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Revolution Is in the Air


Revolution Is in the Air

Chris Hedges

WASHINGTON, D.C—The sustained, daily civil disobedience at the Capitol by demonstrators denouncing the capture of our political system by corporate money is part of one of the largest and most important movements for social justice since the Occupy uprising. Join it.

Six hundred of the protesters have been arrested, and I was among 100 arrested Friday.


Friday is Earth Day. How many more do we have left?


Thank you to all who are there. If I were younger and healthier I would be there. If it does not get co-opted, focuses on destroying capitalism rather than reforming it, and most importantly continues for months ahead as a growing popular revolt then there will be all sorts of ways for every one to participate. Although it only takes a 3 percent vanguard for a successful revolution it does take many small actions and support from the majority. Hopefully the vanguard is now forming and that it will be a socialist vanguard.

“We must stop pouring our energy into mainstream political campaigns. The game is rigged. We will rebuild our radical movements or become hostages to the capitalists and the war industry.” Along with this must, at least, come a voting boycott of the two major parties. Some would also argue that not voting at all “is the only proven non-violent way to delegitimize a government.” bit.ly/1RXxIlQ

The entire system has to be demolished, as radicals in parties such as Syriza and Podemos understand. Micah White, co-founder of Occupy Wall Street and author of the book "The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution”, explains how a social movement could take power in America. There is also a 73 minute conversation he has with Susan Cole. bit.ly/1ScpLuN The effort is not only a war to bring down financial systems. It is a war to bring down political systems. It is a war that requires widespread and sustained popular revolt dedicated to overthrowing all the mechanisms of corporate power.” bit.ly/22s1uWn

The “building of a socialist movement” must involve growing membership in socialist parties. As long as the capitalists can divert effort and votes away into the major capitalist parties or the minor capitalist reform parties, such as the Green Party, they will remain in control. Reform can only come through a socialist party not any individual or individuals within a capitalist party.

There is no longer any popular strong base of power now that the labor movement has been rendered powerless by outsourcing. Very little reform is possible through the two major big business parties without it. The neoliberals of both the parties are in firm control with the power of the military, industrial, corporate government world empire funding and controlling them.

The political battle can only be fought by a resurgent radical movement. Hopefully this is the start. I hope most know that democracy can exist only under socialism with the goal of a classless society and direct democracy. I hope that every one knows the urgency of combatting the destruction of the human race by capitalism.

Thank you again to all who are participating in Democracy Spring.


There will be little or no media coverage of democracy movements such as Democracy Spring until hundreds of thousands take to the streets in protest. People in Brazil, Iceland, and Great Britain have demonstrated recently in force, and one wonders what it will take for the American people to become enraged to a degree where they no longer accept the oligarchy that currently exists.


"The sustained, daily civil disobedience at the Capitol by demonstrators
denouncing the capture of our political system by corporate money is
part of one of the largest and most important movements for social
justice since..."
"Six hundred of the protesters have been arrested, and I was among 100 arrested Friday."

Wowie, Zowie! Can Katrina VandenHeuval, Naomi Klein-Lewis, or Bill "Nerd" McKibben and Cornell West, be far behind? Quick,everybody head for DC for the chance to .....Yawnnn, zzzzzzz


The revolution in the air is due in great measure to the faith people have in Bernie Sanders and his message. To not even give him any recognition of his having lit the spark in the American public for fighting back against the oligarchy is simply petty and false. Is Hedges pretending that Bernie hasn't inspired people and helped give them confidence to raise their voices etc? He puts Bernie and Trump in the same sentence as insurgent campaigns just as does the manipulative mainstream media.

Hedges hasn't inspired the millions for all his ponderous polemics nor have any other progressive pundits but Bernie sure has and it would have been more honorable and rational for Hedges to have finally acknowledged the gigantic contribution that Bernie's presence in the race has made in people. Hedges should learn to give credit where credit is due otherwise he just looks petty and hypocritical.

Go Bernie. Thanks for being there... Its working!


I would assume Hedges will endorse the Green Party candidate although he once advised the Green Party to stop wasting its time in politics and do something useful like block a pipeline. I also think he has a lot of differences on foreign policy with Sanders. I think Hedges and people like Jill Steins and Ralph Nader are much more in agreement. It is a little surprising that Elizabeth Warren hasn't endorsed Sanders. She apparently has decided to stay neutral as has Jesse Jackson.


You wrote faster lol. I am just amazed at Hedges' duplicity. If he can't speak the truth which is so obvious to everyone then just how clear is his analysis? I used to read Hedges' stuff first and once he had oomph but not anymore. His classical references and all that have become tired and emotively overladen with ersatz profundity.. He is fast becoming the David Brooks of the left. Another pundit who thinks his every word causes some effect


Gosh Chris, glad you could take time from your busy schedule of attacks on Bernie Sanders to talk about revolution, but if you don't mind, some of us are trying to actually get something done here instead of standing on the sidelines and throwing stones.


Why I Support Dr. Jill Stein for President By Chris Hedges


Agree on his strange ignoring of the Sanders movement. Hedges is loosing much credibility in not acknowledging the historical moment (and especially related to big money in politics) of both the Sanders' movement (millions, not just hundreds), and of Sanders himself, who has put his neck out. It is offensive in fact to see an intellectual of Hedges caliber to put the Trump and the Sanders phenomenon in the same bag. They have some similarities, but they are very different.

While I respect Hedges intellect, I am no longer sure I trust his character.

The guts, effort, and dedication that it takes to run for president, and against all power structures in place, is not even closely comparable with a one night gentle and theatrical arrest at the capitol - which Hedges seems to highlight exclusively.


noticed that. lumps him in with Trump.

Hasn't noticed the other revolution in the streets? Methinks ego.

love the "spring" in DC, but Bernie's drawing tens of thousands and you still won't support him, Chris?

'OK, we're doing it without you. GOTV today. and yes, i phonebanked Friday and hope to do more this week.


Wereflea, I mentioned it, too. Some of us just pop on and comment, before we read others' comments. Maybe not a good habit, but at least you know who is like-minded, eh?

Glad you're with us. :O)


Looks like it's happening all over--let's just hope that it's in time.


and thank you all for GOTV for Bernie and voting for him!


We wrote at the same time and that's fine but he added the second sentence long afterwards. It wasn't necessary and a bit depressing. I try to be original and add to the debate but maybe I should stop thinking that matters.

A sign of our times to take credit where credit is due instead of giving credit where it is due? Ironic in this case considering the subject at hand? Oh well.


indeed, chris, the corporate sponsored mainstream media ignores the demonstrations as if the concerns of "regular" people are not in the least news worthy. that's proof in my mind that the self-appointed "elites" do fear the growing anger and mounting dissatisfaction among the citizenry. just this past week a team of democracy NOW! reporters joined you and other demonstrators in the jail house. this from friday's transcript:

CHARINA NADURA: —I was holding my microphone, and Juan Carlos was holding the camera. And we were—we had our badges on our neck, and we kept saying, "Press!"

Press! First Amendment rights! First Amendment rights!

And as we were saying this, they didn’t care. They grabbed the camera off Juan Carlos’ hand, and they grabbed the microphone off my hand, and they slammed us on the ground. And they said,

"You can’t film here. You can’t film here."

POLICE OFFICER 3: You have to move back.

did corporate-owned propagandists calling themselves journalists mention this first amendment violation against their own profession? nope--not one word! let's make one thing perfectly clear. each and every one of us has the constitutional first amendment guarantee allowing us to speak out, redress grievances and report misconduct or write an opinion. in other words an official press card, issued by the state, is not required.

well, like the song says, "the revolution will not be televised!" the police who make these arrests protect their paymasters while willfully denying fellow citizens our rights. in reality it is the militarized police, not the protestors, who are "disobedient" to constitutional law. just as ms. nadura called out to the arresting officers, "Press! First Amendment rights! First Amendment rights!", demonstrators must declare to the offending police that your actions are unconstitutional. we have veterans for peace and veterans against the war, so why not conscientious police officers realizing they've acted against true democracy and joining with the crowd?

yes, we need to promote a revolution of peaceful resistance and not allow our sense of frustration and anger to temp us into responding to the imperial state's violence with violence. after all, the state has us out-gunned in every way. however, be prepared because many--as the trump campaign proves--will not control their anger--and that could start a civil war right here. at the same time, however, others of us can create co-ops to begin the healing process, bring in democratic reform right under their noses!


They'll take notice when we raise hell in front of their FOX news TV stations, banks and wall marts. I agree we have the power collective conscience and our numbers are gigantic. Imagine people around the globe doing the same thing day after day for weeks and months to bring to a screeching halt the capitalist machinery. We must never be satisfied with crumbs, meaning negotiations and ploys disguised as concessions but fight on until the whole system is replaced.


Appreciate the Voi in your voila! Here's mine!


They know the pitchforks are coming, the revolution is coming. That's why they are trying to vote rig the Republican and Democratic elections. They are terrified to get a president that isn't bought out.
Like Bush Sr. said, If the American people knew what we are doing they would take us out and hang us. There's an idea.