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Reviled VOICE Hotline for 'Immigrant Crimes' Flooded With Reports of UFOs

Reviled VOICE Hotline for 'Immigrant Crimes' Flooded With Reports of UFOs

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Wednesday unveiled its controversial immigrant crime office, complete with a hotline for U.S. citizens to report alleged crimes committed by undocumented aliens—which was promptly overwhelmed with calls about extraterrestrials, UFOs, and First Lady Melania Trump.


It’s nice to smile from news, but I fear this WH will arrest the callers as soon as they figure out what to charge them with.
I will try calling today!


I dig the picture of the German Hanabau 2 saucer from wwii. . It didn’t have a tractor beam device though, so it’s a fake.

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Love that call about “the immigrant woman living on my tax dollars in NYC”.


oh gosh—how funny it is! on weekends we watch old reruns of “columbo” and just this last weekend leonard nimoy was the featured guest. as soon as i saw him i turned to my son and said, “we should report this illegal alien!” :smiley:

i want to help, too! 1-855-48-VOICE <a href=https://twitter.com/robbiegramer/status/857374283290554368 …>call or write!


I am damn proud of my fellow peons! It’s good to know we still have a sense of humor :alien:


no! let’s not allow {{{fear}}} to stop us! chelsea manning didn’t, julian assange didn’t, ed snowden didn’t and so many others have risked so much for us. don’t spread fear—that’s the government’s job. if we can’t find the strength to stand against them, don’t help them!

p.s. oops! i spoke too soon–before i read that you’re calling, too,


He’p me, he’p me, I be hip no tized.




And Goddess bless, she will be FREE very soon now! We need to continue fighting the cheeto-in-chief for Chelsea; for Julian; and for Edward, that their sacrifices will be honored!


Reminds me of this classic from SNL:


Loved it! Thanks, I needed that…still laughing. Also watched the Joe Pesci Show and laughed so hard that I could hardly breathe! Scary that the DeNiro as Fenson skit portrays the REALITY of the idiocy in the WH. SOS, different day.

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So I asked, How can I tell if the alien is legal or illegal … and what if my question offends him (or her or it), and I get thrown off the spaceship … while we’re high up somewhere? No thanks, I’ll just live and let live.


From sex workers to drugs, to terrorists, to immigration, conservative prohibitionists create problems where there are none.

From protecting lives and our environment, conservative WS anti-regulators create problems where there are none.

From democracy to oligarchy, conservatives create problems where there are none.

Why do people still think conservatives good, liberals bad?

Direct Democracy


I will keep trying to reach them anyhow to report the ghost of my undocumented grandfather who was not lily white and therefore not welcomed by discriminatory immigration policies favoring whites from Europe. I also plan to report the ghost of my Sioux ancestor who is reporting a whole lot of European aliens still squatting on Turtle Island.


They are being swamped!

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Every summer we get an influx of immigrants from Jamaica and other low wage countries to work for cheap in the nearby resort communities, displacing local people who need work, but can’t afford to work for less than what these workers are paid. Soon after that we get the aliens coming from the faraway cities to congest the roads, create long lines at local restaurants, and deplete the peace and quiet with their whiny, screaming alien kids. September can’t come quick enough when the alien schools reopen and all the immigrants leave until it starts all over again the next year.

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I will report the ghost of my Greek grandfather (paternal) who had to assume a French surname, passport, and documentation (he spoke six languages) in order to emigrate from Greece in 1922 (under the Quota System). I will use his Greek name as it does not appear on any US Immigration rolls. His wife (my grandmother) came to the US from Ireland the same year and they met and married in Dover, NH where they lived out their lives. She came to visit relatives (aunts who were Catholic nuns) and never returned to Ireland…lived here without what are now deemed to be “necessary” documents.

We are a nation of Native born peoples and immigrants, which creates a rich, rewarding patchwork of humanity!

OOOOOH…the dreaded “other.”

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Oh, you anchor baby you!

My great-grandfather came here from Italy, probably as a scab recruited by the coal-mine owners, about 1895 and stayed to move to the unionized side. My genealogist cousin is having some difficulty reconstructing his name and background, nemmind his immigration record; he lived and died in Ohio as “Michael Welch.” Since the union miners were strongly based in Wales, I assume that surname was an invention of the mine operators or the immigration officials who either couldn’t spell the family name from Italy or wanted to disguise it.

My great-grandmother on another branch was a Mayflower descendant. I think we should ask the Native slave that immigrant left to his son about documentation.