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'Revolting': Trump Openly Calls for Police Brutality in Long Island Speech


'Revolting': Trump Openly Calls for Police Brutality in Long Island Speech

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a speech before law enforcement officials in Long Island, New York on Friday, President Donald Trump celebrated his administration's crackdown on immigration and encouraged police officers to be "rough" with those they detain—a statement that was widely seen as an explicit call for police brutality.

"Don't be too nice," Trump said after referencing "thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon."



Oh my…silly, quaint, old-fashioned me!

I thought that a “nation of laws” referred to something that protected me from the arbitrary thuggery and brutality of the fucking Pigs…


Trump is a thug.

I hope he’s treated as he requests when the paddy wagon comes for this fat cowardly lying thief who steals from working people. He will hopefully go to jail for it.


No, a nation of laws is one that removes justice from law to the benefit of wealth. Like Japan using Fukushima kid gloves to benefit the utility company.


Possibly even more disgusting are the men and women behind him not just clapping but smiling and laughing.


“Back to the future”, America 1933. In Germany AFTER WWII, you couldn’t find a German that supported or was a Nazi. What the fuck are all these Trump supporters gonna say after 4 yrs of this Fascist shit.


Trump clearly thinks that, if he has the armed forces (56 billion dollars bribe) and the already brutal police on his side he will be invincible.
I hope, we can proof him wrong, but it will be a lot of hard work within the movement, which unites ALL progressive organizations under one roof:


…have come to an end


When a nation’s security forces turn against the people, terrible things follow.


Thug-in-Chief encouraging some of his most fervent supporters.
‘Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ Juvenal


Trump feels that he is above the law and therefore safe from harm when - who knows- being the thug he is the day may come when he gets arrested and the police beat the sh-- out of him.


The all encompassing goal being to give the privileged upper-half of society all of the land, wealth,
political power and healthcare. Which is why the 50% laboring-class must be kept powerless
by poverty, terrorized by killer-cops, addicted to a fat-rich diet and mind blown by the horror of
suffering a premature death without healthcare.


There is a huge difference between the Nazis and the Trumpists.
Hitler hid his atrocities extremely well, while Trump prances with them.
Hitler raised Germany from the most chaotic situation of all industrialized countries to arguably the most prosperous nation, in just 6 short years.
He built affordable housing for workers, raised the quasi statutory annual paid holidays from 8 to 12 working days to 2 to 3 weeks.
When Goebbels gloated after receiving rousing applause for a speech in 1942: “The only people who are still opposing us are 3% idiots and criminals”, he was not far off in the percentage of opposition, but dead wrong about their quality.
With all this in the background it was easy to forget the “Kristallnacht”.
My family supported him and I cried when I heard of his death. I was one week away from turning 11 on the day Germany capitulated.
When those pictures from freed concentration camp inmates appeared my dad declared: “Those are fakes. We Germans do not to such things.”
Well it turned out, that “we Germans” did indeed do “such things”.
Trump and GOP supporters will not have the comfort to plead ignorance.


Sounds like Trump was in fascist mode again. Judging from the cheering people who have attended his rallies this is exactly what his supporters out there want to hear. Trump has great appeal to the law and order crowd.


Nothing like riling up a bunch of psychotic cruel cops with a license to inflict as much pain as possible by psychotically cruel president. Don’t forget about the psychotic authoritarian punitive head of the DOJ Sessions, a guaranteed path to the myth and merriment amongst cops everywhere.


Yet another forum with a room full of “friendlies” wherein the demented dimwit spewed his scat (pouring forth from his facial anus) and the audience eats it up. Both walk away tingling after their “fixes”…DJT his adulation fix and the Po-Po their anticipated future unwarranted-yet-sanctioned violence fix…what rushes for these chaos and violence junkies.

Another day, another disaster.


but, but . . . democrats are a part of the problem


Hmm, I really wonder just how many of the alt tee righty thugs are in police depts all over this nation.


DJT believes (or so his actions reveal) that laws only exist to be broken, distorted, and only applied when the wealthy criminals benefit. He was on an adulation fix high when pandering to his testosterone (women included) driven po-po, whose salaries and benefits as civil servants he has done his utmost to undermine/decimate. Willful ignorance coupled with drug-like violence fixes filled that room.


As the 50% laboring-class is so impoverished they refuse to vote,
the 26% most wealthy win all election and only they voted Trump
into the White House, So, what is your net worth?.