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Revisiting 1930s Authoritarianism Through Donald Trump

Read “On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin and get back to me. Or “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins…

I liked Hawkins Book…that being said, I don’t do tit for tat

I’ve read Hawkins and Harris and others but I soon realized that they are criticizing religion instead of proving atheism’s tenets. If you read their books and remove the references to what it says in the bible or what this religion believes or that religion believes you realize that they aren’t really atheists as much as they are anti-religionists.

I’ve subsequently asked many an atheist whether it is possible to believe in God without having a religion. They act like I am spouting heresy. They tell me that they oppose religion dogma but never actually considered the concept of God except through religions. Then they get mad at me for messing up their memorized retorts for religionists. Moreover when they debate with me and I object when they bring up religion they get flummoxed about it.

It seems they have that Old Time Atheism to match that Old Time Religion and can’t think without the old stand bys.

Somewhere out there is an atheist who doesn’t need a religion to disprove so as to be an atheist and right next to him is someone who doesn’t need to have a religion so as to believe in God…

and I bet the two get along real nice.

I try very hard to be inline with the Buddha and the Dalai Lama…religions, on the main, scare the … outta me even the anti-group…as Buddha tries to teach us, doubt everything and become your own light…we are light, where it goes from our eyes when we die? it’s still unknown until we get there…we really are star-dust…Peace

I love the Dalai Lama - one of those people whom you feel grateful that they have been a presence in the world. The truth is the truth no matter who says it or hears it. Most religions share truth of course and Buddha and Christ taught many similar beliefs.

I leave you with a personal question (for me) which is that did Christ having reached enlightenment at such a level that He offered us a way to get off the wheel of reincarnation (eternal life)?

I think the search for truth in whatever way works for you is the only religion. Maybe God (if you believe in God) made each and every one of us a religion that is our way. An atheist chooses truth as long as it fits their preconceived notions. Religious people choose truth according to their preconceived notions.

Choose truth… that’s more than enough for most things. What people have trouble with is that your truth may not agree with my truth and vice versa. Often people can’t accept that both people can be correct about the truth. They want to claim their truth is the absolute truth and so forth.

I don’t believe in absolutes - only fanatics do. BTW many atheists and religionists do too. Anyone who can’t accept that they might have it wrong is a fanatic believer in absolutes. There is a God or there isn’t a God - my way or no way - I’m right you’re wrong… it is all falsehood. The truth is you have your way and I have mine… have a seat and let’s share the truth of yours and I’ll share the truth of mine and we both may learn something. In other words… God loves atheists too. Heck, He might even like them better considering the behavior of many religionists. Who knows?

I do believe in truth however and spend most of my time searching for it. Lol.

There is physical evidence that Buddha was a very real person, there is none for Jesus (christ is a title). Buddha lived 500 years before the idea of Jesus began. The Dalai Lama teaches us that the truth is just for the moment it/you exist in. It is like sand in the fingers, it slips through the cracks. In order to maintain the truth you must beware of the delusion(s). If by chance you do ever require “absolutes” then you must always be in the moment.

Fine …everybody needs to believe just like you do…is that your solution? You tell me your way and then imply that if my way differs than yours that it is in error or lacking in some way. You also wave a red cape and shout Toro Toro. as if goading another over their traditions. Tsk tsk. So there is evidence for Buddha is there …is that so? And none for Jesus huh? What a fool you became and so quickly too. Is casually insulting other’s traditions part of your supposed enlightenment?

Okay… just to show you how blind you are. Show me this supposed proof that Buddha existed. I do read a lot btw. Proof mind you. Not hearsay. Everybody has hearsay. Proof though… now that is something. So prove what you have said and said for no reason BTW except your own ego (not high on the path if you are still so ego bound huh?). No matter though. Proof will suffice. I can’t believe how dumb that was to say what you did for no reason. You need to read some psychology texts and focus on neurotic tendencies for a start. Or maybe just take a course in communication skills or social interaction.

Sorry, did not mean to offend…there are 5 known burial sites of Buddha, they have unearth 3 of them to find urns of ashes and bones…that being said I don’t think Commondreams is a forum for this…

Five eh? Lol. and all of them true I suppose…lol. If you didn’t think CD is the forum for it then why did you say it in CD? Perhaps it only occurred to you that it was not the forum for it when you found that your comment couldn’t be supported with actual proof. To say something so confrontational and then pretend innocence is an interesting trait which seems characteristic of a lack of empathy for others. I met a person once who got annoyed that I didn’t automatically accept his wisdom teaching because he of course believed it to be the truth and my not accepting it as the final word showed some flaw in my make up at least according to him. I happened to point out that his meditating (his pride and joy) so much hadn’t done very much to improve his nasty arrogance and he became quite angry. I never forgot him… he also had an lack of empathy.

"But, though Trump’s certainly no fascist, he helps us revisit the spirit of that distant era.

He’s relatively indifferent to democracy. Very early, he said he’d
like to “expedite” the election, i.e., get it over with and on to taking
power. This week in Iowa he said he wished the vote was tomorrow. His
policies are utterly vague; there’s no point articulating them, it’s all
in his head. He’ll get the best people, make the best deals, “you’re
gonna love it.” It amounts to trusting him absolutely, the strong
leader, whose brilliance, success, even his physical beauty, are
undeniable. There’s no concrete participation. He “loves” his base and
will look after them; their only role is to love him back."

No, he’s not a fascist; he simply apes Adolf Hitler, without the uniform, to a T.