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Revolting Against Speaker's Refusal to Act, Pelosi's Own Leadership Team Demands Trump Impeachment Proceedings

Maybe that’s what she is afraid of. Maybe she doesn’t want to be president.

I believe you must have read my mind with you post. Exactly the way I feel on all fronts.
I might add that threats of contempt charges are hollow unless Barr and Mnuchin are held to account, NOW.

It’s their job to investigate, and do their duty to impeach both Trump and Barr. As they have stated, and proved imo, they can legislate and do oversight at the same time.
We are just not used to an active congress, unless it has to do with a Benghazi hearing.


I must dispute the headline. The “rebels” are at best second and third tier “leaders”.

The CommonDreams article and the Washington Post article say that several members of the Judiciary Committee pressed the issue of impeachment with Pelosi - including freshman Joe Neguse. How did first-termer Neguse become a leader? The CommonDreams article further states that “House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), DCCC chair Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.), and Democratic caucus chair Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) all reportedly sided with Pelosi…” Note the titles of the three people who sided with Pelosi - they are the leadership team and they are on her side. Nadler may be, too, given this line from the Post article:

“Late Monday night, after huddling with Pelosi on the matter, Nadler appeared to side with the speaker — though he did not rule out impeachment.”

(Jeffries is not mentioned in the Post article.)

The Post article is worth reading because it includes the arguments that Pelosi raised. She wants things to play out in court and she doesn’t want to undercut Elijah Cummings’s committee - the latter of which sounds like the deflecting tactic that she used against the proposed special committee on the GND.

One might think that if House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler wants to schedule the hearings of his own committee, then he could do that. The Post article says this:

“It might not matter what Judiciary members want, however. Leadership, namely Pelosi, makes the decisions on high-profile issues like impeachment.”

Congress has abdicated many of its powers to the Executive Branch, and House Democrats have abdicated too much of their power to the Speaker.


Actually to get anything done STARTS WITH IMPEACHMENT


Maybe, but Trump is more the symptom than the disease.

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Eliminating both the symptom and the underlying festering disease are both quite necessary.  When a patient is taken to the E.R., treatment of the immediate symptoms and the underlying disease are both necessary.  First give oxygen and/or clean the wounds, then cure the pneumonia and/or set the broken bones . . .


Hey Pelosi: Get off your publicly-funded derriere and do your job. This is not the time to play politics. Inaction by the likes of you and your peers have contributed to the creation of this hot mess. Grow up and fix it.


He isn’t the only one. There are several in the House, small in numbers but they are there. In the presidential field there is Gabbard. There may be others in the 23 or so but I haven’t kept up with any of the other constantly growing field. I know who is not, Biden, Harris, Booker, & Buttigieg. Warren is trying very hard to look Sanderesque but I doubt her and the rest of the field I know next to nothing.

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The only reasons I can see for impeachment proceedings is to force disclosure of all the information Trump wants to hide. He will never actually be impeached with the Republican-led Senate covering for him.

I am surprised at all this noisy talk about impeachment. Can’t anyone see that The Donald wants that to happen too? He knows he will absolutely be acquitted at trial in the Senate and then he will be able to make a case against the “trumped” up changes and fake news. That will be a big help towards his reelection. This desire for impeaching him makes so little sense that I can’t help thinking that many of those who are calling for it are actually republican trolls! Are you being influenced by trolls now like too many were in the 2016 election? Think about it… Please!

The job of the House is to take care of business for the House not to worry themselves with the business of the Senate. With all the evidence provided, the House has a constitutional duty to put forth impeachment.

There is also the real possibility that with the mountains of evidence already on the table that impeachment proceedings could be sufficient to bring forth sufficient votes in the Senate to convict. This isn’t 1998 where a President did nothing more than lie to Congress about a blowjob. There have been real crimes and real obstruction.

That’s not a very smart thing to say when the Senate has systematically enabled this president to do all the outrageous things he has done with no consequences. Whose side are you on?

You mean he will never be ‘convicted’ by the republican led Senate. I totally agree and that’s why I believe this mad rush to impeachment is unwise to say the least. By the way, I wonder if you are the same Jerry Davis I used to work for at Grumman in the '70s?

Yes, Alan, you’re right, he isn’t the “only one” - there are the other’s you mention (and those you rightly exclude!) ,but for brevity sake and counting the media (such as it is) exposure he sometimes gets, he can be thought of and written of as such. The main status quo shill is smiley-joe biden AKA status-quo joe, with his right-wing neo-liberal voting record, other atrocities/betrayals, and his overt corporate whoredom!

See my comment on joe.and his role to derail Bernie and real change…: Will Biden’s Dog Whistles for Racism Catch Up with Him?

Keep the faith! Peace.

Yes, yes, yes! Love how you so accurately and concisely summarized this whole current situation. Outstanding! I feel the same way about Warren, particularly since the MSM champions her. If she were a true danger to our crooked political system they would be ignoring her, slighting her, and accusing her of being a mad socialist, like they do Bernie.

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Sigh. So true. Why can’t more enough people see this?

The short answer is because most of us are generally good people who cannot believe that there are psychopaths among us who thrive on (and will do whatever they feel it takes to allow them to continue) exploiting us for their own nefarious and selfish ends. They have the motive, they have control of the means (electronic technology, the media, the “educational” system, and the economy), and they have the psychological make-up

To quote Howard Beale in “Network”: “Woe is us.”

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There is a minimum list of forty impeachable offences available to democrats.
He hired a foreign agent to run his campaign. This is not in question.
Putting an admitted foreign agent in charge of national security, is treason.
That Pelosi is putting politics before country and constitution makes her actions nothing short of aiding and abetting.