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Revenge Is a Rotten Way to Run a Country


Revenge Is a Rotten Way to Run a Country

Michael Winship

Yielding to one of the basest of human impulses, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are subverting Western society and democracy.


Grow up, Winship, and stop your lying. As sick and evil as Drumpf is, he did not collude with Russia, nor did Russia or Vladimir Putin interfere in our election. There is absolutely no credible evidence proving any such thing took place, after over a year. If there were, the intel agencies would have released it ages ago. That they haven’t means it doesn’t exist. The most that can be said is that the Drumpf campaign went searching for dirt on Clinton just as Clinton and her campaign tried to dig up dirt on him. If you’re going to call that illegal when one party does it, then you damned well better call it illegal when the other does likewise. Otherwise you’re just being a whiny little hypocrite as well as a pathological liar, and we have enough of those on MSDNC, CLinton News Network, and Fox Noise Channel.

Seriously, you Clinton apologists come off sounding more like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck every day. With all the actual, provable crimes Drumpf has committed, that he indeed should be impeached for (attacking Syria, violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution), you want to obsess over something you know for a fact is completely made up.

Tell you what, boy, how about you head on over to Consortium News and bone up on what actual journalism is. Maybe if you learn how to engage in it from people who’ve been honing their skills for decades, you’ll have a snowball’s chance of becoming a journalist yourself someday.


Trump was so horrific that I had to vote “for” this:

Never having enlisted in a political party I would have worked for Bernie until the soles of my feet peeled from their bones. Dogammit, I deserve representation, something that neither Clinton nor Trump offered. It is times like this that make me wish I believed in Hell to encapsulate the both of them forever.


While many articles here consist consist of false connections between dots to prove that corporate money and power explain the problems caused by Trump; Winship notes real connections between dots to get to the truth. Trump, Putin, and Assange are a threesome operating with the same goal, to overthrow western democracy although for different purposes. And revenge is clearly a big part of the motivation for their actions. Combating Trump, Putin, and Assange is difficult. At least for Trump and Putin, having people believe their lies is essential. Assange pretends Wilieleaks is an objective source of revealing information that governments are trying to hide but as time has gone on it is obvious that it is simply a cover to support Russian positions. Trump even supports Russian foreign policy objectives which still seems to defy rational explanation. Perhaps he is aiming for business deals in Russia, which seems to be a long-term objective of his. But spite and revenge are certainly a hallmark of Trump and that is not the way to conduct a presidency.


Michael WInship always hues to a moralistic line in his pieces. Hence, his tarring of Wikileaks/Julien Assange in this article. I think the negative assessment of WIkileaks is an unfortunate one, especially since it appears to align Winship with the anti-transparency crowd in D.C., toward our own, unsavory, ‘secrets’. Like the secrets on U.S. drone murders that Chelsea Manning, bless her, revealed through Wikileaks, and State Dept. plans to help overthrow elected governments. We need Wikileaks and whistle-blowers who can use them to reveal what our government would never confess. They have helped democracy. If there was an animus that motivated Assange during the election, reveal that, as well, but acknowledge the work and risks taken, of those who tell us the dirt our government does. (And by the way, Julien Assange should be freed).


There is absolutely no commitment to public service in this administration, only a commitment to tear down protections and programs that have served many Americans.

In it’s place, this administration has chosen to take those funds and make numerous attempts at giving those monies to the richest Americans and corporations.

This, is not sustainable.

Revolution is inevitable.

I am ready now.

The only question that remains, is, when will the masses be willing to turn off their TV’s, and take their kids and Grandmother too, and hit the streets, and make their demands be known?



Hell is real, and Satan has reserved special suites for the aforementioned humans.

Rest assured, their time is gonna come.

If that’s too far out to believe, have faith in yourself and all of us of like mind.


I know, the second link is from Sputnik. But Brian Becker is a long time advocate for peace. William Binney is a genuine All American Hero and not a conspiracy theorist as he has been branded by the M$M. The real shame is that Binney has to go on Sputnik because the NYT and others refuse to let him be heard and try to destroy his reputation. These are the times in which we live.



Thank you – I have fought believing that Assange was who his accusers are now saying he is – amazing how propaganda seeps its way in, and how todays’ power structure is trying hard to shove its lies down our throats! Here is another article that dispels Clinton’s lies about Assange: https://shadowproof.com/2017/11/14/cia-narrative-wikileaks-dominates-coverage-trump-jr-correspondence/


Winship writes:

“Clinton’s call for “fair, free transparent elections” in Russia led Putin to accuse Clinton of “interference in our internal affairs.” In retrospect, both statements are soaked in irony, as Putin’s revenge has taken the form of elaborate hacks and ruses via social media designed to interfere with and subvert free elections in the United States.”

This is itself a statement soaked in irony. The US has carried out decades of interfering with and subverting politics in Russia, on far greater scale than anything claimed by Putin’s accusers. As Winship certainly knows.

And US interference in Russia is just the tip of the iceberg of US destruction of the possibility of genuine politics in dozens of countries around the world, again for many decades, including numerous invasions and assassinations. Again, as Winship knows.



Thanks for your response. I will read the article you sent. It is amazing how many strands of the writing and op eds of current ‘experts’ seem to encourage the new cold war, and excoriate those who resist it. Putin is just the leader; Russian people are not my enemies, and I voted for Hillary, though I consider her a war-monger and don’t trust her at all. I worked for Bernie in the Primary. Anyway, thanks, and it’s nice to know there are other thoughtful women in the comments mix at CD. Kathryn


" I wish I believed in hell."

Your statement reminds me of a statement I read a long time ago: A person asked a very wise man if there was such a thing as hell and he answered: " WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE NOW!


Thank you Kathryn, I am going to tell you something about my history so you can understand why I could never vote for any Clinton. I read an article a number of years ago that said it was Hillary’s plan when Bill was elected that they give oil companies the right to drill on National Parks – my father worked for the National Park Service and we lived on the parks he was superintendent of when my brother and I were growing up. We used to have picnics in the excavated ruins at Chaco Canyon; at Ft. Laramie we drove the ‘scat kitty’ all over the park after hours, and swam in the river that flows through the fort. The land the national parks are on was set aside to ensure it remained pristine and that anyone could visit – I find it unconscionable that anyone would allow those lands to be used and abused by corporations that have no business spoiling them.
I agree with your take on the Russian people and I believe it is wholly wrong that powerful people are lying their best in an effort to dehumanize the people of other countries.



Thanks for telling me about your wonderful past as a child in our national parks! I envy you! Last year I got my free pass to visit all U.S. National Parks (senior pass)for free, and I was so thrilled. I haven’t been to Chaco Canyon yet. If it was true, what you read about Hillary’s agreement to approve drilling in our Parks, it’s awful; and now old Trump and his minions in Congress and on the Interior Dept. are planning this, and also drilling for uranium at the Grand Canyon. And in ANWAR too.
I love it that those children (Our Children’s Trust) are suing presidents and governors to claim their right to a heritage of healthy air and beauty that should be all Americans’. Several courts have now given them ‘standing’ to proceed. Kathryn


There is so much that is wrong with this piece that it would take up an entire page or more of citations from real journalists to debunk. Just a few observations, Winship quotes Julia Ioffe’s piece in The Atlantic on Wilileaks as " “a radical transparency organization that the American intelligence community believes was chosen by the Russian government to disseminate the information it had hacked” — where is the proof for any of this–as of the present, there isn’t any, just believe Julia and the American intelligence community.

Some writer for the New Yorker, upon reflection, roots Trump’s revenge four years previously when Obama ridiculed him at one of those faux Press Club Dinners. Give me a break.

What is more disturbing to me in this whole mess is so called liberal writers buying into this stuff, even to the point of siding with those who would censor the net and cut off opposition dissent. See Chris Hedges:


If Clinton didn’t want to deal with Vladimir Putin, her husband shouldn’t have opposed democracy in Russia.

‘Yeltsin relied on US political strategists – including a former aide to Bill Clinton – who had a direct line back to the White House. When Yeltsin eventually won, the cover of Time magazine was “Yanks to the rescue: The secret story of how American advisers helped Yeltsin win”.
Without the chaos and deprivations of the US-backed Yeltsin era, Putinism would surely not have established itself.’

Intellectually- and historically-challenged liberal thinking doesn’t provide any solutions - it only creates more problems.


Oh come on! We’re “liberals” and we’re “progressives” and we’re “the resistance!” And we strongly support empowering Google and Facebook and Twitter to censor news! And we strongly support the CIA and the NSA! And we strongly support neo-McCarthyism! Because, Trump! And, there is no irony here!


I returned to Chaco a few years ago and couldn’t believe how much had been excavated – we stood in one of the kivas in Pueblo Bonito! After going to both Chaco and Stonehenge I truly believe that Chaco is the North American Stonehenge as drawings of the original structures are remarkably similar, and both use the seasons and light direction in similar ways.

Have you been to Yellowstone, or Devil’s Tower, or Sequoia Nat’l Park? We traveled to different parks every summer after school was out – it would be such a shame if corporations are actually allowed to deface these lands. I truly despise all of our elected terrorists, b/c none of them are doing enough to stop this rape!


Indeed. As monsterous as the right are, it is ignorant to think that the faux-left can’t be just as bad with their censoring of the internet and ramping up World War III. And I say faux-left because the true progressives in this country don’t have a voice in the mainstream or if they do they get quickly drowned out.


That was one of the (many) things that kept me from voting for her. If Jill Stein hadn’t been on the ballot I would have voted for whatever 3rd party was. I can’t see any other way to stop the DC madness than to “waste” your vote with a 3rd party. I see it as a “None of the Above” vote. If there are enough willing to do so the system will either collapse or full blown totalitarianism will take over. People either work with others they may not like politically or get devoured by divide and conquer.