to private persons or organisations.


Please lets not use the word private prisons, it sounds to sweet. They are brutal places beyond belief. They are corporation owned, and run like old Soviet gulags. Hence, Corporation Gulag Prisons! By the way, research has shown it was the 1980's War on Drugs, and the resulting skyrocketing rise in prison populations that gave rise to the vermin who took advantage of the situation, to make up to billions of dollars off the pure misery of others. The vermin knew the American people and their lack of education, and mercy towards anyone convicted in America's Kangaroo Court System ( no offence to Kangaroos) could care less how anyone is treated in these gulags. After all, the American way is everyone for themselves. Don't believe me, just don't end up down and out in an American city. Final thought, Ronnie Raygun, and (Sweet Paulie Pure Bread) Nancy were in the White House in the 1980's, make the connection.


Exactly my sentiments. when somebody first said the words "private prisons" the folly of the concept should have been obvious. clearly running such a business means getting more customers to fill the prisons. making a profit means cheating on services to the prisoners, fatally flawed from the start, private prisons must be taken over by the states. and then closd.