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Reversing Course, UK Opens National Parks to Fracking


Reversing Course, UK Opens National Parks to Fracking

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Fracking will now be permitted in national parks, "areas of outstanding natural beauty," and potentially near drinking water sources, members of the UK Parliament said Wednesday, marking a reversal of course from the commitment it made just three weeks ago to pass a prohibition, and infuriating opponents of toxic drilling.


This is horrible behavior by a government. I hope that Prince Charles says something highly critical of the government. It seems to me the people’s representatives have already spoken and reversal is not a democratic move.


This is horrible… that’s right… it’s unbelievable… who in their right mind would mess with that?.. I try every day… to wrap my mind around our behavior… around what we EXPECT …FROM OUR LIVES… THAT IS THE PROBLEM, we expect all the wrong things…