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Revealed: The Private Firms Tracking Terror Targets at Heart of US Drone Wars


Revealed: The Private Firms Tracking Terror Targets at Heart of US Drone Wars

Abigail Fielding-Smith and Crofton Black, Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The overstretched US military has hired hundreds of private sector contractors in the heart of its drone operations to analyse top secret video feeds and help track high value terror targets, an investigation has found.

Contracts unearthed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveal a secretive industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, placing a corporate workforce alongside uniformed personnel, analysing battlefield intelligence.


How about a list of all the Flexians** employed by the administration, or are sons and daughters of senior administration perps, senators and/or representatives?

** Prof. Janie Wedel’s Shadow Elite defined Flexians as either employees or lawyers/consultants of large corporations who join administration to provide quick relief solutions to manufactured problems, by outsourcing business to their firms, influencing policy that will create a favorable markets, etc. We need to start naming and shaming as the Flexians, let them have a little fear in their lives.


Instead of throwing away millions and billions on mercenary analysts, shouldn’t the US government be moving to reverse course on all its global policies that lead to the growth of so-called terrorism in the first place. Shouldn’t the US stop its own terror of peoples around the world. That would go a long way to ending the need for all the private spies.


As long as there is no draft, the overwhelming majority of Americans are indifferent as to how the U.S. military operates. Long ago, millions of Americans said no to the killing in Viet Nam, not so much because Viet Namese were being killed but because we were asked to give our own lives. The genius of Nixon was evident in neutralizing opposition to war, first by a lottery system which mandated service only for its “losers,” and then by an outright abolition of conscription. And now, under Obama, not even military volunteers are asked to give their lives for their country. The reliance on drones, with the corporate input outlined in this article, takes the neutralization of opposition to a new level. If only “enemies” are killed, loudmouths like Walker can call for war with Iran and the American people will not automatically assume it will require them or their loved ones to die. No, under the new model, it will only be foreigners who die “for our freedoms.” Pretty disgusting how so many of us go along silently with this criminality.


You live in a martial state. A martial state is NOT a Democracy. And since the courts, the media, the congress, much of academe, and of course the Presidency SERVE that military state, any illusions of Democratic consent are just that: illusions.

As I will continue to point out since the preponderance of this messaging is too redundant, reflexive, and repetitive to represent anything OTHER than a paid Talking Point–the emphasis on the citizen/voter instead of the machinery of corrupt power that LIES to citizens, HIDES its operations, STEALS their tax dollars to do so, CORRUPTS the justice system (on both domestic and international levels), and is CRIMINAL in every way (just as armed and dangerous as the most elaborate Organized Crime hub) does not translate to citizens not caring or somehow abandoning their “duty.”

Most citizens are captives. They are captive to jobs that barely pay enough to cover food, rent, and education. Medical needs for a good percentage of citizens are a luxury.

The system is DESIGNED to disempower citizens, and while most muscle (at this point) is reserved for The Black community, that same network of faux law enforcement within a Draconian criminally unjust system is waiting for anyone else.

Nixon was part of another epoch entirely.

Until more people understand that 911 was the false flag needed to launch all these already planned wars, the realization of the level of betrayal (from govt.-business-military elites) won’t be fully felt. Nonetheless, most citizens realize that the politicians arguably in office to serve them are serving themselves and the twin lords of profit and power (mammon and Mars).

You appear to salute Mars… since the subtext of your comment is not to question the war machine, just to use the draft to draw more young persons into it… as if war need not be placed under a moral or ethical microscope. It is the war mentality that is the Cancer to this planet and a direct factor in destroying the natural balance that previously kept the rainfall patterns stable and the seasons alternating in accord with their rhythmic “time zones.”


Interesting perspective - “…the call for war… reliance on drones… people will not automatically assume it will require them or loved ones to die.” A logical eventuality as science fiction becomes reality in our high tech world but first the autonomous weapon army needs to be created. The AI tank, AI drone and AI torpedo/mine etc. needs development before a war fought with AI machines is possible. BTW in a war fought entirely by AI machines on both sides… the only logical targets for the victor of a battle would then be the other sides’s civilians and the means of production.

In the meantime

We see a privatization of war enfolding where the distinction between civilian (in this case corporate) control is disappearing. Civilian government is one thing but corporate run warfare is something else again.

Is the man who orders a drone missile launch a civilian or military? If he is a civilian is that then murder? If a civilian is he bound by the geneva conventions? If a civilian (corporate)… is he or is he not in the chain of command as is our civilian government?

As that science fiction future hollywood fantasy of Terminator AI exterminators seems to beckon, we will first encounter in reality the corporate controlled war that is not quite military (but able to give commands and make decisions in the chain of command) and not quite civilian government as they would not actually be part of government. Calling them a contractor is a euphemism.

Who then would they be? A privately run prison or school must at least function within the established legal norms but what ‘norms’ are involved with ‘007 - license to kill’ corporations?

Want Ad >>>

Position available for an experienced live target servicer. Number of prior kills will determine pay scale and rate of bonuses. Liberal vacation and medical. Home Office telecommuting programs are available. Kill from the comfort of your own home, if experienced.

Apply today kill tomorrow with our accelerated placement team (if qualified).


With seven billion potential targets, how can the military help but be overstretched?


Would it be considered an act of war for the countries to shoot down the spy drones?


Too easy and compassionate.

And the politicians “believe” that the MIC must be supported to supply what are increasingly the main source of decent paying jobs for blue collar workers. We used to make a lot of things. Now we make things that kill or we man the machines (keyboards and joysticks) that kill them. Like Clinton II said, (paraphased), “We can’t stop the drug trade–there’s too much money in it.” I imagine she and countless others of her ilk say the same about the MIC, even if it’s only at a very private party.


Sioux, my point was that it is very easy for Americans to acquiesce to wars waged in their names - so long as neither they nor their loved ones are asked to take the risks associated with war. I saw the mass opposition to the Viet Nam war dwindle away as the lottery reduced the risk to all, and then when the end of the draft removed the risk entirely. I have actively opposed all these wars and was among the few who marched against the Grenada and Gulf wars. Even in those cases, a few American “volunteers” died but now in Yemen, our Saudi allies are massacring the helpless and not even a single American pilot is risking his life. The use of mercenaries is another means, perfected under Bush, to keep the U.S. populace quiet since Americans killed in such work do not come home in flag-draped coffins.


The article said:

“The issue is not that some contractors may be doing imagery analysis. The problem is the ratio of contractors to government personnel. If that ratio balloons, oversight could easily break down, and the current prohibition on contractors making targeting decisions could become meaningless.”

What “oversight?” The kind of “oversight” that allows every male 18 years old to be declared a targeted "enemy combatant?

That “Oversight?”

The kind of “oversight” that allows innocent women and children standing next to the target to be wacked by a hellfire missile?

That “Oversight?”

The kind of “oversight” that shoots at reporters and children in cars for helping the wounded? ref: the video “Collateral Murder”, where the US Military policy of “double tap” (shoot the good sumeritians) is considered O.K.?

That “Oversight?”

The kind of “Oversight” that declares it’s O.K. to assasinate up to ten innocent people on board an aircraft as long as it kills an “enemy combatant”?

Why should you care?

Obamanation is building 30,000 armed drones to fly over the Domestic USA, right now, which will no doubt be controlled by some of these very same sick phucks.


What will happen in time is that Private Corporations will hire these people under contract to create their own lists of “high profile targets”

“Hgh Profile targets” will be persons who might protest GMO foods.
Persons who might blockade a pipeline.
Persons who might be calling for the nationalization of banks.
Persons who wish to see an end to fracking in their area.
Persons that are organizing labor unions at a local business.

And so on.

When the trigger pulled to eliminate one of these high profile targets the firm can boast of its high success rate of eliminating “targets” standing in the way of profits which is already deemed as terrorism in the USA under the Animla Enterprises act.