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Revisiting the Salem Witch Trials: Welcome to the Amazon.com For Baby Body Parts


Revisiting the Salem Witch Trials: Welcome to the Amazon.com For Baby Body Parts

A helpful reminder the GOP's deranged war on women's health lumbers on: This week saw not just SCOTUS hearing arguments on Texas' egregious anti-choice law - one of hundreds nationwide - but the first session of a "Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives" where House members rabidly conjured Mengele, Tuskegee and Amazon.com to condemn Planned Parenthood's "selling baby body parts,” EXCEPT IT DOESN'T. Your tax dollars at work.


What the fuck is going on in this country?


God! This is the United States in 2016?


Actually, nobody was burned during the Salem witch hysteria. They were hung, or pressed to death.


It's the rise of the Christian right/Reich. Faith-based deluded authoritarians who think the only thing that's sacred is the fetus, but killing live children in a long line of "holy wars" is what Jesus would want them to do.


Seems pretty clear to me. Contraception and abortion have been cramping the style of those who sell whole babies for $30-50K apiece. Think about it. When a woman or young girl goes to one of those abortion alternative clinics, what do they suggest to her? Why did faith groups go into Haiti and scoop up children after the earthquake? Connect the dots.


The absolute Hypocrisy of these people....(apologies to the author for my changes)

The Humanity of the Unborn Child WAR Fund,” promoting the “humanity of the unborn.”high schools would be required to "clearly and consistently teach that WAR kills a living human being and is against public policy," part of a broader public service campaign "for the purpose of achieving an WAR-free society."

Evidently unborn isn't a problem if they are talking Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian, Kurdish, Yemeni, Libyan, Syrian, more ad nauseum.............

The clueless, decrepit Flynn clearly knows nothing about WAR - he refers to "cutting people's bodies" and "invasive surgery," which bear no relation to the actual procedure - he insists, "We're not removing access to WAR, we're improving it.