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Revolt Is the Only Barrier to a Fascist America


Revolt Is the Only Barrier to a Fascist America

Chris Hedges

This is a transcript of a talk Chris Hedges gave at the Inaugurate the Resistance rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.


Remembering the prediction of Hedges on tyranny: when it comes, he said, it will be wrapped in the flag and professing evangelical religion. And here we go, a fist waving, God blessing President that I am calling the orange fart.


This is the closest thing to an antichrist evangelicals have been warning and preaching my whole life. If evangelicals wake up and smell the sulfur and don't respond simply by thanking the almighty for the endtime promise of resurrecting believers.......that would be a bright candle in the darkness....instead of simply branding rebels as anti-capitalist.....as if capitalism were the gospel message itself...instead of capitalism being a workable economic system when ethically regulated by an ethical government.........which we have clearly lost in all three federal branches as of last Friday..............Just sayin'.......


Wonderful, Chris! Thank you.


Excellent article, Chris. Thanks!


“We once had within our capitalist democracy liberal institutions”. Hedges is almost always on the mark with his analysis but his historical focus is sometimes fuzzy. The post World War II economic boom in the U.S., while most of the world was in ruins from WWII, provided opportunity for global capitalism. The coming robotics and computer revolutions along with the jet plane meant that capitalists were no longer limited by nation states or their unions. The only possible threat to them would have been, and still is, a global union movement acting in concert with a worldwide socialist revolution.

Capitalists will only respond to “outside pressure from movements” if they must but they will only grant reform and help to workers on a temporary basis. “Politics is a game of fear” that will always be won by the elite. The elite will always rule with more fear than can be generated against them. The answer is not to try and scare the elite but to eliminate the elite. Only socialism provides a way to eliminate elites and the class system which always produces an elite.

Yes the “corporate forces have us by the throat” but their capitalist system is at a dead end and can only be continued through austerity and environmental destruction. So the capitalist future of the world is to become a global rentier economy. But neoliberalism, the bible for the financial parasites, has deregulation as one of its core principles so the economy will become even more fragile with ever bigger collapses until even the government can’t bail it out(Minsky moment where even interest payment cannot be met). Today’s creditors are not in any position to fall back on anything other than printing more paper and creating more debt. Rome, as were economies until the twentieth century, was based on agriculture and trade. Even if suddenly Trump built a wall around the entire U.S. and demanded that everybody become a farmer it would only work if he also shut down the entire modern infrastructure and everyone had to go back to supplying their own needs and live by candlelight. But if the big global economic collapse happens, that everyone on the left and the right is anticipating, than perhaps one should, at least, get some candles.

The “new world order” was a ridiculous dream of global capitalists. Capitalists do not cooperate they compete and seek to destroy competitors. Constant warfare is the history of capitalism.

As far as Trump and the barbarians go it will be interesting to see where all the hard pressed people who voted for him will go in four years. I see the election of Trump as an ultimatum to the 1%. When Trump fails to delivery any economic improvement for the average citizen, as he must due to today’s world capitalist economy, then I see a great opportunity for socialists to move workers away from the two big business parties to third party support and a socialist alternative.

In every way time is running out for capitalism. It is unsupportable by dwindling natural resources, global warming, ecological destruction and increasing resource wars. The worst that could happen is that the human race dies by the fire of nuclear war, Otherwise there could come a new dark ages of complete economic collapse and technological breakdown in which case get out those candles and look out for the gangs, and the local war lord. Feudalism is as impossible as a “new world order". Both would depend on a stable world of order and class stability. The future favors neither for capitalists. They face a future of increasing disorder and a collapsing environment. The only tenable governance for the future is socialism with a planned economy and equitable wealth sharing by destroying class based systems.

Fascism is nothing new. Corporations are fascist structures so it’s no surprise that they prefer a fascist government. Even before assuming power Hitler gained the support of not only German business but international capitalism as well. I personally have been fighting fascism all my life. I have lived the life of a socialist owning nothing with minimal possessions. As a lousy consumer I have subverted the system most of my adult life.

“The moment we defy power, we are victorious”. Yes and we also gain personal freedom from power by not playing their games by which they can exploit and control us. But victory will not come from making them afraid of us which would only, as in the past, get temporary concessions.

Victory can only come from their destruction and the class system which produces elites.

The only answer has been and is a worldwide socialist revolution. I fight capitalists because they are capitalists. Fascism is the heart of any capitalist.


Dear mr Hedges, you seem to be one of the many equating Clinton with Trump, yet now you call this regime fascist? Whould Clinton be fascist as well? Any regrets?


Beware the false prophets who have found their way to the podium these last few days

The personalities for whom "progressivism" is a brand, devoid of sincere principle.

The revolution will not be telegenic

Or it will remain one in name only.


Would be nice. I am afraid most of the people we call evangelicals burn sulfur to warm themselves.


I have not special right to answer for Hedges, but as a reader of his work, yes, of course Clinton would be fascist as well, and I would say that he described that clearly enough before the election.

The descriptions Benito Mussolini gave of fascism used a metaphor of the unified pull of the fascia (muscles) on bone to describe the desired action of a unified pull of business and government--as attempted by the prior administration in its record-setting campaigns against whistleblowers and journalists, its management of wars in various countries at the same time, and so forth.


What would Hedges regret? He has spoken strongly against the Clintons.


"The ruling elites, terrified by the mobilization of the left in the 1960s,"
Then the assassinations began.


"The point is that you can't be too greedy."
Donald Trump


I always look forward to Mondays on Common Dreams because of Chris Hedges, This one is maybe the best he has written
Thank you, Mr. Hedges!
The essay is TRUTH from start to finish. The second paragraph very succinctly explains the history of this country over the
last 50 years. I've known it from living through it, but Chris wraps it up in a way that makes sense of it all. This is the real
original conspiracy, although others have been in service to its ultimate goals. Hedges has a gift for connecting all the dots,
and a highly evolved sense of empathy and justice.


" I do not fight fascists because I will win. I fight fascists because they are fascists."

And that is why my father volunteered for the British Army in 1939 and why mother remained in London during the Blitz, when she and other nurses patrolled the attics of her hospital with a couple of buckets of sand with which to douse incendiary bombs that came through the roof.

Yet now we are led to believe that we must forgoe all our civil liberties because of the threat of "terrorism"? The cigarette manufacturers kill more people per year than "terrorists" have killed in 16 years.


But, so far all Revolts have ultimately lead into some kind of Fascism and/or Democracy-Oligarchy !
And let’s not forget that the Republic of Rom as well as the United States were founded on the
principles of Fascism ! - Just look at the US Congress !

In the context of social-economic cooperation the concept of ‘Together we are Strong’ has proven
to be a very effective & powerful engine and has helped human societies to thrive exponentially.

But in conjunction with other theories & ideas, this concept was corrupted, became toxic and,
in the context of a social environment, it now highly contagious.

Since Adam & Eve got thrown out of the ‘Garden Eden’ we have not only insane ideas of monoculture
and some linear, hierarchic world-order, but also the obscure ideas of proprietorship & entitlement,
-and so it goes… - Now we have even intellectual properties ? !

The idea to create physical & mental barriers, frontiers & borders belongs to the confrontational
mindset of separation & segregation, - and all that in a hierarchic order.
Our mind & world is divided in Good & Evil, we have leaders & followers, and nothing can be accomplished except confusion & destruction.

We have lost our ability to come together, to cooperate & co-create.
Today we developed cloud network technologies but stripped our Intelligence
off its social-emotional capabilities.

So, who or what is ultimately responsible for all this outcome ?

Who, exactly, has conspired to turn the U.S. into a neo-impoverished, plutocrat-led,
environmental catastrophe creating, militarized, privatized, gangster-state ?
What can we expect from those whose reflections are distorted by the narcissism of
democracy & anthropocentrism, and those whose visions are obscured by the
delusions of a hierarchic, linear paradigm?

How can we continue with this belief system, a monocultural idea which has corrupted all our neurocognitive functions, and is now controlling our entire perception of reality ?
According to C.G. Jung, we are dealing here with a serious mental disease which behaves like a virus
or meme, a social contagion which is spreading, not only lateral, thru societies, but also vertical,
thru generations.
Today’s social-eco-nomic situation is reflecting the symptoms of a widespread & deep-rooted
mental disease rather than a political misjudgment which can be fixed or eradicated with
our current mental capacities.

So, how much can we do with a compromised collective-consciousness,
a totally dismantled Social-Emotional-Intelligence and the ignorance of arrogance ?

Since our economical thinking has nothing to do with its ecologic fundamentals,
real education is lacking, and conditioned behavior can not comprehend reflections,
we need to wake-up before we stumble into the next disaster.

So, what exactly is the wisdom here ?


Gordon Gecko lives, does he not?


Yes, Chris, you said it. Trumps rise can be rightly blamed on the void left when liberalism died and was replaced by boutique -event-liberalism, what I often call the "Oprah Winfrey/afternoon kaffeeklatsch TV activism".
This rabid, right-wing, pridefully ignorant rise of the extreme Right Wing has been fomenting since 2009 and couldn't wait to get rid of the negro in the White House and replace him with a good White Boy. Well, now we have him, and the first one's to feel the Hell that is coming may be those who love him most. But we're all going to feel it.


Although Trump supporters will be indeed be among those most negatively impacted by his actions the right wing propaganda machine is already providing daily doses of alternative facts to Trump supporters hammering home the assertion that whatever problems emanate from the Trump administration are insurmountable problems that are caused by Obama, Sanders, Warren, the Clintons and others not mustered on to Trump's pirate ship.

With more than 650 days before the 2018 election and more than 1350 days before the 2020 election, the right wing is counting on the daily doses to galvanize Trump supporters to him and prevent defections.


Read this article and sign the petition at the end of it: http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/01/24/why-impeach-donald-trump/