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Reversing Catholic Doctrine, Pope Francis Declares Death Penalty 'Inadmissable' in All Cases


Reversing Catholic Doctrine, Pope Francis Declares Death Penalty 'Inadmissable' in All Cases

Julia Conley, staff writer

Reversing long-held church doctrine and aligning himself with progressive Catholic advocates, Pope Francis said Thursday that the death penalty is "inadmissable" in all cases.


Thank you Francis.

That should put an end to all War.


With this wonderful newfound declaration for Peaceful Coexistence who needs guns.

Get yer bow and arrows out all you Gun Nuts.


I’m no fan of ANY pope who will never overturn Catholic Church teachings of the worst kind. “Cartesians may imagine that animals have no feelings, Thomists that they have no souls (whereas even imbeciles do), but both positions are too obviously inane to convince most of us” (Stephen R. L. Clark, The Moral Status of Animals, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1977). A 5-week- old seal pup is more sentient, more aware, than a 5-week-old human fetus, the abortion of which the Church condemns as a “sin” and calls “murder.” “But a full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversable animal, than an infant of a day, or a week, or even a month, old,” noted the English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832).

And in the Catholic faith, nonhuman animals suffer the worst: they are conflated (mixed and combined with) plants and minerals:

I OPEN MY CATHOLIC HIGH-SCHOOL FRESHMAN GREGOR MENDEL EDITION, ENTITLED “MODERN BIOLOGY.” The Foreword makes it explicitly clear that this is a creationist/faith-based edition.

There’s a chart drawn showing “GOD the CREATOR” in a box at the very top of the chart.

The next box under God [no pun intended] reads “CREATURES,” from which two other boxes stem, entitled “MATTER” and “SPIRIT,” respectively.

Under the “MATTER” box stem boxes for the mineral and vegetable “kingdoms,” as well as a box entitled “ANIMAL ‘KINGDOM’.”

Under the “SPIRIT” box, however, is a box reserved exclusively for humans and angels. So apparently they want you to believe that sentient nonhuman beings [a/k/a “animals”] are nothing more than mere “matter,” like wood or stones, devoid of consciousness, mind, spirit, feelings, so on. Catholic Church teachings regarding the inherent value and dignity of nonhuman animal life ignores the science on evolutionary continuity of mental and emotional experience, and ignores all the compelling arguments for taking animal rights seriously and challenging the ideology of human exceptionalism and domination. That said, I concur with Rowan Atkinson:

“What is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion if the activities or teachings of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be intensely disliked?” – Rowan Atkinson


Well, okay. I wonder if they will return the land they stole for indigenous cultures around the world by murdering them?

Also, they still treat gays and women like subhumans, so maybe if we wait another two thousand years they will get around to fixing that.

And is it murder to tell people who can not afford children to have them anyway because God will provide?


Francis needs to get a real job.


Great quote—right on, Blackadder!


I think this is important----and moves us in the right direction----Thank You Pope Francis.


The Roman Empire position of torturing people to death on crosses is never a good one for any church to embrace. For one thing, the empire keeps using it on innocent people. Also, in the end it doesn’t conquer anything.


If Pope Francis wants to make clear that he is a liberal – and wants to align with
Catholic liberals and all liberals - then the easiest and clearest way for him to do
that would be to end the right wing coup on Vatican II which sought to make the
Catholic Church a democracy and wherein the beloved Pope John XXIII told members
to use their own personal consciences to decide for themselves whether or not to use

But this is a step in the right direction.


Well to be fair there was never a second Spartacus.


With a swiftly Deteriorating Government Respect for Nature and Humanity

Compassion must be Re-Affirmed Continuously


When people post like you do it looks more like a personal hatred and severely tainted by emotions. What DOES your post have to do with the Popes declaration, other than you don’t agree with his religion’s history because of X and X and X and therefore you apparently don’t agree with him on NOT KILLING?

I agree with the Pope on this stance, and don’t agree with him on some others, but none that you listed and he happens to be not directly out doing.


Julia Conley, it was disingenuous and unprofessional to place Robert Mann’s quote directly under the headline, implying that the Pope was the author of the quote. You should print a retraction and your editor should be disciplined.


While I generally agree with this stand, I don’t believe that any religion should be involved in public policy at any level, especially one with such a history of corruption and abuse of women and children. I oppose the death penalty, except for dictators and other corrupt despots who deserve to die horrible deaths at the hands of their victims, and that includes George W. Bush and Darth Cheney.


You are taking Rowan Atkinson’s quote out of context. He was not talking about the Catholic Church but about the extension of the proffered anti-hat bill to the Muslim religion.