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Revisiting A Progressive Education Agenda: What’s Happened Since?


Revisiting A Progressive Education Agenda: What’s Happened Since?

Jeff Bryant

It’s been nearly two years since the Education Opportunity Network, with the Opportunity to Learn campaign and the Campaign for America’s Future, published the Education Declaration to Rebuild America.

As The Washington Post reported at the time, “The document offers a progressive approach to school reform.”


Gee, wouldn’t you think, with all of the money going through Wall Street, that New York would have the best school system in the world?

Seriously, this article comes closer than others on this subject to putting the blame for our pathetic educational system where it belongs (falsely identifying Reich as a Progressive notwithstanding). However, it points to individuals (nine billionaires) rather than Wall Street, as though the problems with our schools are NOT the result of corporate greed.



But a million dollars a minute for military


Running into the bricks in the wall


I have never doubted for a moment that there are those out there in TV-Land that work purposely to keep the people of America as dumbed-downed as possible. That is the only way to rule.

It is a long term ambition for the dynasties who are now taking turns at the leadership of this country. First the Bushes, then the Clintons. “Oh…wait a mintue…it will look really good if for a while we let a black man become President but let’s make sure we keep our invisible boot on his neck. The next election will be the Clinton Dynasties’ turn at the helm. Well duh now!


It does cost more to educate a student from a poverty stricken household than one from a more affluent household. It is also true that school districts with a larger percentage of students from poverty-stricken households spend less per student than school districts with students from poverty stricken households and more students from affluent households. For one thing, schools have to feed students from poverty-stricken households in order to get anything across to them. Salvation Army was right–it does not good to preach to those who are hungry or in pain–you have to meet basic needs first in order to get anywhere preaching.


Excellent article, Mr. Bryant. Thank you for sharing it.

The following 2 quotes deserve repeating for they hit and expose the Corporate strategists’ agenda dead-on:

"The reporter, Bill Raden, points to work done by “a growing number of researchers who … argue that 30 years of test scores have not measured a decline in America’s public schools, but are rather a metric of the country’s child poverty.”

“To distract from their business agenda, Cuomo and his hedge-fund friends have employed a “hey, look over there” strategy to focus attention on a “reform” agenda that supports charter schools, attacks on teacher tenure, and a flawed teacher evaluation process based on student test scores.”


Corporate-education’s favored Libertarian-style Talking Points. Aren’t you proud of yourself: making a case to further defund kids in need.


When do we discuss the parents and kids themselves, instead of all of these other people? What do THEY want? Well, in burgs like Cupertino they want more of everything. Some may talk a line about being Democrats and wanting to spread some of the wealth but many of the young in affluent coastal California north and south have been created to be pampered, showered with endless tech, and given more choices than any other group in history. Down in Bell Gardens they are lucky not to get knifed on the way to school.
For those of us who grew up in California in earlier times and benefited from our wonderful, cutting edge system that was generally around the whole state, it is enough to induce illness upon witnessing it. The tap needs to be turned off for a while with the top tier, they are taking it all, what there is of it.