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Reviving the 'Liberal Media' Myth


Reviving the 'Liberal Media' Myth

Robert Parry

In the wake of last week’s CNBC-sponsored Republican presidential debate – and its alleged “gotcha questions” – the GOP and the Right are reviving their treasured myth of the “liberal media,” a claim that has been politically significant but almost entirely fictitious. There is not now nor really was there ever a “liberal media.”


Obviously, mainstream media are corporate entities, and as such, content is determined by the corporate perspective. We must note that the media marketed to liberals today largely lack objectivity for essentially the same reason: They market to middle class consumers and campaign donors. Both types of media overlook or exclude points and issues that are actually vital to enabling us to have an informed public, and this continues to take a heavy toll on the country.


Comcast is now full owner of NBC Universal having bought out GE's share a couple of years ago. This makes no difference to the substance of your argument, which I agree with, but when you are making a case it's important to get the details right


Capitalism,racism,militarism,>these are the issues that should be the focus in both democrat and republican debates. And I would add healthcare since we are so incapable of dealing with this issue that should have been dealt with decades ago.----This is a complaint from both sides and is so true,but its not the liberal media its the corporate media. And the corporate media wants to keep us all ignorant. Lets have debates on any of these four issues-issues that effect all of us daily.

Here are some great gotcha questions for Hillary or Bush-who are your big campaign donors?Why are these people supporting you?-----Whats amazing is to watch people like Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow defend the corporate media without question.

I don't agree with Rick Santelli-he is a strong supporter of capitalism,but I like the fact that he rails against the fed for manipulating markets. And the same for Cramer but his question on drug prices was a great question,its to bad there wasn't any follow up and a discussion on this issue.


You are as delusional as a Rush Limbaugh supporter. You obviously didn't read or understand the article, and went back to your usual Talking Point based on blaming the so-called Middle Class. Basically, The Middle Class is vanishing as the jobs that MADE FOR a middle class have been off-shored, down-sized, or turned into temp work sans benefits. Also, Middle Class WORKERS along with "lower class" workers both face the same corporate behemoths, The Deciders.

This is an important article by Mr. Parry that totally exposes the LIE of a "liberal media," and then a ding bat like you shows up with nonsense about "both sides."

Grow a BRAIN!


What Siouxrose11 said. There is nothing "fair" or "balanced" about saying, "Well, both sides do it." As Mr. Parry noted, journalists used to inform the People in the manner the founding fathers envisioned. Reporters who bark out their Master's points on air and in print are simply propagandists.


Thank you. Fabian constantly bashes the Middle Class and that would seem like a Talking Point devised by the Koch Brothers or a "think tank" pushing the twisted logic of a Frank Luntz. I tire of those who post in ways that repeat a singular--typically false and/or falsely framed--message.


Note also that US media will do whatever it takes to prevent meaningful campaign funding reform that in any way diminishes the boatloads of revenue the media gets for all of those horrible campaign ads.

Am acquaintance who works for a major city daily newspaper told me that his paper and many others are so dependent on campaign ad revenue that any reduction would quickly drive them out of business.



Notice that a staple op-ed in the so-called liberal media is the reasoned denunciation of Leftist "political correctness." One reads of absurd excesses in censorship and over-sensitiveness. The editorial writers never tire of lambasting the dogmatism of "the liberals," especially young liberal students.

While the odd article might disavow the Republican charge of liberal media bias, I don't recall any op-eds in the mainstream media that aggressively confronts Republican politicians for their Rightist political correctness. If a journalist asks an unfavorable question, then that journalist is a Republican hater. If a reporter covers American imperial crimes, then that reporter does not love this country. Give me a break!! Republicans are uncomfortable with the media for the simple reason that social and political facts are most often contrary to the claims of Republican ideology. Republicans hate and fear the truth, which is why they don't want the media to question them in any way where truth is the issue. Look at how purely stupid so many Republicans are when it comes to the science of climate change, for instance. When a Republican politician does not have a good answer, they settle for blaming the questioner. I'm sure Sarah Palin felt aggrieved at the insolent reporter when she could not answer the question: "which daily newspapers do you read?" Now that's a tough, biased question that you could not fairly expect a Conservative to answer :smile:

Republican complaints about the media only go to show what a bunch of totalitarians they are: they only want to deal with questions that they themselves would pose. In other words, they aren't in the least interested in any kind of dialog. They have doctrine. They have TRUTH...


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thank you for your comment...
I was reading DHFabians and thought "whaaaaa?"
yes, I guess if you're strained intellectually to see the complexity of history the writer took us through, coming down simply on the muddled middle may fool somebody..
Thanks for not being fooled and called Fabian on it.